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Europe’s Refugees
– the victims of neo-liberalism

This article
speaks for itself. There is a deliberate policy now in the European Union of
allowing refugees to die rather than admit them.  The policy has spread from Netanyahu’s best
friend Viktor Orban of Hungary to Italy and Malta.

At the same
time we have seen far Right parties enter government in Italy and Austria and
gain ground in virtually every European country, as well as controlling governments
in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and  the
Czech Republic.
The wave of
refugees that has broken on the shores of Europe is a direct consequence of
western intervention in Africa and the Middle East.  The invasion of Iraq created shock waves in
the Middle East.  Coupled with the war in
Syria, which became a proxy war for Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar amongst
others. European Union countries had been at least partly responsible for
the destabilisation of Libya which was the direct cause of the refugee stream.
Peter Koenig’s
article is self-explanatory although some of the political analysis leaves a
lot to be desired. For example Italy’s 5 Star Movement is NOT a leftist movement.
July 07,
2018 “Information Clearing House” 
In June 2018 alone, more than 500 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean
Sea. Their boats were refused access to land in either Malta, or Italy. They
were force-driven back by gun-boats to the North African shores they came from,
mostly Libya, but many boats capsized and countless refugees didn’t make it.
These are de facto murders, high crimes against humanity, committed by the very European
Union. The same “leaders” (criminals, rather), whose forebears are known to
have raped, exploited, tortured, ravaged peoples and their lands of Asia,
Africa, Latin America over the past 1000 years of abject colonization.
Europeans have it in their genes – to be inhuman. This can possibly be extended
to the ‘superior’ greedy white race in general. At least to those who make it
to political or corporate high office in the formidable EU or exceptional US,
or to those who appoint themselves into the European Commission. We should call
them “The Heartless Bunch”.
This is the so-called West, now led by the United States of America –
basically the British empire transplanted across the Atlantic, where they felt
safer between two shining seas, than as a rickety island in the Atlantic, just
in front of the enormous, contiguous land mass called Eurasia. The Old
Continent, alias Europe, was given by the new trans-Atlantic empire, the new
masters of the universe, a subservient role. And that was in the making for at
least the last 100 years, when the new empire started weakening Europe, with
two World Wars.
Are You Tired Of The
Lies And Non-Stop Propaganda?
Today’s European (EU) leaders are puppets put in place by the Atlantist
elites, to make sure that the rather educated Europeans do not go on the
barricades, that they are debilitated regularly by free market corporatism
creating unemployment, taking their hard worked-for social safety nets away,
saturating them with fake news – and gradually oppressing them with growing
police states, with a massive militarization – and finally using the
articulately planned flood of refugees from the very US-EU-NATO destroyed
countries – destroyed economically and by wars – as a further destabilizing
weapon. Greece should serve as a vivid example of what’s really going on and is
planned, starting with “inferior” southern EU states, those bordering on the
strategic and economically important sea way – the Mediterranean Sea.
Refugees forced on a death march into the Sahara
You think I’m crazy? – Start thinking again and connect the dots.
The refugee death toll in the Med-Sea in 2017 was about 3,200, 40% down
from 2016, and more than 600 up to end of April 2018, and another more than 500
in June. This figure is bound to increase drastically, given the European
closed-border policy – and more. The EU is contracting among others, the Libyan
Coast Guard with gun boats to chase refugee vessels back to the Libyan shores,
many sink – and saving those thrown into the sea is ‘forbidden’ – they are
simply left to die. That’s the rule. Malta, a little island-appendix to
Brussels, but important as a refugee transit, has issued strict bans on private
fisher boats and NGOs trying to rescue refugees.
As a consequence, the by now well-known “Lifeline” boat with 330
refugees – miserably poor, sick, desperate people – struggling for sheer
survival, many with small kids, who wanted nothing more than their children to
have a better life – was rejected by Malta, turned back into the sea, under
guidance of NATO and EU hired military-type private contractor gun-boats. Malta
has a Partnership for Peace (PfP) Agreement with NATO, i.e. obeys NATO orders.
NATO, a killer organization, has, of course, not a shred of humanity in its
structure, nor in the blood of the people at its helm – anywhere in the world.
Imagine – in this context, an EU summit took place at the end of June
2018 to “arrange” and agree on how to handle the refugee crisis in the future,
in other words, how to keep them out of Europe. None of the countries, other
than Germany, were even considering accepting some of these poor souls out of
sheer humanitarian reasons, to give them shelter, food and medication. The
discussion even considered where to build a wall – yes fences were discussed to
keep them out – Europe a xenophobic free-port for the rich, acting in questions
of migration as a carbon copy of Trump. They deserve each other, Trump and
Brussels, trade wars not withstanding – let them shred each other to pieces.
Well, this almost happened during, before and after the now-called
“mini-summit”, with Madame Merkel almost losing her Chancellor’s job, as she,
against all odds, represented the most humanitarian view of all the 28 neolibs.
This did not go down well with her partner party, the ultra-conservative
Bavarian CSU. Calls for her resignation abounded. The German Interior Minister,
Horst Seehofer, was about to resign over Merkel’s alleged refugee ‘generosity’
– in which case the highly fragile right-left coalition would have collapsed –
and who knows how Germany may have continued to govern. Perhaps new elections
would have had to be called, and then only god knows what might have happened.
The empire could not allow this uncertainty to prevail, because Washington
needs Germany as the chief-slave driver to lead Europe into total disarray and
serfdom. It worked. Germany is alive and saved – and ticking.
Instead, the European refugee / migrant policy is in shambles. The EU
are literally out to kill refugees, as a means of dissuasion? – Mass-murder as
a means of discouraging the desperate to seek shelter in those very countries
that were instrumental in destroying their livelihoods, their families, their
towns, their infrastructure, their education and health facilities – their
youth? Generations of young Middle Eastern and African people are gone,
Did these high-ranking EU officials in Brussels mention their own huge
responsibility for the refugee floods with one single word? – No, of course
not. Not with one breath. Has the conscience in one single head of these fake,
neolibs-neonazis, as it were, self-serving EU heads of state been awakened by this
very fact of guilt for what they are to confront? – Has it caused sleepless
nights? I doubt it. They are far from this level of human compassion, they are
Then, there was and is Italy, with her strange new coalition, a
coalition of convenience. The leftish 5-Star Movement in alliance with the
right-wing Lega Norte, selling their human conscience to be able to reign,
giving away their responsibility for migration to the xenophobic, narcissistic,
and yes, close to fascist Lega Norte – which is adamant not to receive
migrants. They would boycott any result that would force Italy to take in
refugees, or even build border transit camps. In the end, they reached a
toothless agreement; a non-agreement, rather; an accord that obliged none of
the parties to do anything. Everything is voluntary. Period. And Macron said
that this was the best refugee summit the EU ever had. So much for dismal
All was voluntary. The only agreement they could book for themselves, is
to build refugee camps in North African countries for the shipped-back
survivors. Fortunately, every North African country, from Egypt to Tunisia,
Algeria, and Morocco said no. Having seen what happened in such literal slave
camps in Libya, they had at least the compassion for these desperate human
beings to prevent this from reoccurring. Compassion, a term, a feeling or
sensation, the Europeans are devoid of.
However, no Israeli- Trump- Brussels-type wall or barbed-wire fence will
keep the desperate in their economically, or by war, or western terrorism
destroyed countries. The west, and only the west, is responsible for the
endless destructive chaos, torture and lawlessness in these nations that the
west wants to dominate, for myriad reasons – to steal their energy, minerals;
for their strategic location, and finally on the way to total full spectrum
world hegemony. This, the west will not achieve. That’s for sure. Evil will not
prevail in the long run. Darkness will eventually cede to light. That’s the way
nature works. But on its way to collapse, Evil will maim and kill millions of
lives. Countless children will have no future, no parents, no education, no
health services, no drinking water. They will be made to slaves as a means for
their survival, to be raped and exploited or eventually killed. The European
crime is of infinite dimension and nobody sees it, let alone stops it.
Peter Koenig
is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and
environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and
the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and
water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He
writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st
Century; TeleSUR; The Vineyard of The Saker Blog; and other internet sites. He
is the author of
Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War,
Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed
– fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World
Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of
The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from
the Resistance

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