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Golders Green Together Facebook
could have been written by the BNP and Britain First

 The Centre for Islamic
Enlightening bought up the Golders Green Hipperdrome, a former BBC concert
hall, in the heart of Golders Green, in July. 
Golders Green contains the highest concentration of Jews in any area of London
– some 37% are Jewish compared to 26% Christian and 12% Muslims.

You might think that Jews, with
their experience of racism, would welcome another religious minority seeking to
establish a centre alongside them.  Think
again.  Today’s Jews seem to have learnt
nothing from the Jewish experience of racism.
Led by outright racists such as Zionist
activist Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit, who is usually to be found demonstrating
alongside Paul Besser of the neo-Nazi Britain First, a group called Golders Green Together was formed to
oppose the plans.  A look at their
Facebook page gives you an indication of their politics. 

Racism and Islamaphobia – the Elephant in the Room of British Jewry

Green Together
[GGT] was formed last year as an anti-racist group to
oppose a small demonstration by neo-Nazis led by one Joshua
in Golders Green.  The
demonstration was later moved by the Police to Central London.  Now a bunch of Zionist racists and Jewish
(& non-Jewish) Islamaphobes have taken over the name and subverted.
What is common to these people
is that their fervent Zionism.  They take
their cue from Israel’s hostility to Muslims and Arabs. Israel is an object of
veneration by European and American fascists because it is seen as the ideal
anti-Muslim state.  In Israel what is
termed the ‘Jewish State’ is openly racist. 
Legislation such as the recent Muezzin
outlaws the Muslim call to prayer. 
Last year the Northern Muslim League, a group with a large degree of
support amongst Israel’s Palestinian minority, was banned
by the government without even a pretence that it had broken any law.
it seems that there is also some skulduggery concerning addimg peoples’ names to the racist petition
In the USA Steve Bannon’s
Breitbart magazine, the flagship of the Alt-Right movement, combines White
Supremacy, homophobia, hostility to feminism and anti-Semitism with fervent Zionism.  We have the neo-Nazi founder of the
alt-Right, which organised the carnival of racism at Charlottesville, Richard
Spencer describing himself as a White
Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Racist Portrait of Muslim Men
Groups like the misnamed Campaign
Against Anti-Semitism
have campaigned on the idea that Muslims are a
reservoir of anti-Semitism stating
that ‘it has long been
suspected that sections of the British Muslim population harboured hatred
towards British Jews.’
  In 2016 they
to back up their Islamaphobic
The Reaction
of the Jewish Establishment
With the Affair of the Golders
Green Mosque, the Jewish establishment has reacted with something approaching
horror to the racist base they are sitting on and have, up to now, encouraged.  Forget the nonsense about anti-Semitism
causing only 13% of British Jews to vote Labour.  The real reason, which has been analysed by
Jewish academics such as Geoffrey Alderman and William Rubinstein, is that they
have climbed the socio-economic ladder. 
Couple this with the support of many Jews for Israeli settler
colonialism (59% declare they are Zionists according to the Attitudes
of British Jews to Israel
survey in 2015) and what you see is White racist supremacy in the heartland of British Jewry. 
Jews in Britain are no longer on
the Left.  Support for Zionism is a mask
for wider racist attitudes such as we are seeing now in Golders Green.
Both the Jewish
and Jewish News have both come out strongly
against the racist campaign against the mosque. 
This is to be welcomed but both papers have distinguished themselves by
their uncritical support of Israel, its apartheid structures and its
demonization of Arabs and Muslims. 
The ‘liberal kapos’ is a new one!
The Jewish News, to its credit
said that they had refused to take a paid advert from the GGT hate
mongers.  They also said that they had
had to delete many ‘vile’ messages on the Internet including being called
‘kapos’, the Zionist term of abuse for anti-Zionists, which equates them with
Jewish concentration camp guards.  The
term was poplarised by David Friedman, Donald Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer and now
US Ambassador in Israel.  
It is a rich irony that those
who have been peddling Zionist race hate for so many years have now become
victims of that hate!  The same Zionists
who regularly called Jewish anti-Zionists ‘kapos’ ‘self-haters’ ‘traitors’ are
now turning their fire on those of their comrades who aren’t willing to walk
that extra racist mile in the fight against a Mosque.  After all where did those associations
between Muslims and terrorism come from if not Israel and its associates?
The Jewish Chronicle in a
remarkable editorial for it The
Fig Leaf Objections
compared the reaction of Jews in Golders Green to
Moslems in Rotherham objecting to a synagogue. 
Both would be, in its words, outrageous. 
One can only presume that editor Stephen Pollard is on leave.
Local Rabbi Goldsmith made the
point that the current reactions to a mosque are similar to the reaction to
Jews when, in the 1920’s they moved to Golders Green. Laura Marks of the
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust asked whether there would have been a similar
reaction to a Christian centre moving to Golders Green and of course the answer
is ‘no’ there wouldn’t. 
Zionist Tweeters fail to understand why Moslems are setting foot in a ‘Jewish area’ – Perhaps they have forgotten that Golders Green isn’t a Jewish town in Israel
However Marks, a staunch member
of the Zionist Establishment tries to play down the reaction to the Mosque.  She wrote
in Why
opponents of the Golders Green mosque must mind their language:
“[Some of] the language being used is simply not right.
 Language has been misused by other evil regimes in subsequent genocides,
and as Jews we always need to be very aware of this.
However she then pulls back and says ‘I wouldn’t for one moment
suggest we are using Nazi language, but we must recognise the danger of what we
say….”  This is cowardice.  The language being used by GGT is Nazi
language and indeed there are neo-Nazis posting on the Facebook page.  Nearly all the FB comments are of a virulently
racist nature
Ambrosina Shitrit, 2nd left, Paul Besser of Britain 1st (left) and Hoffman (right
The reaction to the Mosque is
driven by what one might call the activist wing of the Zionist movement –
people like Jonathan Hoffman, Ambrosina Shitrit etc.  The horrified reaction of the Jewish
Establishment is a product of its own work. 
Year after year they have poured out vile propaganda against Arabs and
Palestinians.  They have defended every
racist action of the Israeli state and proclaimed that Israel’s murderous
attacks on Gaza were an act of peace.  Is
it any wonder that many Jews have assimilated the message that you can’t trust
Muslims or Arabs?  These establishment worthies
have gone along with everything Netanyahu has done and defended his demolition
of homes, houses and even his call to Israeli Jews to vote because the Arabs
are voting in droves.  The values of Zionism
have seeped into the subconscious of British Jews and the petition to Barnet
Council is the result.
Hoffman is able to see ‘both sides of the debate’ – for once
Ambrosina Shitrit’s alter ego is ‘Eyeonantisemitism’
Jonathan Hoffman and Zionist tropes
Jonathan Hoffman, the
former Zionist Federation Vice Chair is cited
in a report by the JTA as saying that ‘“There is a concern around this very
divisive issue….There is concern about Muslim anti-Semitism.”  
Hoffman went on to say that his
comments don’t mean he personally opposes the new Centre, but merely that he
understands both sides of the debate.
No doubt if there was a neo-Nazi
campaign against a synagogue he would also ‘understand both sides of the debate’.  This comes from someone who has never understood the Palestinian side of the debate as he shouted down his opponents.
It is remarkably similar language to Donald
Trump who instead of condemning the neo-Nazi violence at Charlottesville,
instead condemned violence on ‘both sides’.
The JTA Report goes on to say
that a 2008 study by the Community Security Trust attributed a third of all violent
anti-Semitic incidents to perpetrators described as having an Arab or South
Asian appearance.

Green Facebook Page
the Vile Racist Comments of Zionists

The Golders
Green Facebook
page is a sewer of racist bigotry.  It is a testament to what British Zionists really think when the PR and hasbara is abandoned.
Under a post heading ‘Shocking revelations now come to light re
Golders Green development of a mosque at BBC hippadrome’
we have Daniel Vulkan of Jewish Voice for
Labour finding his racist neighbours comments most amusing.  
There is Ambrosine
Yolanda Shitrit,
who is normally happiest in the company of Britain First neo-Nazis, saying that the advent of the Mosque will change peoples’
minds with Rachelle Marks commenting that ‘hope
they the Muslims go away and realise they are not wanted as we need a theatre
not a MOSQUE.
Rachelle then
suggests that ‘they have a mosque in a side street where it won’t be noticed’.
Comments include:
Who are they praying to and what are they plotting? … Beware
the Islamic takeover.
“Islamic colonialism – in the heart of what was the only
uniquely Jewish area in the UK.”
A Robert Sur believes that unless ‘you
welcome your conquerer with open arms you are a racist islamaphobic bigot’

whereas Helen Kissen believes the Jewish Chronicle should be renamed ‘the Muslem chronicle’

informs us that ‘the
liberal kapos dominate the media’
with surly Sur telling us he lost all
respect for that ‘liberal rag’ when
they printed an advert for the Gaza appeal some years ago.  The idea of printing a paid for ad for the
victims of Israel’s bombing clearly doesn’t appeal to these kindly souls.  It must be the first time in a long time that
the JC has been described as liberal.
tells us how he can’t bear to see ‘that little dwarf hopping around in golders green’ a reference to
the local Tory MP Mike Freer who has opposed the bigots.

, who seems to be all over GGT’s Facebook page publishes an
illustration of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on free
speech and posts a link to the White Supremacist Breitbart News!
The Independent
suggests that Young is a member of the neo-Nazi Britain First, the same group
that former Zionist Federation Vice Chair Jonathan
works with.  What is
interesting is how he is never criticised or called out for his openly racist
and neo-Nazi views by others who post to the FB page. 
Young also informed people that
the noise from the call to prayer and Muslim demonstrations would be
unbearable.  He informs readers that
Sunday the first they swarmed the whole area with a victory parade of cars with
jihadi flags and inbreds with 2
different eye-sizes.
Clearly Mr Young’s talents are
underused.  He could have been employed
on Der Sturmer had the paper still
been going.  But there is still no reaction to these overtly racist
comments.  In fact Young attracted 3 ‘likes’ for his comment about ‘inbreds’.

echoes what the Jewish Chronicle said in its Leader, that parking is a pretext for racist bigotry:
‘I am the only one with the guts
to say what everybody else is thinking. 
It has nothing to do with parking or traffic.  We don’t want a mosque there and who can
blame us?  Those Muslims purposely picked
Golders Green because it is a Jewish area. 
They want to stamp us out as they have in so many other countries.’  Clearly Sur doesn’t just speak for himself as
he has 4 likes – A Francesco replies in what must be a humourous comment that ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if the JC was a militant lefty
common theme among the posters is that ‘they’
want to take us over.
’  Zionist
activist Shitrit is at the heart of them. 
Her main theme seems to be that as they have some non-Jewish racists alongside
them then it’s alright. 
activists such as Herutnik Neal Cohen
is convinced that it is all a Muslim plot. 
Sur and many others reserve
much of their bile for people like Laura Marks: 
‘gutless sheep. She’d hand the
hangman the rope.’
Far-Right Islamaphobic Gatestone Institute is posted on GGT FB page
article from the far-Right Islamaphobic Gatestone Institute in the USA is
posted, again without any protest despite its record of publishing fake news
about no-go Muslim areas in Europe and its hosting racists such as Geert Wilders.


speaks for many when he recalls the Gaza advert in the Jewish Chronicle.  ‘I remember that Gaza appeal. Those Jews make me wanna
One would think from reading
these comments that the JC was a fully signed up supporter of the Palestinians
rather than the Zionist rag that it actually is.  But the overt Zionism of the contributors
stands out because that is where their racism comes from – Israel.

Haaretz 14.10.2017 12:07 Updated: 12:08 PM
to turn Golders Green Hippodrome into an Islamic Shia center has seemingly
split the local Jewish community, with some reactions being labeled

The Golders Green Hippodrome,
which might host the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham mosque and Islamic center.
Wikimedia Commons
Plans to open a mosque in one of
Britain’s best-known Jewish communities has sparked a heated response from some
locals, leading to accusations of Islamophobia.
The Jewish Chronicle has been
reporting on the increasingly fractious developments in recent weeks after the
iconic Golders Green Hippodrome – formerly a BBC concert hall seating some
3,000 people – was bought earlier this year by the Centre for Islamic
Enlightening, for £5.25 million ($7 million).
The group’s spokesman, Ahmed
al-Kazemi, was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as saying that the building would
house the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham mosque and Islamic center, serving
northwest London’s Shia community.
The JC also reported that a
petition complaining about the plan was posted on the local Barnet Council’s
website and received over 4,000 signatures, compared with 93 comments in favor
of the mosque.
While some local residents
voiced concerns about traffic jams and noise pollution, others questioned the
arrival of Muslim worshippers in an area that is famously noted for its Jewish
One local resident wrote on the
Barnet website that the move would “force
the Jewish population to run away,”
while another said placing “a large Muslim institution in the heart of
one of London’s only two Jewish communities is a highly dangerous undertaking.”
However, a prominent local
rabbi, Mark Goldsmith, has criticized the comments coming from some members of
the community.
have been said about it being the largest mosque in Europe, and that the Shia
community is a threat,”
Goldsmith told the JC. “That language is threatening and misleading.
suspect it’s the same sort of thing said about Jews moving to Golders Green in
the 1920s,”
he added. “Golders
Green is not entirely Jewish. It’s a special place to live in and we all get
along together. That’s what London is about.”
Golders Green, in northwest
London, has been home to a large Jewish community since the 1950s. In the most
recent census, some 37 percent of the suburb was Jewish, compared to 26 percent
being Christian and 12 percent Muslim. (Britain’s largest Jewish population is
situated further north, in Borehamwood, on the outskirts of London.)
Writing for the JC, Laura Marks
– the chair of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust – questioned whether there
would have been a similar response if a Christian center were being established
at the site.
Shitrit faking amazement that GGT has managed to attract some non-Jewish racists as well
some of the comments on various chat groups by those opposed sent a shiver down
my spine,”
Marks wrote.
“Comments such as ‘We don’t know what they are preaching as
it’s all in Arabic,’ ‘This will result in violence and terrorism’
and ‘There is a chance of infiltration of
are Islamophobia plain and simple,” she observed.
Marks added: “I wouldn’t for one moment suggest we
are using Nazi language, but we must recognise the danger of what we say and
how that fuels mistrust, separation, prejudice and hatred.”
Although the online petition
closed on Friday, the fight looks set to continue in the months ahead.
The Islamic center hopes to open
its doors for an initial Open Day in December, with its spokesman, Kazemi,
being quoted in the JC as saying, “We
are very pleased and excited to be in Golders Green in such a diverse area. We
can’t wait to get to know our neighbors.”

Below is a section of Screenprints with some of the racist filth 

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