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The ‘Anti-Semitism’ Wars Continue as Britain’s Zionist Leaders Declare That They Want To tear up the Chakrabarti Report and Purge the Left

Tory Jonathan Goldstein, Elected by No-One, ‘Sets five tests for Labour’ – Abandon Corbynism and all trace of Socialism and Anti-Imperialism

Norman Finkelstein recalls in the chimera of British Anti-Semitism how his mother, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, remarked that ‘It’s no accident that Jews invented the word chutzpah.’

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning audacity, cheek, to have a nerve. The best example of Chutzpah is the tale of a Jewish boy, who was hauled before a court of law having murderedBboth his parents. Pleading for mercy the boy declared that the court should be lenient because, after all, he is now an orphan!

Jonathan Goldstein is ‘chairman’ of the wholly unelected Jewish Leadership Council. It used to consist of big Jewish capitalists such as Stanley Kalms of Dixons and Micky Davis of the mining giant Xtrata. Today it consists of the good and great of various Jewish and Zionist organisations. Goldstein is about as reactionary a Tory as it’s possible to find but nonetheless he believes that he has the right to dictate to the Labour Party what it should do and how it should do it.

He believes that Unite trade union should be sorted out and he wants all trace of what he calls ‘Corbynism’ eradicated. It will be a test of the current leadership candidates as to which one is prepared to stand up to this moral blackmail. We know that Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey will haul up the white flag of surrender. It will be interesting to see whether Ian Lavery is prepared to do what Corbyn shied away from and that is to call these reactionary Zionists out for the racists they are

It is almost as if Ed Miliband’s leadership was a dry run for Corbyn – despite Miliband himself being Jewish

The JLC has been one of a number of major Zionist groups involved in the fake anti-Semitism campaign. They are pleased with their ‘success’ at having defeated Corbyn. The issue of ‘anti-Semitism’ was barely mentioned on the doorstep. Its impact lay in the inability of Jeremy Corbyn and his advisors to stand up to these political blackmailers and to tell them to fuck off back to the sewers which they share with their friend Donald Trump.

If Corbyn had had a backbone and McDonnell hadn’t tried to please these supporters of Israeli racial supremacy when the Zionists first began making accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’, then the Zionists’ could have been shown the door. As it is Corbyn and McDonnell got into the situation whereby the more they apologise the deeper was the hole that they were digging for themselves

Maureen Lipman also abandoned Corbyn over Israel, sorry ‘antisemitism’ – Miliband was a dry run for Corbyn

‘Anti-Semitism’ has long been the tried and tested accusation of defenders of Zionism. There isn’t a single Palestine solidarity activist in Britain who hasn’t been accused of ‘anti-Semitism’. When you openly proclaim, as Zionist organisations repeatedly do, that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism then it is obvious that opponents of Israel’s occupation regime and its inbuilt racism will be accused of ‘anti-Semitism’.

Corbyn’s silence and inability to push back against the accusations was unforgiveable. It was a prime example of the inability of the Labour left to articulate any clear and unambiguous class politics. Corbyn supported the Palestinians but he treated it as a human rights not a political question. Zionism to him was a mystery.

Now however the Zionists have had their appetites whetted. These reactionary Tories now believe that they can set ‘tests’ for the Labour Party. Note that they haven’t set any tests for a Tory party led by an out and out racist, Boris Johnson, whose book 72 Virgins is replete with anti-Semitic memes and tropes.

Boris Johnson describeda Jewish character as an unethical businessman with a large nose, who exploits immigrant workers and black women’. You might think that Goldstein and the Zionist claque, if they were seriously interested in anti-Semitism might have fired a broadside at Johnson. According to the Jewish Chronicle’s Rosa Doherty Johnson ‘depicted Jews as controlling the media and being able to “fiddle” elections in a novel he wrote when he was a backbench Conservative MP.’

Lest we forget, the Daily Mail, which today opposes ‘antisemitism’ attacked Ed Miliband because of his ‘alien’ Jewish Marxist father Ralph Miliband

He also described a Jewish character called Sammy Katz, as having a “proud nose and curly hair.”

Johnson described Kosovan Muslims as having “hook noses” and called a group of characters “pikeys”, a slur for Travellers.

However you can rest assured that when Goldstein calls for ‘a zero tolerance approach to anti-Jewish racism’ you can be sure that what he doesn’t mean is genuine anti-Semitism of the Boris Johnson or Britain First variety.

What Goldstein means is anti-Zionism. Opposition to the only apartheid state, Israel, that exists in the world today.

Goldstein talks of the election result being ‘a day of extraordinary relief’ for British Jews. If that true it was because a nasty and dishonest campaign of lies and libels had been waged against Corbyn and the Labour Party for the past 4 years. If British Jews felt insecure it was because their own leaders had campaigned to instil fear and insecurity in Britain’s Jews.

What Norman Finkelstein wrote in his essay almost exactly describes what happened to British Jews. It was an classic example of mass psychosis and hysteria:

If residents of Salem, Massachusetts, experienced deep anxiety about witches; if Americans experienced deep anxiety about Communists; if White southerners experienced deep anxiety about Black rapists; if Germans experienced deep anxiety about a “Judeo-Bolshevik” conspiracy; and if, for that matter, Christians experienced deep anxiety about Jewish ritual child-murderers—if an anxiety is widespread, surely it doesn’t necessarily, or even probably, follow that it is a rational fear. It could just as plausibly have been induced by powerful social forces standing to benefit from a deliberately contrived paranoia. Or, in the case at hand, it could spring from Jewish hypersensitivity—in light of historical experience wholly understandable—to a phantom anti-Semitism (see Woody Allen’s Annie Hall).

It is strange that a letter signed by 34 Orthodox Jewish rabbis never made it into one mainstream newspaper or the BBC – the powers of self-censorship in Britain newspapers must be the envy of police states the world over

Britain’s Jews are not subject to any form of state anti-Semitism. They do not experience economic discrimination, police harassment or violence, charges of driving whilst Jewish, disproportionate imprisonment or violent racist attacks.  They are a privileged section of the White population. The only section of the Jewish community which is distinguishable and which has suffered physical attacks, the Orthodox Jewish community is the very one which has distanced itself from the Zionist leaders’ attacks on Corbyn.

There is no basis to Zionist complaints that the Labour Party is racist. The fact that the Goldstein and the Board of Deputies’s Marie van der Zyl have said nothing about Tory MEP’s sitting with anti-Semites in the European Parliament or their support for Hungary’s anti-Semitic Prime Minister Viktor Orban demonstrates what their real agenda is and it isn’t anti-Semitism.

The lie that Corbyn lost the trust of Britain’s Jews is demonstrated by the fact that most British Jews had not supported the Labour Party since the 1950’s

They said the same about Labour’s only Jewish leader as Corbyn – he’d lost the ‘trust’ of Britain’s Jews – why? Because he had supported a Palestinian state

Jonathan Goldstein’s 5 demands include
1. ‘tearing up’ the Chakrabarti Report because it is a ‘whitewash’. What they mean is it didn’t say that anti-Zionism was ‘anti-Semitic’.

2. An independent disciplinary process in other words more people should be expelled for supporting Palestinians and the Kangaroo Court should become a fixed institution.

3. A ‘zero-tolerance approach to anti-Jewish racism.’ Perhaps Goldstein would like to implement a similar approach to anti-Muslim racism in the Jewish community and do something about the band of Zionists who make friends with people like Tommy Robinson.

4. ‘A commitment to political education and a real effort to address left-anti-Semitism’. No, not right-wing anti-Semitism, because most fascists and genuine anti-Semites today love Israel, seeing in it their ideal state. And what is ‘left anti-Semitism’? Goldstein doesn’t say but we can guess it involves the IHRA and Israel.

5. ‘Condemn and proscribe factions within the party or any affiliated trade union.’ In other words an intensification of the witchhunt and an extension of it to Unite, the LRC, Labour Briefing and even Momentum.

A separate articleCorbyn’s exit ‘won’t end anti-Semitism’ states that ‘Goldstein also urges Corbyn’s successor to take on the Unite union.’ which is seen as on the Left. In other words the Zionists today are acting as the stalking horse of the ruling class and urging an attack on the left as a whole.

A failure to stand up to these McCarthyists and a continuation of Corbyn’s useless appeasement policy will destroy the left inside the Labour Party.

In these circumstances the left has to come together, ditch the nonsense that anti-Semitism is a problem in the Labour Party and go on the offensive. The first target should be the scab Jewish Labour Movement which is affiliated to the racist land thieves of the World Zionist Organisation. The JLM didn’t even support Labour in the general election. If there is to be a Jewish section it should not make support for Israel a condition of membership and nor should it be affiliated to the Israeli Labour Party, a racist party of ethnic cleansing which has less than 5% support amongst Israeli Jews today.

The Zionists are the cutting edge of the British ruling class. They will have their supporters both in the Parliamentary Labour Party and the unions, the GMB and to a lesser extent UNISON too. Dave Prentis in particular can be relied on to back them up.

Rebecca Long-Bailey has already hauled up the white flag. There is no way that this charlatan should become the Left’s candidate. The only alternative in sight is Ian Lavery, former General Secretary of the National Union of Miners.

The ruling class is going to take advantage of Labour’s defeat on December 12th to try and purge the Labour Party of anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism. It is up to the Left to stop them.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Tony Greenstein

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