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Short Video on Why BBC Panorama Programme by Racist John Ware Broke Every Guideline about Bias, Honesty and Balance

Why the BBC Should Fess Up and Broadcast a Balancing Panorama on the Black and Jewish people expelled by Labour’s racist witchhunt

It’s a pity that this excellent video from Jewish Voices for Labour has no sound but it still makes an impact with its simple message – why were all the ‘victims’ of ‘antisemitism’ officers of the pro-Israeli Jewish Labour Movement from one, small Zionist group, the Jewish Labour Movement?

Why were viewers not told that all the 7 ‘victims’ officers of the same group? If ‘antisemitism’ is so widespread in the Labour Party surely it couldn’t have been difficult to find other ‘victims’? Or could it?

Is the real truth that ‘victims’ of antisemitism in the Labour Party are so hard to find that they have to go to the one group that has a vested interest in ‘antisemitism’ because the JLM is first and foremost a Zionist, i.e. a pro-Israeli group.

And why was such a sensitive topic presented by a racist, anti-Islamaphobic bigot John Ware?

Even by the torturous standards of the BBC and its Establishment bias, Panorama set new low standards. See

The BBC’s War on Corbyn – Panorama would have made Pravda Proud


100+ Questions which demonstrate why Panorama’s ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic’ was racist

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