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Putting Anti-racism back on the agenda of the Labour Party

Chris Williamson, Naz Shah and Clive Lewish hold the banner up!
If there was one theme tonight at
the packed House of Commons meeting, held in the Committee room named after
Harold Wilson, it was that anti-racism, not the Right’s version of incorporation and multiculturalism has to be put back on the agenda of the Labour Party.
Jackie Walker speaking – the victim of a political lynching by the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement
Marc Wadsworth and others made the
point that Black is a political issue not merely a matter of skin colour.  The term BAME is a choice of the Blairites
and race relations industry which seeks to coopt Black people’s struggles.  The demand is for Black and Asian sections
not BAME.  We heard in one constituency
that White members of the Jewish Labour Movement had been put forward as BAME
delegates even though Jewish people in this country are White and not
We heard a moving speech from a
representative from the Grenfell Tower Campaign about how nearly 100 families are still not housed and living in hotels.  Promises have been broken and there is an Inquiry judge
Moore-Bick who has excluded the survivors from the panel and who is determined
to carry out an establishment cover up by avoiding looking at successive government’s
housing policies in respect of privatisation.
Naz Shah speaking alongside Clive Lewis and Chris Williamson – Deborah Hudson and Jackie Walker on the right

A number of MPs spoke – Chris
Williamson, Naz Shah, Clive Lewis and one other whose name I didn’t catch.  Jackie Walker, who is the Chair of Labour
Against the Witch hunt also spoke about her own experiences as the victim of
racism before dashing off as she had to get a flight to Berlin early in the
morning. The Lynching has gone international! Glynn Secker from Jewish Voices for Labour also spoke.   A number of people spoke from the floor at the end including myself.
Marc Wadsworth and a young supporter

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