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Proposal to Turn Sodastream Shop into Library Quiet Room

So quiet has the Sodastream shop become, that serious proposals are being made that it be turned into an extension of the local library as a quiet reading room.  Given the level of noise in libraries these days, it cannot help but be an improvement!

Passers by determined to ignore Zionist supporters

When I went back an hour after the picket had ended there was still not a soul in the shop.  I suspect that our demonstrations have done the trick anyway and turned Sodastream and its products into toxic products.

The picket of Brighton’s ‘Ecostream’ i.e. Sodastream shop enters its 6th month as Palestine protestors demonstrate and distribute leaflets outside the shop and the pro-Zionist counterdemonstrators do the same on the opposite side of the road.

Leader of the Zionists, the EDL/JDL supporting Simon Cobbs, was once again missing.  Is his proclivity to cuddle up to the most extreme Zionist racists – so extreme that they are kept at arms lengths by all mainstream Zionist groups – coupled with his foul mouth and twitter comments (some of which he is forced to delete but to late to escape us!) led to a ‘recommendation’ to keep a low profile?  Or is he so unwell that even throwing peanuts at other patients is now beyond him?

Missing Simon Cobbs, the Zionists try to stir up apathy

A number of his fouler tweets of late have been captured as screenprints before he was told to delete them and they will be printed soon.  Compare this with the allegation that it was us who were being abusive.  We had the usual small group of Zionists, Christian fundamentalists and a gay Zionist waving his flag.  I’m not sure what the Christians, who believe homosexuality caused Sodom and Gomorra, make of this development!

A gay Zionist with a poster saying that Hamas kills gays standing with Christian Zionists who’d also like to kill gays!

Either way with the pickets on our side of the road there was one WPC, whose boredom was self-evident.  Our usual PC was absent on another protest I understand.  It all makes a mockery of the Jewish Chronicle leader ‘Mob Rule’ and the allegations of ‘Hate Protests’ and the massive anti-Semitism that has been stirred up.  Especially when Jewish people continually approach us to say how ashamed they are of what Israel is doing and when up to 20% of the Sodastream picket consists in any case of people of Jewish origin.

I say this in the context of the fact that after the Jewish Chronicle began plying their lying headlines and articles, I wrote a letter to them on behalf of PSC.  Needless to say it was not printed.  Indeed at no stage has the Jewish Chronicle even attempted to speak to the Boycott demonstrators.  Whilst, in view of its record,  I have little confidence in the Press Complaints Commission, a complaint has been lodge with them in respect of the Pravda style behaviour of the Jewish Chronicle and its Daily Express editor, Stephen Pollard.  Pollard it seems is happier to host a BNP blogger for 3 months than print an anti-Zionist letter.   How strange!

I post the videos below to show just how violent and anti-Semitic our protest is.

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