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Will McNicol Suspend Dan Fox? Don’t Hold Your Breath 

Has @stellacreasy anything to say about her racist troll of
a boyfriend?  Ask her!!

Jackie Walker
was first suspended from the Labour Party when a private conversation she was
having with a friend on Facebook was broken into by the Zionist Israel Advocacy
Group. Jackie said:
ancestors too, were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade’.  When we write quickly on social media we
often write in short-hand and miss out words which are understood.  Jackie missed out the word ‘among’ and for that she has been the
subject of vicious racist abuse.

Because most
people understood what she was saying, Jackie was reinstated 3 weeks later.  However the Jewish Labour Movement, the
British wing of the racist Israeli Labour Party wasn’t happy.  Jackie was an ideal target.  She was Black and Zionists have always had
problems with Black Jews, whom the Israeli state has difficulty in accepting as
Jews at all.  Secondly she was Vice Chair
of Momentum, itself a juicy target. 
Thirdly she was a self-proclaimed anti-Zionist.  All in all she was the ideal target.
I got wind of
this when the JLM began stepping up the level of abuse and over a week before
Labour Party Conference I wrote a blog The Jewish
Labour Movement and its Political Lynching of Jackie Walker

as it was clear to me then that they were stepping up the campaign for a second
suspension.  The
Jewish News credited me with the title of ‘The
We should not blame the sad racist who tweetetd this, the real culprits are Jeremy Newmark and the Jewish Labour Movement
The events at the
2016 Labour Party conference proved that my prediction was correct.  When Jackie went to a ‘training event’ on
‘anti-Semitism’ that the JLM ran, it was secretly recorded and videod.  Jackie had stepped into a honeytrap.  Her remarks at the event, that she hadn’t
found a definition of anti-Semitism that she could work with or that Holocaust
Memorial Day should be more inclusive of other holocausts were unexceptional
and had already been said by other people. 
However Jackie was the target and immediately there was a media
generated firestorm.
This is the kind of stuff I’ve been sent by Zios who are  ‘concerned’ about ‘anti-semitism’
disgracefully Jon Lansman was the first to put the boot into Jackie, directly
leading to her suspension.  In The
of 30th September 2016 he
was quoted as saying:
“I spoke to Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour
Movement this morning, he’s very upset and I can understand that – I work
closely with Jeremy, I’ve been meeting with Jewish organisations to talk… I’ve
been outspoken. 
The idea that
Newmark was ‘upset’ is for the
birds.  Newmark was no doubt delighted to
have entrapped Jackie in his racist witch-hunting.  Lansman was quite happy to feed Jackie Walker
to these racists and what the hell was he doing ‘working closely’ with Newmark, the Israeli Embassy’s man in the Labour
Party anyway?
Ever since being
suspended Jackie has had a mountain of vile racist abuse.  And now we have Stella Creasy, a nasty
right-winger Labour MP who has made a profession out of complaining about abuse,
turning a blind eye to the abuse of her own boyfriend.  The obvious question to ask is whether she
instigated his abuse.  Either way it demonstrates
the hypocrisy of these Blairites.
Jackie very nobly sent
a private email to Creasey.  Why? Because
Stella is a woman
who has experienced the most awful online abuse. She has been wonderfully
fearless, a tireless thorn in the flesh of these awful people, putting herself
 at the centre of campaigns against abuse and, even more recently,
protesting any idea of
Trump visiting the UK.
 See for example

Another example of the kind of stuff Zionists send to their opponents
disagree with Jackie on this.  Creasy is
a nasty war-mongering bigot, a Labour right-winger who tried to demonise
opponents of the bombing of Syria making false allegations about them laying
siege to her offices.  She makes a
profession out of alleged abuse (but only by left-wingers) but when her boyfriend, who she may even have put up
to it, abused Jackie then Stella was nowhere to be seen.  Creasy
and her family run the Labour Party in Walthamstow like the mafia, hence the
suspension of David Watson.

Creasy doesn’t seem to want to call out her bullying boyfriend – why might that be?
The Deputy Director of the Zionist Community Security
Trust Dave Rich, author of The Left’s Jewish
Problem:  Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism

was unable to discern overt racism when it stared him in the
face.  As Jackie says ‘by the look of it (he is unaware of) no other form of racism’ (than anti-semitism) suggesting that if
he can find nothing wrong with Fox’s tweet then perhaps we might question the motivation of Rich’s
antiracism when he appears to tolerate abuse against a black women’.
Why did Jackie send an email to
Creasy?  Because she has been so prominent in the campaign against trolls and abusers on the Internet.  Jackie explained to Creasy that ‘you can perhaps
understand my dismay when it was suggested that
Fox was her partner. I did
what I could to verify this with people from
Creasy’s CLP and was told ‘yes’,
Stella’s partner, but still, I wanted to be sure.’

The kind of stuff Zionists send from fake parody accounts
After she had written a private
email, Jackie gave it a while before going public.  Her reasons? 
To ‘see if she would come back to
me, see (if it was her partner), whether
Fox might feel moved to issue
a public apology.
More silence ….then suddenly  Dan Fox of the offending tweet
deleted the abusive message  but apart from that – more silence.’
Strange as it seems Creasy didn’t
feel like communicating with a fellow woman under attack by a man. Now why we must wonder?  Could it be
that only left-wing trolls or abusers interest her?  Below is a copy of
the letter to Creasy:

Stella Creasy,
I know that we share more than being women – we are in
regular public view and have both been subjected to repeated abuse and threats
on social media.
I’m sure, like you, I feel no direct responsibility for the
actions of my partner – though I may, and do, have strong opinions of what he
says and does.
I have followed with interest your efforts to combat this
growing, and disturbing, trend of violent language towards women. As you know,
social media violence directed at prominent black women, including your
Parliamentary Labour Party colleague Diane Abbott, is a particular problem.
Your article
in the Guardian
makes clear
both what you have experienced and how entrenched this problem is.
   This is why I am asking for your help
I was forwarded an abusive and, I would suggest, racist
trope, contained in a tweet, made by someone called Dan Fox. I have been
told this is your partner (I attach the tweet for your reference). I find it
 hard to believe that someone in the Labour Party, who has held
significant positions, whose partner has experienced awful abuse themselves,
would do such a thing. I am attempting to clarify who this Dan Fox is. Can you
confirm asap whether you know this person and what you think the best way to
deal with this kind of abuse is?
Best wishes,
Jackie Walker

One of numerous charming emails from Zios
As Jackie noted ‘The day after, the story got more
interesting when the Mail ran
an article:

of Labour MP is accused of sending ‘abusive and racist’ tweet saying an
activist was ‘so thick, if you tried to
drink her through a straw she would make your ears bleed’

On Sunday Creasy
appeared on TV, Peston on Sunday,
still campaigning about, yes you’ve got it, on ‘bullying’ but this time the
bullying of Clair Kober, the –right-wing former Leader of Haringey who was told
by the NEC not to sell off public assets to private developers who
were only interested in a fast buck and more social cleansing.
More abuse from Zionist trolls

Jackies notes that ‘The contradiction, some have said hypocrisy,
seems to have escaped both Peston (not one question on this during the
programme) and Creasy.’
  It would seem that Creasy
is only interested in left-wing trolls and abusers.

For more information go to The Lynching and for Jackie’s take on Stella Creasy and her lovely boyfriend to to Trolls

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