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Please Help Me Ensure That I Have the Means to Continue The Fight Against the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

Jewish Chronicle article on libel case

As you may recall, the CAA called me a ‘notorious anti-Semite’ on 5 different occasions but when it came to the Preliminary Issues Hearing on Meaning on February 14th, they argued that their libels weren’t a statement of fact but opinion! In other words they can’t back up their allegations factually and have to rely on the defence that theirs are ‘honest opinions’ (s.3 of the Defamation Act 2013).

At the hearing on 14th February Justice Nicklin, who was in the same chambers as the counsel for the CAA Adam Speker, ruled that calling someone an ‘anti-Semite’ is a matter of opinion. We sought leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal but on 25th March Lady Justice Aplin refused to grant us leave. Her decision can be seen here.

Jewish Chronicle Report on my Libel Case

We therefore submitted, as per the Order of Nicklin J, amended Particulars of Claim on 3rd April.  The Defendant, the CAA have until 10th May to submit a Defence.

However on 24th April, RPC Solicitors, who are acting for CAA sent me a threatening letter. warning of a massive costs bill.

If I don’t withdraw the action they will seek summary judgment and costs of over £60,000.  After having taken legal advice I am happy to continue the fight because there is an important principle at stake, namely that Zionist organisations cannot go around accusing people of ‘anti-Semitism’ and then if called to account plead ‘sorry guv, it was only an opinion. Of course it’s not based on any facts.’

The 5th of 5 libellous articles from the CAA

I therefore sent the CAA a letter rejecting their threats.  

The fact that CAA are allowed to run an ‘honest opinion’ defence is outrageous but that is what the good Judge Nicklin allowed.

Nonetheless we will be arguing that their Opinion is not honest, that there is no reasonable basis to it and the factual matrix on which they must based such an opinion, which effectively says that I am a holocaust denier is a lie.  I am therefore willing to risk a judgment for costs which will be well in excess of £60,000 and take a chance on succeeding.

I am therefore asking you to contribute whatever you can afford to my Libel Appeal Fund in order that I can continue to pursue this case against what is, without doubt, the nastiest of all Zionist organisations in Britain.  A veritable libel machine. You can make a donation by one of four different methods:

either clicking here

making a payment via Paypal to [email protected] (it should be a personal payment not a payment for services to avoid any deductions)

Or you can make a BACS transfer direct to:BUWC, 40-47-87 04094107 or

Send a cheque to me, made out to BUWC at PO Box 173, Brighton BN51 9BE

The last two methods avoid any deductions (approx 5%).

Thank you

Tony Greenstein

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