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Supporters of the Jewish Defence League & other Zionist Loonies Take Over

Sussex Friends of Palestine picket Sodastream

Christian Fundamentalist & Zionist Jill Young supporting gay rights!  A lovable loony.

 I have only attended the picket of Sodastream (they call themselves Ecostream to chime in with Brighton’s green reputation fitfully.

The snarling face of the Sussex Friends of Israel leader Simon Cobbs

The tactics of the Zionists seem to be to intimidate the protestors and in particular to home in on Jewish anti-Zionists. One specimen, an Israeli, repeatedly called me a ‘traitor’ despite my making clear that I don’t owe any loyalty to a movement that collaborated with the Nazis and welcomed anti-Semitism
Jason  White’s pro-EDL/JDL site
I was also told a couple of times that I was a ‘self-hater’ and my response was that nothing could be further from the truth, but I certainly hated them!

‘Jason White’s racist site – Muslims value Jewish death more than they do Muslim life’  And the Zionists complain we call them racist!

A good example of the latter is to be found in the Diaries of Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism. But what he said has been repeated in one form or another hundreds of times by other Zionists:
Cobbs at a loss for words
‘‘anti-Semitism, which is a strong and unconscious force among the masses, will not harm the Jews. I consider it to be a movement useful to the Jewish character…. Education is accomplished only through hard knocks.’ [Diaries, p.10]
Jason Whites  site promotes a 3rd Jewish temple – he is a supporter of Ateret  HaCohanim which is particularly active in Jerusalem evicting Palestinian families from houses they have lived in for centuries

Eventually I called him a Jewish Nazi [because accusations of ‘self-hatred’ and ‘traitor’ were directed by the Nazis at anyone who opposed them and their policies on race and nation]

Said Israeli then squealed and complained to the Police who were uninterested. This week there were a few additions, Zionist thugs and madmen. At least some of them plus the leader of the Zionists, Simon Cobb, are supporters of the Jewish Defence League, which in the USA is classified as a terrorist organisation (the only Zionist group to be so called) and which is the Jewish division of EDL and an integral part of Kach, an organisation led by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, which even other Zionist groups called Jewish-Nazis.
Cobbs – Zionist leader – not a happy man
One of the new recruits is one Jason White, judging by whose facebook page supports those who want to build the third temple, and knock down the mosques on temple mount, the 3rd holiest place in Islam. What he lacks in brains he makes up for with a loud American voice. When asked how many Palestinian children they’d killed, he didn’t deny it but simply said his son did that now. A lovely example of Zionism at its best (worst).

Would you like to meet him on a dark night?

At the end of the demonstration one of the fascists steamed into me calling me a ‘commie cunt’ twice.  His details were  taken and to be fair even some of the Zionists dissociated themselves from this thuggery – though not of course Cobbs.

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