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The Lies and Deceit of David Collier – When Everything is Anti-Semitic, Nothing is Anti-Semitic

How could such a vile racist have been the pin-up boy of the Guardian and the Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ Merchants?

One of the good things about the lockdown and coronavirus is that you can organise large Zoom meetings, with international speakers and hundreds of people in the audience, at little or no cost.

Collier is always the victim

Even better, because there is no physical location, the Zionists can huff and puff but there’s nothing that they can do to ban them! No cowardly Methodist minister, quaking Quaker or Anglican vicar who, on hearing the word ‘anti-Semitism’, goes weak kneed and into a sweat at the behest of the apostles of  Apartheid before banning a meeting about the Palestinians. No longer can people assuage their guilt over the Holocaust by attacking the victims of Zionist colonisation.

It was therefore to be expected that David Collier, who has the chutzpah to title himself an ‘independent researcher’ would go into a hissy fit about the Campaign for Freedom of Speech’s first public meeting last Thursday.

Collier claimed in Anti-Semitism Inside Palestine Live, that

‘This research is fully independent. I am not affiliated with any political group or community organisation. I believe this independence is important and adds to the integrity of the work.’

To paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies, if you believe that you will believe anything. In fact there are good reasons to suspect that much of his ‘research’ is a cut and paste job and photoshopped.

A few words about Collier.  The Guardian has called him an activist journalist’and a businessman’.  To the Sunday Times he was an ‘anti-Semitism researcher’. In fact he is a humourless propagandist, an Israeli businessman resident in Britain. He is mild-mannered and pleasant in person but he keeps company with the worst trash of the Zionist far-Right.

Collier at a demonstration with Paul Besser of Britain First (in blue raincoat)

No fascist, racist (or anti-Semite) is too extreme for him as long as they are pro-Israel. Tommy Robinson and his supporters, members of Britain First and the EDL, even veteran fascist Jonathan Hoffman. All are welcome under Collier’s big tent. The only qualification is that they must be 100% in support of Israel and fortunately today most neo-Nazis are pro-Zionist. For example Richard Spencer, the founder of the alt-Right, calls himself a ‘White Zionist’.

Dr Brian and David Collier – keeping company with fascists is all part of the ‘fight against antisemitism’

Yet despite this, during the ‘anti-Semitism’ attacks on Jeremy Corbyn he was treated by Britain’s press as a neutral researcher. To call him an ‘activist journalist’ is like calling Hannibal Lecter a face surgeon. Collier bears as much relationship to journalism as Mussolini did to democratic politics. He is a crude propagandist but for Jonathan Freedland that is more than enough.

‘Mad’ Mel P (as she used to be known in her punk days!), writing in the Sunday Times, called Collier a

‘British Jew who devotes much of his life to chronicling the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes which have become epidemic in political and intellectual life.’ 


What you might ask is the different between Shamima Begum going off to fight for ISIS and Collier’s daughter fighting for the Israeli army? The latter kill far more people, that’s what. Given that people fighting for a noble cause such as the PYD Kurdish peoples’ army have been prosecuted, why is Collier not being investigated and prosecuted for sending someone to fight abroad?

Freedom of Speech Meeting

It was no surprise that Collier didn’t like our meeting. Zionism is and always has been a totalitarian movement. In Israel, contrary to the fools who believe Israel is ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ there is stringent censorship, torture is legal, imprisonment without trial is a daily occurrence and the Defence Ministry has its own unit Malmab which raids archives looking for documents to seize which tell the story of the expulsion of the Palestinian refugees. There is an official narrative that the Palestinians ran away, despite the Zionists begging them to stay.  Unfortunately the historical record says otherwise.

Zionism’s whole political strategy is about demonising its opponents. The last thing it wants is to debate its own record because when it does it invariably loses.  There is really no defence that explains the sexual abuse, torture, blindfolding and denial of access to lawyers or their parents for Palestinian children as young as 12.

Apparently Collier didn’t appreciate our meeting! 

It is far better to shout ‘anti-Semitism’ or accuse Jewish people of being ‘self haters’ ‘traitors’ etc.

Freedom of speech and Zionists have the same relationship to each other as oil and water. However the lengths that Collier went to to attack the meeting on Free Speech are pitiful even by Collier’s low standards.

The first thing is to conjure up an absurd headline. The absurder the better. So Collier describes the Freedom of Speech Meeting thus:

As toxic an event about free speech and antisemitism as you will ever see

Collier (standing) overlooking well known fascist Jonathan Hoffman

Why it was toxic Collier doesn’t say, apart from making it clear that he doesn’t like free speech and doesn’t want to debate Zionism.

Collier and his fascist friends are not great believers in free speech. His only concern is fighting ‘anti-Semitism’. Not the type of anti-Semitism which involves hatred of Jews but anti-Zionism which is about criticism of Apartheid.

Collier was a member of the shadowy far-Right Jewish Defence Forces Facebook group until this blog outed him

You might think that Collier had a small problem. In the most toxic and anti-Semitic meeting the world has ever seen, 3 out of the 4 speakers were Jewish! Jackie Walker, Max Blumenthall and myself. Chris Williamson was chairing the meeting. Ken Livingstone, the pioneer of anti-racist work in local government was unfortunately ill and Marc Wadsworth is a long-standing Black activist. Clearly this was going to be a very ‘toxic’ meeting.

Collier with fellow fascist Jonathan Hoffman

So how did Collier solve this dilemma? Fear not, Collier is nothing if not inventive. He simply does not mention that Max and myself are Jewish, although anyone with a few brain cells might work it out from our names.

In the case of Jackie Walker Collier’s solution is quite ingenious (at least for a racist). He speaks of ‘Jackie Walker’s adoption of a Jewish identity’. In other words she is not a real Jew. Now Jackie has a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. It is true that Orthodox Jews trace Jewish lineage through the mother however Reform Jews accepts as Jewish anyone with 1 Jewish parent, regardless of their gender. In fact historically the Jewish religion originally traced descent through the father as the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, demonstratae.

Israel’s 1950Law of Return, the racist foundation stone of the Israeli state, which gives any Jew the right to emigrate to Israel whilst denying that same right to the Palestinians, goes even further than the Nazi definition of a Jew on which it is modelled. Not only is someone considered Jewish who has one Jewish grandparent but their partner and their children are also considered Jewish!

So how is it that Collier denies Jackie Walker’s Jewishness? Well you see not only is Zionism racist against Palestinians but it is also racist against Black people. Ethiopian Jews are considered almost as bad as Arabs in Israel. Indeed Israel no longer takes Falasha Jews. The Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel has long cast doubt about their being Jewish even while, at the same time, accepting as Jewish Russians who have no discernible Jewish ancestry.

According to the Zionists Jackie is Black or Schvartze in Hebrew (which roughly means nigger). Zionism is not just a Jewish supremacist movement but it is also a White supremacist movement, albeit that the latter takes second place to its hostility to non-Jews and Palestinians in particular.

At one time the Black Hebrews who came from the United States were not recognised as Jews and many were deported back to the United States.  Even though this practice has now ceased, the Black Hebrews largely live by themselves near Dimona in the Negev. Likewise Israel’s hostility to the 40,000 Black refugees from Africa in Israel is heightened by a quite vicious racism which considers them little different to monkeys. The former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef and his successor, his son Yitzhak Yosef, made a specific comparison between Africans and monkeys. Shas, which is the political party that the Yosefs are the titular heads of, is in the ruling coalition.

It’s true that Collier was unable to say that I had ‘adopted’ a Jewish identity since my father was a rabbi and my grandfather was a Tsadik. Collier solves this problem by the simple expedient of ignoring it!

Indeed since Collier and most of today’s Zionists, including the Chief Rabbi, claim that Judaism and Zionism are one and the same, it takes little imagination to understand that in their eyes, if you are not a Zionist you cannot be a Jew! This despite the fact that a century ago the most vehement opposition to Zionism came from the religious Orthodox and even today Agudat Yisrael, which is represented in the Knesset, defines itself as non-Zionist.  Clearly god has changed his mind!

Collier goes on to say that the event ‘forms part of the ongoing Williamson campaign to start a new political movement…. Jews need not apply.’  So an event, 75% of whose speakers are Jewish, is one which won’t allow Jews to join!Collier goes on to deprecate my remarks that Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ is ‘manufactured, simulated, created and falsified’ before he goes on to say that ‘When they talk about free speech, they mean they want freedom to attack the Jews.’

The strange thing is that Collier is unable to quote even one thing, from any of the 4 speakers, which is anti-Semitic or attacks Jews. Strange that isn’t it?  If you attended a BNP or EDL meeting, like Collier, you would have no difficulty quoting racist phrases.

Collier’s main complaint is that my speech ‘which was mostly incoherent waffle’ although he seems to have understood it nonetheless, is ‘about the incredibly well funded and coordinated campaign, which he is certain does not originate in the UK.’

Apparently that is anti-Semitic. Yet it is a fact that Zionist campaigns in Britain are well-funded. For example the well funded BICOM propaganda agency and its various offshoots.

David protests that he is ‘just some unfunded researcher, sitting with little more than a keyboard, access to the internet, an Oyster card…’  My heart bleeds for dodgy Dave. I would find it very strange if Collier hasn’t received funding and support from the Israeli state. Indeed it would be remarkable if he hadn’t however proving it is another matter.

But let’s assume that David is just an isolated unfunded fascist. There is the small matter of the Al Jazeera programme, The Lobby, which showed, over 4 programmes, how involved the Israeli Embassy had been in destabilising the Labour Party with fake ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations.

It is a fact that Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs is headed by Brigadier General Sima Vaknin-Gil  who was previously the Chief Israeli censor. She has admitted that the Ministry ‘liases’ with US pro-Israel groups. It has a budget of $50m to oppose BDS. What does Collier say about the article by well-known Israeli journalist, Yossi Melman Israel’s anti-BDS campaign: Propaganda and dirty tricks, subtitled, ‘Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs is carrying out underhand ‘special operations’ to undermine the global BDS movement’.

Is this anti-Semitic I wonder?  It is alleging all the things and more that we were saying? Is Melman’s views toxic or is it simply that David can’t handle people who disagree with him.

Perhaps the Guardian’s Pro-Israel donors spent over $22m on lobbying and contributions in 2018 is also anti-Semitic?  After all it’s true and today it seems that anything that is true must be anti-Semitic almost by definition!

We also know for a fact that Israel lobby organisations channel money to its favoured candidates via Super PACS. All this is well known.  It is also a matter of record that the election campaign of Keir Starmer was funded by some very well known Zionists such as Sir Trevor Chinn to the tune of £50,000.

David unfortunately makes a common mistake.  He can’t tell the difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracies. The CIA is nothing if not a conspiracy. Its attempts to destabilise governments it doesn’t like, assassination attempts, terrorist bombs in Lebanon etc. are a matter of record. It has plotted and planned the destabilisation of numerous countries.  See for example How The CIA Overthrew Iran’s Democracy In 4 Days.

Of course there are conspiracy theorists who imagine that 9/11 was the work of a handful of Israelis or David Icke’s lizards, rather than accepting more simple and obvious explanations but it is not a conspiracy theory to say that Israel actively seeks to interfere in the political processes of western countries. Still less is it anti-Semitic.

Collier even objects, on the grounds of ‘free speech’, to the deletion of a comment on Youtube that ‘Chris Williamon, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth were rightly expelled because because they are racist anti-Semites.’ Since this is untrue it is perfectly right to delete it.  There is no reason why we should put up offensive lies.

David doesn’t understand that racist abuse, which is what the above is, is an attack on free speech.  Libels like that are used to try and deny us a platform. It is also a lie. Chris Williamson was not expelled and the charges against Jackie and Marc did not mention anti-Semitism.  So what Collier is trying to uphold is the right to lie and defame.  All in the name of  the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’.

Free speech is about the right to put forward your own views without some racist toad phoning up a venue and threatening and abusing them if they don’t cancel a meeting.

Collier is a good example of a Racist who calls anti-racists ‘racist’

Just as the National Front and British National Party used to accuse their opponents of being ‘anti-White’ racists so do today’s Zionists attack their opponents as ‘anti-Semites’.

Racist booklet by John Mann led to a formal interview with the Police

One of the hallmarks of Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ drivel was the phenomenon of racists like Tom Watson and John Mann, accusing anti-racists of ‘anti-Semitism’.  It is as if anti-Semitism is not a form of racism but a species apart.

There was Tom Watson as Election Campaign Co-ordinator in 2004’s by election in Birmingham’s Hodge Hill putting out a leaflet which said ‘Labour is on your side, the Lib Dems are on the side of failed asylum seekers.”  In 2010 Watson was defending racist Labour MP Phil Woolas, who was removed from Parliament by the High Court after having waged a campaign intended to make the ‘white folk angry’. Watson explained that ‘I’ve lost sleep thinking about poor old Phil Woolas and his leaflets.

Or there is the small matter of Lord John Mann, the ‘anti-Semitism Czar’ putting out a booklet, The Bassetlaw Anti-Social Behaviour Handbook, describing Gypsies and Roma as a problem of social behaviour. Which is little different from the Nazi description of them as ‘asocial’.

Keeping Company with Tommy Robinson’s Supporters

During the height of the ‘anti-Semitism’ witchhunt in May 2016 Collier took part in a debate which was ostensibly on the question of 2 states.  Suffice to say most participants were in favour of 1 Apartheid state and the Palestinians would be given a choice between emigration or living as guests in their own country.

Participants include ‘Mad’ Melanie Phillips and Brian John Thomas, the main promoter of Tommy Robinson in Israel. Clearly this was just the type of speakers panel which we should have sponsored!

Collier however distinguished himself with his own racist contribution. There are no Palestinians he informed us.  For Collier the Palestinians do not exist.

‘The Palestinian refugee was forged as a weapon. It was created as an artificial entity inside a paradigm of ‘no to normalisation’ and it cannot exist outside that paradigm.

You will notice that David, who is so concerned with ‘anti-Semitism’, except when the anti-Semites are supporters of Israel, could not even bring himself to call the Palestinian refugees human beings.  He referred to them as ‘it throughout. What he calls ‘normalisation’ means accepting their status as resident aliens in a Greater Israel.

Collier with KKK (Sharon) Klaff who when South Africa abolished Apartheid found Israel a more hospitable climate

He then coyly refers to how

It will do anything it can to stop any type of settlement. And today, as demographics have changed in the West, this weapon has taken up camp here too.

The Palestinians aren’t human beings.  They are just a weapon.  Which conjures up the old racist images of Africans as dangerous creatures.

What Collier means by ‘demographics have changed in the West’ is the fascist ‘replacement theory’ whereby Muslims are invading Europe and changing its character.  It is the kind of murderous racism that Jews once experienced. His solution?

Collier speaking to a far-Right Herut meeting

You scrap the ridiculous definition of a Palestinian refugee You dismantle UNWRA…’UNWRA is the United Nations Welfare and Relief Association. It provides the food and basic means by which the refugees can live. In fact that well-known anti-racist Trump has done just that. As far as Collier is concerned they can starve.  After all western induced famines were very common in the British Empire.

Collier calls his rubbish ‘research’

Collier’s article ends up with the ritual ‘Please support this research if you can’.  Well I know that a fool and their money are easily parted but if this is what Collier calls ‘research’ then he should be sued under the Trades Description Act.

Tony Greenstein

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