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Lehava’s Benny Gopstein praises
the Nazis’ mythical figure ‘The Eternal Jew’

Benny Gopstein is
the leader of Lehava, a fascist organisation whose ‘charitable wing’ Hemla is
part funded by the State of Israel.  It
runs a hostel which caters for poor Israeli Jewish women who’ve been ‘rescued’
from relationships with Arab men.  Thanks
to Tzipi Hotoveli, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Hemla  was given a grant by the government to
continue with their ‘good works’.  This
includes funding Gopstein’s own salary.  Israeli Nazi organisation funded by Government 
One of many varied posters for Der ewige Jude

Lehava’s main
campaign is against Jewish-Arab relationships (as in Nazi Germany it’s only relationships between the women of the master race and the men of the untermenschen
which the racists are obsessed with).  In Germany
Hitler specifically forbade the legal authorities charging Jewish women, who
had relationships with Aryan men, with Rassenschande (racial
pollution).  So it is with Lehava.  Jewish men having sex with Arab women is not
a matter of concern though according to religious law they should do it out of
sight and far away from their Jewish wives!

Gopstein in chains (Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)
In August Gopstein came out with a call to
burn down Christian churches.  Members of
Lehava were recently convicted of arson at Jerusalem’s only mixed Arab-Jewish school,
Hand in Hand, though unlike Palestinians guilty of arson received derisory
sentences of two and two and a half years.. 
Now Gopstein has called for the
expulsion of ‘the vampires’ of Christianity  from Israel ‘before they once
again suck our blood.’  Lehava Leader Benny Gopstein Advocates Burning Churches & Mosques 
Poster for the film Der ewige Jude
is the language of anti-Semitism and in particular feudal Christian anti-Semitism.  Now Zionism’s fruitcakes have adopted the
same language.  But there is a marked
contrast between the treatment of Arabs and Jews.  Raed Salah, leader of Israel’s now banned
Northern Islamic League, has been sentenced to 11 months gaol on what are
essentially trumped up charges of incitement to racial hatred. He has denied
the interpretation placed on many of his comments and when he was subject to deportation
proceedings in Britain, the government lost the case because it had relied on Zionist
sources, the Community Security Trust for its evidence.  The evidence had been tampered with and one
poem in particular had had words added to it ‘we Jews’ in order to make it
appear to be anti-Semitic.
he was acquitted of racial incitement by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court.  It was only on appeal to the higher colonial
court, the Jerusalem District Court, that the acquittal was reversed, thus
demonstrating that the conviction was political not evidential in nature.
Leader of the far-right Israeli group Lehava, Benzi Gopstein on August 11, 2015. (Miriam Alster/FLASH90)
Gopstein there is no dispute.  He has
openly supported the burning down of Christian churches and now advocates their
expulsion from Israel in another racist tirade. 
Lehava protestors
is the response of the Israeli authorities to Gopstein’s comments.  Those who are always so eager to imprison any
Palestinian who makes any untoward comment or gesture are strangely silent when
it comes to Jewish racists.  Nothing,
absolutely nothing.   Because Jewish racism is not only condoned but
actively supported by the Israeli government and state.  From Netanyahu to members of his Cabinet,
racist statements have poured forth.
One of the exhibits from Der ewige JudeSuch
are the double standards of the ‘Jewish’ State.
It is no surprise that Gopstein refers to the Eternal Jew.  This is a figure much favoured by anti-Semites.  The eternal wandering Jew punished for
deicide is a standard feature of anti-Semitism. 
So much so that perhaps the most anti-Semitic of all the Nazi’s films
was the Eternal Jew, , Der Ewige Jude.  Gopstein is in good company.
However Gopstein’s anti-Christian hatred is not simply confined to the neo-Nazi section of the Israeli right.  It permeates through religious Zionism and the Zionist right.
Nazi propaganda art  the “Wandering Jew
In Upper Nazareth, built in order to contain Arab Nazareth (but to where many Arab Nazarenes have gone to live because Nazareth is unable to expand because Arab communities in Israel are denied planning permission and its lands have been confiscated anyway) there has been a virulent campaign against the inflow of Arabs.  The city’s chief rabbi, Isaiah Herzl declared that Xmas trees would be “offensive to Jewish eyes”.  The Mayor, Shimon Gapso, declared that ‘“As
long as I hold office, no non-Jewish symbol will be presented in the

The Israeli War on Christmas…and Christianity

by Richard
Silverstein on December 22, 2015  in Mideast Peace
News and other far-right media sites and politicians have railed for years
about the “War on Christmas” supposedly waged by atheists, liberals and other
enemies of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  But there is a far more
virulent enemy of Christmas and Christianity in our midst.  No,
you won’t find him in a Muslim country, the demon du jour of Donald Trump and
the far-right.
The Eternal Jew exhibition in Vienna
you will find him in the Holy Land, Israel, the birthplace of
Christianity.  He is Bentzi Gopstein,
leader of a Jewish fascist group, Lehava.  In his past, he’s been accused
of murdering
an Arab couple
a week after the assassination of his mentor, Meir Kahane.
 No charges were ever brought against him for that crime.  Like white
supremacists and Kahane himself, Gopstein has adopted fighting Jewish-Arab
miscegenation as his political mantra.
administers a hostel supported with $120,000 in government funding for “wayward
women” who’ve supposedly left relationships with Arab men.  In Knesset
hearings, Gopstein and his political supporters have cried rivers of tears
about impressionable Jewish women being lured into lives of sexual slavery by
Arab men who tempt them.  They offer reams of claims about the severity of
the problem, but never any firm statistics.  Nor does anyone ever offer a
skeptical view on the matter.
the past year, Gopstein has expanded his attack to include Christianity as
well.  All of it.  He called for the banning of Christianity and the burning down of
and…lo and behold, a week later the Church
of Loaves and Fishes
was nearly burned to the ground.  Though arrests
were made, no one has been charged for the crime, a standard outcome in Israeli
police investigations unless massive political pressure is mounted to lay
charges and prosecution.  Jewish terror even co-opts the security
week, just in time for Christmas, Gopstein let loose his latest barrage against
the Church.  It’s a memorable screed called Defeating
the Vampire
, combining overwrought rhetoric with a largely-fictional
account of Jewish history:
recent days, I’ve walked through this land [of Israel] feeling a sense of real
disquiet.  I’m not talking about the lack of personal security that
derives from a government that is impotent against the Arab enemy…but rather a
lack of spiritual security, a destruction of the fortress, a disintegration of
the Jewish people’s line of defense against our most deadly enemy of the
past hundreds of years: the Church.
proceeds to outline the ways in which Christianity has allegedly attempted to
exterminate the Jewish people:
this [the Church’s] unimaginable power stood the Jewish people like a poor
sheep surrounded by seventy wolves; like easy prey before all those
bloodthirsty animals.  The history of the Jews of Europe…is written in the
blood of millions–from the cruel Crusades in which entire [Jewish] communities
were wiped out, to pogroms throughout the continent [sic], to countless blood
libels, mass expulsions from England, France, Spain and Portugal–all of them
were only stations along a cruel journey which our people suffered in Christian
Europe.  A journey which reached its end in the smokestacks of
Auschwitz, a moment over which the Vatican rubbed its hands with glee [sic].
all this, the Jewish people survived…The Eternal Jew stood tall.  And when
the ashes of Auschwitz piled high and the blood soaked into the fetid soil
of Europe–when the the desecration of God’s name [the extermination] had
reached its peak…God could no longer stand it and raised up out of the smoking
embers the State of Israel–a most resounding slap in the face the Church had
ever endured.
was the secret of the Eternal Jew enabling him to survive all these horrors of
the Church [sic]? 
Without doubt, it was the burning faith in the justness
of our path, the deep loathing of Christianity which every Jewish baby sucks
from his mother’s milk…The children of those Jews who were burned like
sacrificial sheep, founded the State of Israel, whose very being
negated the Church.
we maintain one of the strongest armies in the world the Church has no
chance of destroying our bodies…But they place their last hope in the
blood-sucking vampire: the missionaries.  If they cannot kill Jews, they
can still try to convert them…Stores devoted to selling evangelical literature
offer their wares to all on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road.  Entire settlements
are crawling with missionaries.  Many businesses are run by them and serve
the evangelicals, in many cases camouflaging their intent and without the
knowledge of  their [Jewish] employees.
same disgust Jews felt toward Christianity, which was the only thing which
saved us during our dark days in Europe, that same disgust has faded in the
midst of the good life of the era of democracy.  The Christian is no
longer perceived as a threatening vampire, but rather as a nice tourist,
friendly and a partner in the prevailing western culture we both share.
a few days, this cursed religion will celebrate Christmas throughout this
land.  To our sorrow we can feel this everywhere.  You see fir trees
in stores.  On billboards, you can see flyers inviting the wider
public to study about Christianity–right in the heart of Jerusalem.
could even the Orthodox and Haredi communities not have raised their voices
against this?  Could they too have lost the basic Jewish instinct which
was the inheritance of our people for hundreds of years?  Have they
too become trapped in the net of democracy, free speech and the
politically-correct brotherhood of man?
has no place in this our holy land.  Evangelicals must not gain a footing
here.  Expel the vampires from our land before they once again suck
our blood.  We’ve already fed them enough.
those of you who heard echoes of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda in Gopstein’s
tropes, you heard well.  The notion of the Eternal Jew is of course
directly appropriated from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  But the
most striking phrase was the notion that Christians are blood sucker-vampires.
 This is precisely the complaint that echoed in the pages of Der Shtumer: the Jews
as leeches sucking the vitality from Europe.  In the case of the Nazis,
they were more obsessed with money and high finance, claiming Jews controlled
world capital.  Gopstein sees Christians sucking the blood from the
millions of Jews murdered, supposedly by direct command of the Church.
course, much of his argument is false and fabricated.  I’ve added [sic]
after the ones that are the most farcical.
will be those who argue that Gopstein is an outlier.  He has nothing to do
with the real Israel.  Everyone sees him as a madman, etc., etc.  But
that is patently false.
only is Gopstein an accused murderer, his followers burned down a Jewish-Arab
school in Jerusalem.  Other disciples (either direct or indirect) burned
the Church of Loaves and Fishes to the ground only a week after he issued a
call to undertake such acts.  These are not the acts of the sort of lone
gunmen who’ve perpetrated acts of terror lately in the U.S.  This is a
powerful leader with a charismatic message that resonates deeply with tens or
hundreds of thousands of Israelis.  It is a message the Israeli political
and security echelons have no interest in combatting.  Despite calls from
the Pope himself and Israeli human rights NGOs for his arrest, he remains free.
also ironic that Israel’s increasingly authoritarian government considers
legislative proposals that would force NGOs receiving foreign funding from
wearing a sort of “Jewish star” like ones forced on us by the Nazis,
whenever they entered the Knesset.  The ironic truth is that rightist NGOs
like Lehava, Honenu, Im Tirzu, NGO Monitor, and many others, probably receive
far more foreign funding than left-wing NGOs.  The major difference is
that the latter receive donations from governments and large foundations, while
the rightists receive mostly individual gifts.  You may be certain that if
these bills pass you will not see Ronen Shoval (Im Tirzu) or Gerald Steinberg
(NGO Monitor) shuffling through the halls of the Knesset with any scarlet
letter on their chests.  That fate will be reserved for B’Tselem, Peace
Now, New Israel Fund, and their like.
is truly extraordinary that foreign funders
embrace the hate spewed by Gopstein
.  He’s very cagey about where his
funding comes from.  One source we know for sure is the Israeli government
itself.  Its social welfare ministry funds projects sponsored by an NGO
called Hemla.  One of them is the hostel for “wayward girls” mentioned
above.  Gopstein is the public affairs representative for Hemla and earns
a salary from it.
told the media that individual donors are directed to give through the Fund for
Saving the Jewish People (FSJP).  One of these is the Falic family based
in Hollywood, FL.  This extended family owns Duty Free America, a company
which owns duty-free shops around the world.
Falic-affiliated fund donated $60,000 to FSJP.  They donated more than
half the funds that Bibi Netanyahu raised for his campaign in the last Likud
primaries.  They also donate millions to a raft of mostly GOP pro-Israel
you can see, the Falics are not outliers.  They find the doors of power
open in Tel Aviv and Washington DC.  They’ve also endowed Bentzi Gopstein
with a seal of approval through their giving to his cause.  Instead of six
moves of separation from Gopstein to Netanyahu, there is now only one.  He
is close to the beating heart of Israeli political power.
Falics offered this deceptive defense of their giving to journalist, Uri
am committed to giving tzedakah to causes which I care about deeply, such as
the well-being and continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. I
believe that it is important for Jews to be connected to our roots, our history
and our homeland, and to take care of one another.
believe in diversity, co-existence and integration, as opposed to
“anti-assimilation,” but I recognize that this can occur only when each person
holds strongly to his or her own ideals, ideologies, religion and convictions.
As Tevye succinctly put it in Fiddler on the Roof, “As the Good Book says,
‘Each shall seek his own kind.’ In other words, a bird may love a fish, but
where would they build a home together?” In summary, staying true to one’s
beliefs can not only give meaning to one’s own life, but can influence the
conscience of others to make more sound choices and better judgments, including
living together in peace and harmony.
it’s touching to see Mr. Falic quote the words of Fiddler on the Roof, I
note he’s compared Israeli Jews to birds of prey and Palestinians to fish,
their prey.  That does seem just about right, though I’m certain the
speaker didn’t catch the irony.  And how Palestinians are supposed to
understand from this rhetoric or from Gopstein’s Nazi-like speeches that their
“consciences should make better judgements…and live together [with Jews] in
peace and harmony” is beyond me.

I recently
about Donald
Trump’s increasingly xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric
and the tropes it
shares with fascist themes.  The call for closing our doors to Muslims,
even those who are citizens, is extraordinary.  Even more extraordinary is
that such rampant racism gains him supporters, rather than destroying his campaign
for the GOP presidential nomination.
it appears in the latest polls that even Bernie
Sanders could beat Trump
in a one-on-one matchup, and many Democrats relish
the prospect of running against him–we should recognize Trump as a watershed
candidate.  Before him, those whose campaigns were largely based on
themes of hate and racism were thoroughly rejected even in their party nomination
contest, let alone the general election.  George Wallace, while popular,
was largely a fringe candidate.  Barry Goldwater was trounced by Lyndon
is a different animal.  He exudes hate, yet his supporters feed off it.
 It only makes him stronger.  The rest of the country waits for a day
of reckoning which never comes.  His comeuppance never comes.
 Instead he glides through the campaign season with the cocky air of
Rocky, a heavyweight boxing champ.  Nothing can touch him.
Gopstein’s call for ethnic cleansing of Christians and Palestinians from Israel
mirror those of Trump here in America.  Israel itself is lurching farther
and farther toward fascism and outright religious hatred, if not war.
 Israeli extremists like him thrive on this confrontation.  They know
the more Jews and Arabs die the closer they are to that final battle between
the forces of Light and Dark, between demons (Muslims) and angels (Jews).
 They know in their hearts that the Jews will win.  That they will vanquish
their enemies and trample them underfoot.  That is the day devoutly and
fervently awaited.
and Trump represent two poles which attract.  They offer the same
solutions (though Trump offers them with considerably more salesmanship and
panache).  The outcomes of their winning their contests will be similar
for America and Israel: a disaster of monumental proportions.
have enough faith in America that it will not make this choice.  About
Israel, I have far less faith and hope.  It is embracing Gopstein’s vision
with a frightful passion.  Whatever ideas of his are not yet
mainstream, they will be in a month or a year.  This is the same path
followed by his rebbe, Meir Kahane.  In the 1970s they thought him a
ranting maniac.  Now the maniac’s ideas trip lightly off the tongues
of Israeli cabinet ministers and generals.  Fascism no longer lurks in
Israel’s  shadows.  It preens and prances through the halls of

Religious rights group calls on police and attorney
general to investigate Lehava leader Bentzi Gopstein for incitement to violence
in recent op-ed
By Times
of Israel staff
December 22, 2015,
4:52 am 71
religious rights organization on Monday called on the police to investigate the
head of an extremist anti-assimilation group after he published an op-ed
branding Christians “blood-sucking vampires” and calling for them to be
expelled from the country.
Gopstein, leader of the Lehava organization, penned an article published on the
ultra-Orthodox Kooker website last week decrying the “lack of spiritual
security” he’s felt in Jerusalem of late because of “our deadly centuries-old
enemy — the Christian church.”
month, a dozen Lehava protesters headed by Gopstein
outside a Christmas event at Jerusalem’s YMCA,
decrying what they termed the “murder” of Jewish souls.
You murdered us in exile,” and condemning European blood libels and historical
persecution of the Jews, the small group waved Israeli flags and sang Hanukkah
songs outside the venue, with some signs urging all the “impure” Christians to
leave the Holy Land.
A Lehava protester
carries a sign reading, ‘Get out, unclean ones,’ at a protest decrying a YMCA
Christmas bazaar in Jerusalem on Sunday, November 29, 2015 (Times of Israel)

his Kooker article published December 17 in Hebrew, Gopstein called the
establishment of the State of Israel in the mid-20th century “the most ringing
slap in the face the church ever received” after centuries of failed attempts
to eliminate the Jews. Since violent methods failed, he writes in his diatribe,
“it was decided to invest billions of dollars over the years in order to gain a
foothold in the Holy Land and disseminate spiritual poison” through missionary
Christian is no longer considered a threatening vampire, rather a pleasant,
friendly tourist and partner in the Western culture that dominates our lives,”
he said, blaming the Israeli education system for not instilling enough Jewish
education in students. “The vampires can send a message of thanks to the
government of Israel for making their work much easier.”

called on all willing Jews to raise a cry “and fight the devious phenomenon,”
referring to Christianity as “that accursed religion.”
has no place in the Holy Land,”
he concluded. “Missionary work must not be
given a foothold. Let’s throw the vampires out of our land before they drink
our blood again.”
160,000 Israeli citizens, or 2 percent of the population, is Christian, and a
considerable number of Israel’s foreign tourists are adherents to the faith as
response to Gopstein’s remarks, the Israel Religious Action Center called on Israeli legal authorities to launch a
criminal investigation into what it deemed to be the Lehava leader’s incitement
to violence against another religious group.
Gopstein is capable of doing anything in order to incite against anyone not
like him — Arab Muslims, Christians and others, while using blunt language and
calling to violence,”
Orly Erez-Likhovski said in a statement posted on the
group’s Facebook page.
against this blatant incitement, accompanied by unruly violence, there’s
deafening silence by law enforcement,”
she said, calling on Attorney General
Yehuda Weinstein to put Lehava leaders and others who incite to violence in the
was established as an organization aiming to prevent marriage between Jews and
Arabs, which is prohibited according to religious Jewish law. The group has
become identified with the extreme Jewish right and its members have been seen
patrolling downtown Jerusalem on some evenings, looking, they claim, for mixed
vigilante patrols have often degenerated into scuffles, and there were several
instances over the past year where members of the organization have beaten
Arabs. Most of the organization’s members are teens.
Israeli politicians have been calling on the government to outlaw the group,
whose members have been implicated in several hate crimes.
The “Eternal Jew”
or the “Wandering Jew”
The concept of the
“Wandering Jew” is far older than National Socialism. It derives from
a literary and popular legend, about a Jew who mocked or mistreated Jesus while
he was on his way to the cross and who was condemned therefore to a life of
wandering on earth until Judgment Day.
The story of this
wanderer was first recorded in the chronicles of Roger of Wendover and Matthew
of Paris during the thirteenth century. The exact nature of the wanderer’s
indiscretion varies in different versions of the tale, as do aspects of his
character, some of the more common themes being the doom of the “Wandering
Jew” to travel the world forever, forsaken by all unfortunate enough to
encounter him.
Nazi Propaganda saw
in this proof that the Jews have been justifiably persecuted by all racers over
the millenium.
The Eternal Jew exhibition
first opened in the Library of the German Museum in Munich on November 8, 1937,
and ended on January 31, 1938. Billed as a degenerate-art exhibition, it was
the largest prewar anti-Semitic exhibit thus far produced by the Nazi’s. The
exhibit featured photographs pointing out the typically “Jewish”
features of political figures, such as Leon Trotsky, and international film
star Charlie Chaplin.
The displays
emphasized supposed attempts by Jews to bolshevize Germany, It did this by
revealing an ‘eastern’ Jew – wearing a kaftan, and holding gold coins in one
hand and a whip in the other. Under his arm is a map of the world, with the
imprint of the hammer and sickle. The exhibition attracted 412,300 visitors,
over 5,000 per day.
The exhibition moved
to Vienna for August 2 through October 23, 1938, and then to Berlin from
November 12, 1938 through January 31, 1939. Police reports stated there was a
direct correlation rise in anti-Semitic feelings, and in some cases violence
against the Jewish community in each city the exhibition was held.
The film Der ewige
opened on November 29th, 1940 throughout the German Reich. Each city
where the film played had it’s own posters. In the Altenkirchen district of
Betzdorf, the film was described as a “documentary film about world
. “It is unique because it is no fantasy, but undiluted
The Nazi goal of Der
ewige Jude is to be the first film to portray a fully exposed picture of world
Jewry, and to be a “valuable tool in the struggle to break the power of
the Jews over the Aryan race.”
The consistent theme
throughout the film of the Jew as parasite in an otherwise healthy host, is
found throughout the film in several forms, each of them designed to reveal to
Germans the “true” Jew underneath the veneer of European culture that
concealed the Jewish parasite.
Jews are introduced
as a foreign, swarthy, hook-nosed, untidily bearded, sullen presence that clogs
the teeming streets of middle Europe. They haggle, squabble over food at the
table, hoard with wealth, conceal it from tax collectors, and grow sleek and
fat at the expense of good Germans. Their religion and culture are seen as
cabalistic sources of secret powers.

one famous scene, swarms of rats scurry through cellars and sewers, the shots
are intercut with images of Jews emigrating from Palestine to to all corners of
the world. The overlaid text conveyed the message:
rats turn up, they spread diseases and carry extermination into the land. They
are cunning, cowardly and cruel, they travel in large packs, exactly the way
the Jews infect the races of the world.”
Artistically, the
film is a “black masterpiece” of the cinematic conventions of 1940; a
German version of The March of Time style that included animated maps, falsely
labeled stock footage, segments of feature films borrowed to make some
ideological point, stills, decoupages of evocative book jackets and headlines,
and an omniscient voice-over narration.
The film was directed
by Fritz Hippler, the Director of the Film Department of the ministry
subordinate to only Joseph Goebbels, for all films produced by the Reich
ministry. Born in Berlin in 1909, Hippler studied at Berlin and Heidelberg
universities, completing a thesis on Marx, Mill and Lagarde for which he was awarded
a doctorate of philosophy.
As a student he was
already enthusiastic about the Nazis, joining their various organizations as
early as 1926. They promised to create work for all, end corruption and restore
Germany’s place in the world, this appealed to Hippler who managed to obtain a
position working on newsreels. The quality of  of his work did not go
un-noticed and several reels  impressed Goebbels who later promoted him to
Director in 1939.
Fritz Hippler
Throughout the making
of Der ewige Jude, Hippler kept in daily contact with Goebbels, he returned
with final footage to Berlin on October 16, 1940. The rushes were developed the
same day and shown to Goebbels during the evening. The pictures of half-an-hour
with ritual slaughtering, deliberately staged as cruelty to animals, shocked Goebbels
who wrote in his diary the next morning:
“Dieses Judentum muss
vernichtet werden.” (This Jewry must be annihilated).

After having shown these rushes at the Führer’s dinner-table on October 28,
1940 – where everybody according to his diary were deeply disturbed, Goebbels
went to Lodz to see for himself on October 31. He wrote in his diary, that the
Jewish Question was more a task for the surgeon than a humanitarian one.
The importance of Der
ewige Jude lies not in its technique but in its brutal service to the cause of
Nazi racism. Hippler’s Der ewige Jude,  would “fill the spectator
with a feeling of deep-seated gratification for belonging to a people whose leader
has absolutely solved the Jewish problem.” It is believed that films such
as Der ewige Jude helped prepare the German people to accept the eventual
policy of genocide inflicted upon Jews.

written by Joseph G
oebbels distributed prior to the start of the film,
we are expected to see and think in the film

film begins with an impressive expedition through the Jewish ghettoes in
Poland. We are shown Jewish living quarters, which in our view cannot be called
houses. In these dirty rooms lives and prays a race, which earns its living not
by work but by haggling and swindling. From the little urchin to the old man,
they stand in the streets, trading and bargaining.

Using trick photography, we are shown how the Jewish racial mixture in Asia
Minor developed and flooded the entire world. We see a parallel to this in the
itinerant routes of rats, which are the parasites and bacillus-carriers among
animals, just as the Jews occupy the same position among mankind.
Jew has always known how to assimilate his external appearance to that of his
host. Contrasted are the same Jewish types, first the Eastern Jew with his
kaftans’, beard, and sideburns, and then the clean-shaven, Western European
Jew. This strikingly demonstrates how he has deceived the Aryan people. Under
this mask he increased his influence more and more in Aryan nations and climbed
to higher-ranking positions. But he could not change his inner being.
the banishment of the Jews from Europe was lifted, following the age of
Enlightenment, the Jew succeeded within the course of several decades in
dominating the world economy, before the various host nations realized – and
this despite the fact that they made up only 1 per cent of the world
population. An excerpt from an American film about the Rothschild’s, made by
Jews, reveals to us the cunning foundations of their banking empire.
we see how Jews, working for their international finance, drive the German
people into the November Revolution. They then shed their anonymity and step
out openly on to the stage of political and cultural life. Thus the men who
were responsible for the disgraceful debasement of the German people are
paraded before us. Incontestable examples are shown of how they robbed the
country and the people of immense sums.
well as gaining financial supremacy they were able to dominate cultural life.
The repulsive pictures of so-called Jewish “art” reveal the complete
decline of cultural life at that time.  Using original sequences from
contemporary films, the degrading and destructive tendency of Jewish power is
exposed. For hundreds of years German artists have glorified figures from the
Old Testament, knowing full well the real face of Jewry.
the Jew actually looks like is shown in scenes shot by Jews themselves in a
“culture film” of a Purim festival, which is still celebrated today
to commemorate the slaughter of 75,000 anti-Semitic Persians, and the doctrine
with which future Rabbis in Jewish schools are educated to be political
pedagogues. We look into a Jewish ‘Talmud’ class and experience the oriental
tone of the ceremony in a Jewish synagogue, where Jews conduct business deals
among themselves during the holy services.
the cruel face of Judaism is most brutally displayed in the final scenes, in
which original shots of a kosher butchering are revealed. These film documents
of the inhuman slaughter of cattle and sheep without anesthesia provide
conclusive evidence of a brutality which is simply inconceivable to all Aryan
people. In shining contrast, the film closes with pictures of German people and
German order which fill the viewer with a feeling of deep gratification for
belonging to a race whose Führer is fundamentally solving the Jewish problem.
Two different
versions of the film were made, the original version, and a toned down one
without the gory scenes of ritual slaughtering. In Berlin the film opened
simultaneously in sixty six theaters with the two versions shown at different
times of the day.
review by the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung stated:
when the film ends, can the viewer breathe again, from the darkest recess does
he come back to the light again.”
Despite such press
reviews, the commercial success of Der ewige Jude paled in comparison to other
anti-Semitic films such as Jud Süss. SD reports from many regions in Germany and
Austria were consistent: “The horror scenes disgusted viewers and the
documentary aspect was considered nerve racking.”
Despite the
commercial failure of the film, images were replicated onto posters and
publications throughout the Reich and occupied Europe. The goal of eliciting
fear, disgust and hatred, toward the Eternal Jews was summed up by one critic:
has a deep sense of salvation after seeing this film. We have broken their
power over us. We are the initiators of the fight against world Jewry, which
now directs its hate, its brutal greed and destructive will toward us. We must
win this battle for ourselves, for Europe, for the world.”
Hippler was captured
by the British in 1944. He escaped prosecution as a criminal when Allied
tribunals failed to convict other filmmakers, such as Veit Harlan,(Jud
Suss).  After a process of “de-Nazification” he served the
American Army as a translator. In later life, he earned his living as a travel

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