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Is Netanyahu
a liar or is Netanyahu a liar?

The West’s dilemma – if in doubt blame Hamas

Netanyahu Tells World Leaders ‘Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas

Lying in the name of state

ISIS main pastime

There must be an explanation.  Netanyahu claims that ISIS=Hamas yet Isis has declared war on Hamas.  Yet even Arutz Sheva, Israel’s settler news agency reports that:

The West’s erswhile friends come back to bite them

ISIS Threatens to Destroy ‘Heretical Hamas’

Like most of
you, I have always treated Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu as a model of truth and
accuracy.  When he brought that picture
of a ticking bomb, Guy Fawkes style, to the UN showing how close Iran was to
getting a nuclear bomb I was naturally overwhelmed by the case he presented. The fact that he’d been saying the same thing for 20 years was neither here nor there.
Hamas fighters
When he told us that Hitler didn’t want to kill the Jews, he only wanted  to deport them and it was only that wicked Palestinian, the Grand Mufti who had forced his hand, I found myself nodding in agreement.  After all it’s the Arabs who are the enemy not the Nazis.  Makes sense.
Likewise when Netanyahu said that ISIS and Hamas were one and the same thing it seemed obvious.  After all they were both Sunni Islamic groups.  What more proof did one need? 
Wanted Poster for Israeli Criminal-at-large
Just as all Christians
and Jews think and act the same, so do Muslims. 
Easy isn’t it.  Islam = Terrorism therefore ISIS =
Hamas.  The fact that they may hate each
other is just an irrelevant. complication thought up by commies and other troublemakers who want to be difficult.

Still I just can’t
get my head around why it is that Isis hates Hamas.  It must be something Netanyahu said!

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