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From the Apartheid Frying Pan Into the Zionist Fire

A Palestinian Version of the Blecks We Escaped From

The Settlement of Sussiyah

How touching.  The religious settlers of the White only Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa could see only one way out with the collapse of Apartheid South African-style.   Go and live in the only other Apartheid state in the world.  Israel. 

The only problem is that the Boers weren’t Jewish.  Indeed historically their leading representatives had been supporters of the Nazis and people like former Prime Minister John Vorster had been interned for their Nazi sympathies.  But that too is no problem.  Didn’t the recently dead Yitzhak Shamir also reach out and try to form an agreement with the Nazis?

Palestinians are just another version of the Blacks they escaped from

Conflict with the Natives – Just like old times!

But the Afrikaaners had one advantage that the native Palestinians didn’t.  They were white.  And Israel just loves White settlers which is why the immigration of Ethiopian Jews (Falashas) has been stopped and they are considered, in some cases, by native Israelis as being even worse than Palestinians.  Black and being Jewish don’t go together easily in Israel.

Unfortunately no native labour

So the Afrikaaners, being a religious people (Apartheid being ordained by god) had little difficulty in adapting their Old Testament Christianity to the challenge of Judaism.  And the powers that be in Israel recognised that there would be no more loyal Zionists than those who had lived through the terrors of the indigenous people taking control.

At Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall – The Bible Legitimises the Rifle

So the South Africans were welcomed and converted and have now based themselves in the Sussiya settlement where they regularly harass the local Palestinians.  All in the name of that elusive god of course!

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