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One Lie Too Many – Warren Morgan, Brighton’s Council leader should be expelled for falsely alleging that supporters of the Palestinians & FSOI are holocaust deniers

When it comes to lying, Cllr. Warren Morgan has form
The Zionists must be getting desperate when they have to resort to blatant lies about holocaust denial at a fringe Labour Party meeting held by Free Speech on Israel.

The fake news
allegations, from Wes Streeting MP, Warren Morgan and the Zionist Jewish Labour
Movement that Free Speech on Israel or myself believe that Holocaust denial is a topic worthy of discussion is a blatant lie.  At no time has anyone ever suggested this. 
Last Monday there was a packed fringe meeting of Free Speech on Israel at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton.  The room was so packed that people were
listening in the garden.  All the
speakers at the top table including the Chair Jenny Manson were Jewish.
Approximately half of those in the audience were Jewish.  All the speakers were Jewish. Nobody noticed
anything about Holocaust denial because there was nothing. This
whole story in the mass media about ‘anti-Semitism’ is a wholly contrived
example of false flag news.  Complete
Black Propaganda.
I spoke at the meeting and my main message was that
we should not be defensive over the allegations of anti-Semitism.  On the contrary it is the far-Right, Breitbart
News, Richard Spencer of the alt-Right and fascist parties led by people such as
Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Herr Strache of Austria and of course our very
own BNP and EDL who are avidly pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. 
Steve Bannon – Trumps anti-Semitic former advisor is ardently pro-Israel
The next guest at the Gala Dinner of the Zionist Organisation
of America in November, is , Steve Bannon, Trump’s former strategic advisor and a known anti-Semite.
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As Richard Spencer, founder of the alt-Right and a fully paid up neo-Nazi declared,
he is a White
.  Anti-Semites the world over
admire Israel and only wish they could emulate it.  Israel is viciously anti-Muslim, overtly
racist     and at the moment it is trying to remove citizenship from its own Palestinian citizens.  What is there not to like about Israel from
the point of view of fascists and anti-Semites?
That is why the new far-Right party in the German
Bundestag, Alternative for Germany, AfD is pro-Zionist.  They love Israel but hate Jews!  They want to rehabilitate the German army in
the war, they want to ‘revise’ German history concerning the second world war but they are above all
an anti-Muslim party.  That is why Zionism fits the bill.
When Benjamin Netanyahu’s own son, Yair, posted an anti-Semitic
cartoon directed at George Soros, his biggest fans were David Duke, a holocaust
denier and former KKK Grand Wizard and Andrew Anglin, editor of the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer, named after the paper of Julius Strecher, Der Sturmer.  Streicher was executed in 1946 for crimes
against humanity at Nuremburg.
There is no truth whatsoever in Warren Morgan’s statement that

 ‘We have the prominent activist and suspended
Labour Party member Tony Greenstein here, who indeed was present at the
[Free Speech
on Israel] fringe meeting where it was suggested that Holocaust denial
should be allowed. His expulsion, in my view, is long overdue.’ 

This is a good example of how Labour’s false
antisemitism allegations have been manufactured over the past two years. 
No one at the Free Speech on Israel meeting last Monday even mentioned holocaust
denial, let alone suggested that it should be discussed.  I would be
completely opposed to such a discussion.  There is no  point in debating flat earthers.
I don’t believe holocaust denial should be criminalised, as in Germany and Austria, because not only does that drive it underground but it gives the appearance of people wanting to suppress uncomfortable truths.  However, in Europe and America, there is no doubt that holocaust denial is nearly always a product of neo-Nazi historical revision.
There are some people who do believe that holocaust denial is protected speech.  They are not anti-Semites.  They include not only Noam Chomsky but the most
renowned historian of the Holocaust Raul Hilberg, editor of The Destruction of the
European Jews.  Hilberg believed that Holocaust
historians could actually learn something from these people because they
pointed out flaws in our own reasoning.
However no one at the FSOI meeting advocated talking
with holocaust deniers.  In my 40+ years
involvement in the Palestine solidarity movement I have known of no such discussion
in PSC. 
In 2012 one person, Frances Clarke Lowes expressed
Holocaust denial views in Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  I immediately proposed his expulsion both from
the local group and nationally.  What Miko Peled said was:  ‘It’s about freedom to discuss and criticise every issue
whether it’s the Holocaust yes or no whether its Palestine…’ He obviously was not
disputing the holocaust.  What he was doing was advocating that we should have freedom of speech on every issue, including the Holocaust.  A very different thing.
Last year Warren Morgan alleged that there was
spitting at the Labour Party AGM in Brighton.  It was totally untrue but
it achieved its purpose, the suspension of Brighton & Hove Labour Party and
the annulment of the elections.  Warren Morgan is someone who has no compunction in lying if it benefits Progress and his wing of the Labour Party.  The man is completely unfit to be
Labour leader in Brighton and Hove.  He has no regard for the truth.  He is prepared to lie for political
advantage no matter who he hurts or damages.  He has no moral scruples
worthy of the name. Warren Morgan has to go as Brighton & Hove’s Council leader.
Even if someone had mentioned Holocaust denial at
the meeting in question, why does that make me guilty?  This is an
excellent example of the McCarthyist technique of guilt-by-association. 
Socialists and democrats fought hard against the techniques of Joe McCarthy,
who was himself a Southern white supremacist and anti-Semite. 
I have been an active anti-racist and anti-fascist
throughout my life.  I have been arrested and beaten up for opposing the
fascists.  I co-founded Brighton & Hove Anti-fascist Committee and was
Secretary of the Brighton and Hove Anti-Nazi League.
As the article I reproduce here from the Argus of October 16 1983
demonstrates I have myself been at the receiving end of this vile literature.
This is not about Holocaust denial but defending
the Israeli State.  How else do you defend barbaric practices such as
gaoling, shackling and torturing Palestinian children as young as 12 or the demolition of
Palestinian villages such as al Hiran, in Israel’s Negev, in order to build Jewish towns and settlements, other than
by accusing Zionism’s opponents of anti-Semitism?  
Israel today is a
racist and repressive state, which is attacking even Israeli human rights
organisations such as Btselem and Breaking the Silence.  It is defunding critical and left wing theatre.  It is no accident that the reason why Netanyahu joined in with Hungary’s racist Prime Minister Viktor Orban in attacking George Soros was because Soros has funded liberal Israeli NGOs.  
Israel is a state where right-wing mobs indulge in
pogroms chanting ‘Mavet LaAravim’ (Death to the Arabs).  In Europe 80 years ago similar mobs chanted ‘Death
to the Jews.’
People like Warren Morgan and the so-called Jewish
Labour Movement want to divert attention from the fact that Israel is the most
racist state in the world by distorting what we say.  It is a classic example of shooting the
messenger rather than dealing with the message.
I have written to Morgan saying that if he doesn’t
retract his insinuation that I am a sympathiser with or support Holocaust
denial I will sue him for defamation.
Tony Greenstein

Please note this blog was corrected on 18th October to amend what Miko Peled said.  However my interpretation of what he said is exactly the same.

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