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Why is CAA a Registered Charity – What Public Benefit does this McCarthyite
Organisation Confer?

Senator Joe McCarthy
One of the heroes of CAA Chair Gideon Falter
It is clear that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is not a charity but a Zionist propaganda organisation masquerading as a charity.  I have set up a petition on calling for the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism to be deregistered – please sign

Some of the 70 entries for Jeremy Corbyn – notice how this politically neutral ‘charity’ uses the term ‘racist Labour’

The so-called CampaignAgainst Anti-Semitism is a Zionistpropaganda organisation out of
control.  Ever since its formation during
Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, it has sought to tarnish
supporters of the Palestinians and anti-Zionists with the smear of ‘anti-Semitism’.  The fact that it is an officially registered
charity is an outrage which we should turn our attention to as a matter of some
urgency.  The Tories may use it to
burnish their credentials but it has nothing to do with either the fight against anti-Semitism nor does it provide any Public Benefit.  Its activities have nothing to do with any Charitable
Fresh from its attack
on Hove Labour Party and Momentum supporter Rebecca Massey the misnamed Campaign
Against Anti-Semitism has gone onto smear
veteran Israeli anti-Zionist Emeritus Professor Moshe Machover as ‘anti-Semitic’.  With its attack on Machover, the CAA has
reached a new low. 
The CAA’s vicious libellous attack on Moshe Machover
It accuses
Professor Machover of ‘voicing support
for Hamas, a genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation.’
  Even this is a lie.  As a Marxist Machover is unlikely to support
a politically backward Islamic organisation. 
In their quote, which I assume is accurate, Moshe says:
‘I’m not opposing their [Hamas’] armed struggle —
they have a perfect right to resist with arms. I don’t condemn them. Who
is responsible for the rise of Hamas in the Gaza strip? Israel.’
That is my position too.  I support Hamas’s right to conduct an armed
struggle.  That is the right of any
oppressed people living under occupation. 
That has nothing to do with supporting the organisation politically.  If Hamas is indeed a ‘genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation’ [they try to pack as
many pejorative adjectives as possible into one phrase!] then one has to ask
why Israel helped create Hamas? 
The CAA’s McCarthyite Chair – Gideon Falter
Rather than
being a genocidal etc. organisation, Hamas are a politically backward and
conservative Islamist organisation.  They
condemned the Charlie Hebdo killings and in practice make a distinction between
Jews and Zionists.  But when people come
to your home and kill your relatives and attack your children in the name of
the ‘Jews’ then it’s not surprising that they may not have a progressive
attitude to Jews ideologically.

Hamas have a
charter which is anti-Semitic but which plays no part in their political
struggle today.  It is a part of their
history just like Theodor Herzl’s Jewish State,
which was certainly anti-Semitic and racist, is part of the Zionist tradition.  The difference is that Zionism is still anti-Semitic
and racist.  The ‘racism’ of Hamas is minute compared to the everyday racism of Israel, where a plurality, 48% of the population according to the most recent Pew Information Survey  Israel’s Religiously Divided Society, supports the physical expulsion of the Palestinians from Israel.
Hamas is on
record as condemning the extermination of the Jews in the Holocaust.  Something that a ‘genocidal anti-Semitic’ etc.
etc.  group is hardly likely to do.  Bassem Naeem, a spokesman for Hamas,
in an article in the Guardian entitled Hamas
condemns the Holocaust
stated that
‘it should be made clear that neither Hamas nor the
Palestinian government in Gaza denies the Nazi Holocaust. The Holocaust was not
only a crime against humanity but one of the most abhorrent crimes in modern
history. We condemn it as we condemn every abuse of humanity and all forms of
discrimination on the basis of religion, race, gender or nationality.’
Why did Israel
Create Hamas?
The truth that Zionists hate to hear – THEY created Hamas and now use it to demonise the Palestinians
But if Hamas are all the things that the CAA say
they are then the obvious question to ask is why Israel was responsible for
creating Hamas?  In an article in
the Wall Street Journal, an official
in Israel’s Military Administration in Gaza, Avner
Cohen, told how “Hamas, to my great
regret, is Israel’s creation.”
The article describes how Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew worked in
Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region
until 1994, ‘Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside
secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant
group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.’
Washington Post article – wikileaks have produced extensive evidence that Israel wanted Hamas to succeed 
‘Instead of trying to curb Gaza’s Islamists from the outset,
says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them
as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation
Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. Israel cooperated
with a crippled, half-blind cleric named Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, even as he was
laying the foundations for what would become Hamas.’ Another official David
Hacham, who worked in Gaza in the late 1980s and early ’90s as an Arab-affairs
expert in the Israeli military told how “When I look back at the chain of
events I think we made a mistake, but at the time nobody thought about the possible
results.”  [How Israel Helped
to Spawn Hamas
HIGGINS, Jan. 24, 2009]

In an article How
Israel helped create Hamas in the Washington Post
we are told of Hamas’s ‘curious
history’. ‘To a certain degree, the Islamist organization… has the Jewish state to
thank for its existence. Hamas launched in 1988 in Gaza at the time of the
first intifada, … for more than a decade prior, Israeli authorities actively
enabled its rise.’

‘At the time,
Israel’s main enemy was the late Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party, which formed the heart of the Palestinian
Liberation Organization (PLO). Fatah was secular and cast in the mold of
other revolutionary, leftist guerrilla movements waging insurgencies
elsewhere in the world during the Cold War. …’

 ‘Meanwhile, the activities of Islamists affiliated with Egypt’s banned Muslim
Brotherhood were allowed in the open in Gaza — a radical departure from
when the Strip was administered by the secular-nationalist Egyptian
government of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Egypt lost control of Gaza to Israel after
the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, which saw Israel also seize the West Bank. In
1966, Nasser had executed Sayyid Qutb, one of the Brotherhood’s leading
intellectuals. The Israelis saw Qutb’s adherents in the Palestinian
territories, including the wheelchair-bound Sheik Ahmed Yassin, as a useful
counterweight to Arafat’s PLO.’

Which of course was the story of the Americans and how they
helped create the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. 
Hamas is the democratically elected organisation of the Palestinians in
Gaza.  But none of this complexity is of
any interest to a McCarthyite organisation like the CAA.  Their only interest is in shutting down free
speech on Palestine and Israel.  The
activities of the CAA have nothing to do with anti-Semitism.  Monitoring and smearing anti-Zionists as anti-Semitic
is their only goal. 
The CAA has 8 entries for Theresa May –  Britain’s racist anti-refugee Prime Minister – all of them complementary
What they are doing is using what they call ‘the International
Definition of Antisemitism
 recently adopted by the British government’ (what they mean is the
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition which has no legal
validity) to define all anti-Zionism as ‘anti-Semitic’.  Opposition to what is called Israel’s ‘right
to exist’ is now anti-Semitic.  The new
definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ which in fact has nothing at all to do with anti-Semitism,
is nothing more than a thinly disguised means of attacking freedom of
speech.  That is why it has to be fought and
that is why Jeremy Corbyn was wrong to stupidly
and meekly go along
with Theresa May’s cynical adoption of it. 

people think of violent attacks on people who are Jewish as anti-Semitism.  Now there is a concerted attempt by Zionist groups
to label any opposition to Israel as a Jewish supremacist state as ‘anti-Semitic’.  This has to be resisted.  Denying ‘Israel’s right to exist’ as if a
state is a human being and accusing Jews of being part of a conspiracy is apparently
antisemitic.  Well we know from the
recent Al Jazeera programme The Lobby that
some Jews who are Zionists are very much involved in conspiracies against
democratic political organisations.
Of course the CAA and Israel’s apologists in Britain have
nothing to say about the outrageous racism that is quite normal in Israel because
they are too concerned with digging out traces of ‘anti-Semitism’.  Anti-racism is the last thing they are
concerned with.
For example Israel’s Deputy
Defence Minister Eli Dahan was reported by Israel’s Ha’aretz
newspaper as saying that:
‘Homosexual Jews have “higher souls” than gentiles,
gay or straight, the deputy minister for religious services told the Israeli
daily Maariv.
As Reuven Hammer, a former president of the
International Rabbinical Assembly
in the Jerusalem Post:
for a moment that the religious affairs minister in some democratic
country – England or Switzerland for example – were to make a public statement
that “the souls of all Christians are
superior to the souls of Jews.”
Would Israel not make a fuss? Would not the
ADL and the Weisenthal Center cry out in protest? Would not Jews in that
country demand the immediate resignation of such an official? But in Israel,
the man who fills such a slot – Deputy Religious Services Minister Rabbi Eli
Ben-Dahan – recently said just that about Christians. He is quoted as saying in
an interview which he knew would be published that the souls of all Jews are
higher than those of Christians or Muslims or anybody else, yet his job is

The Times of Israel, in an article New
deputy defense minister called Palestinians ‘animals’
reported that While discussing the resumption of peace talks
in a radio interview in 2013, Ben Dahan said that “To me, they are like
animals, they aren’t human.”
  Dahan is not the only member of the Israeli government
to talk about Palestinians as animals.  Prime
Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is on record as describing Arabs surrounding Israel
as being ‘wild beasts’.  Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it
from ‘wild beasts’
As far as I’m aware lions, tigers and such creatures
aren’t known to roam the deserts of the Middle East!
There are 70 entries for Jeremy Corbyn – none of them complimentary
The CAA has a
long record of attacking people on the Left and in the Labour Party.  It has been allowed to get away with it for
far too long.  For example It attacked
Labour MP Gerald Kaufmann over his use of the term ‘Jewish money’ even though
it’s a phrase widely used in the Jewish community.  I googled the Jewish Chronicle archive and
got nearly 600 occurrences.  When I
searched the CAA’s website I got up 21 result for Kaufman.  I got 70 results for ‘Corbyn’ – nice little charitable
articles such as ‘Corbyn’s
hypocrisy exposed yet again by Labour’s latest stealthy readmission of
suspended antisemite
The CAA has 29 search results on Gerald Kaufman – a Jewish Labour MP who supports the Palestinians – all of them attack him
When I searched
under ‘British National Party’ I got 19 results.  Good I thought, at least they are covering
the far Right which even the Home Affairs Select Committee’s flawed
on anti-Semitism conceded was responsible for the majority of anti-Semitic
attacks.  But no, all of them were
concerned with other parties and the BNP were mentioned tangentially.  The Liberal Democrats were also attacked by
the CAA.
There are 29 entries for that well-known anti-Semite Shami Chakrabarti – the Shadow Attorney General
Shami Chakrabarti,
who conducted an Inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, has been a
particular focus of the CAA’s ire.  There
are no less than 29 articles concerning her, all of them hostile.  In CAA
response to Jewish Labour Movement’s decision to invite Shami Chakrabarti to
address antisemitism rally
they write that:
‘The Labour Party has
become a political home of antisemitism and the Jewish Labour Movement has
fought hard to save their Party from its grasp. Nothing has undermined that
effort more than Shami Chakrabarti’s whitewash of a report which cleared the Party of
antisemitism, a feat for which she was rewarded by ennoblement by Jeremy Corbyn to the very institution that
he promised never to promote anyone to.
As a matter of policy
we do not comment on the work of other organisations engaged in the fight
against antisemitism, but in this case we must make an exception. The Jewish
Labour Movement’s decision to invite Shami Chakrabarti to address a rally
against antisemitism is misjudged to the point of surrealism. Indeed, the very
idea that it is possible to hold a rally in a pub to heal antisemitism in the
Labour Party is absurd because the Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy
Corbyn, continues to deny that its antisemitism problem even exists. That
is perhaps why the Jewish Labour Movement’s own poll of its members found that only 4% of them back Jeremy
Corbyn in the current leadership election.
When antisemitism reaches the levels it now has within the
Labour Party, the only effective strategy is to stand up and defy it with

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