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If you want to a glimpse of the warped and twisted mentality of the Jewish Defence League, whom the organiser of the far-right Zionist/Christian fundamentalist demonstrators, Simon Cobbs, thinks are a fine bunch of people, then take a look at a tweet which appeared today from what is apparently the more ‘moderate’ of the two JDL twitter accounts.

‘mob rule’ outside Sodastream according to Jewish Chronicle

despite the reflection you will see that there isn’t a soul in the shop
The side of Gaza you won’t be show – not surprising since it is in Dubai! (see below)
Dubai shopping mall that the Zionists have relocated to Gaza!
  The Jewish Defence League and the Christian Zionists unite as Brighton shuns ‘Eco’stream

Zionists fly a rainbow flag alongside a union Jack held by neo-Nazi Kach supporters

It was a bitterly cold day today and well done to all those who braved the elements. The Zionists seemed particularly bedraggled and most of them appeared to be non-Jewish Christian fundamentalists. It included poor Jill Young, the mad Fundie in blue, who insists on carrying a poster of me which she has hideously distorted. It must be a sign of love, since these Christians are taught to love thine enemy.  Despite being an unassuming person, when she was expressing too much concern over my son’s presence (he is autistic) I was forced to tell her that she looked like the female equivalent of Jimmy Saville.  She seemed quite pleased at the comparison.

a peaceful demonstration

I post a number of video clips of today’s picket. They show primarily the pro-Zionist supporters on the opposite side of the road. No one wants to know them and in one video a man crosses to our side of the road to collect a leaflet! The Zionist demonstration increasingly seems to consist of either Christian Zionists who want all the world’s Jews to ‘return’ to Palestine, in order that they can be consumed in the fires of Armageddon, thus enabling Jesus to return and the faithful to Rapture to heaven, or supporters of the Jewish Nazi Kach movement like poor Simon Cobbs, who is seen wearing some form of animal around his head.

Despite the cold there was a good turn out

Cobbs, the leader of the Zionists, was caught out tweeting to the Jewish Defence League/Kach in a blogpost last week. So much for his complaints of ‘anti-Semitism’. His real complaint, as he made clear in the Jewish Chronicle, was that ‘

“The shop makes no money — it’s empty,” said local resident Simon Cobbs. “The only people are Brighton Jews, going in to support the shop and keep it going.”

Sodastream doorman with nothing to do

Today we learnt that a shop we hadn’t picketted, Staples, has decided not to stock Sodastream products anymore. Why? Because no one wants to buy them. Whoever in Sodastream made the decision to open a shop in Brighton, a loss leader if ever there was one judging by the pictures of an empty shop, should be awarded the golden order of the boot.  True it has indeed gained Sodastream publicity – but it has all been one-way – downhill. Anyone who buys a Sodastream refill or product now knows that they are supporting ethnic cleansing. There was one man who went buy shouting that he’d be happy to buy from Sodastream. I got no reply when I asked if he’d have bought German goods in the 1930’s in defiance of the anti-Nazi boycott. In fact he probably would have done, because when most Jews were boycotting German goods, the Zionists were setting up their own trade agreement, Ha’avara, with the Nazi Government.

It must be a dilemma for the Christian Fundamentalists – standing by the rainbow flag of the ‘sinful’ satanic gays – still you can’t choose your bedfellows!!

We can also see Cobbs repeatedly shouting ‘Tony’ to me. Although it is heart-warming that he misses my companionship and erudite wit, it hardly squares with the complaint of anti-Semitic abuse, homophobia, spitting and all the other lies that these far-right merchants have been coming out with.

I have also taken care to video our own demonstration to show that contrary to the lies in the propaganda sheet that calls itself the Jewish Chronicle, there is no ‘mob rule by the Sea’  or ‘Brighton rocked by hate slogans’  – unless the call to boycott an apartheid state is a form of hate.

No wonder Cobbs tries to talk to me – the public avoid them like the plague

An example of the kind of idiots and pathological liars that Cobbs and friends consist of, is best exampled by the following tweet from Cobb’s mate, RomanFox2. The fool posted a pic of a shopping Mall entitled “The side of #Gaza you will not be shown or told about in #Brighton
#hove today Don’t believe the lies!”

Not unnaturally Cobbs retweeted it to his few remaining friends in the JDL. There’s just one thing wrong though with the point they are making – that Gaza is an affluent place of plenty. It is The Mall of Emirates in Dubai.  True all Arabs are the same to Cobbs and mates but even they should know there is a slight difference between impoverished Gaza, where the water is unfit to drink, and Dubai!

perfectly empty

We were told by the Police that another person had used a Hitler salute today. But he was a Zionist doing it to us! Because of the ‘different context’ he was therefore merely warned and sent on his way but that is the whole point. People use the Hitler salute in an ironic as well as an overtly anti-Semitic way – for example Cobb’s friends in the EDL. As I pointed out to the Police, about 20-25% of the pro-Palestinian demonstration is also of Jewish origin and unlike the Zionists, the offence we take is genuine. 
I should also add that the usual policeman who attends these pickets/demonstrations – despite the cold and lack of anything to do – seemed positively interested and engaged throughout!!

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