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Zionist fascist Jonathan Hoffman was reduced to shouting ‘it’s all lies’ presumably there were no Palestinian deaths in Gaza – it was all a lie
At this time
of tragedy and despair and with the imminent eviction of the Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar in the West Bank, it was nice to see the Inminds activist group
in London brilliantly disrupting a Time
sponsored Israeli ice-cream stunt in Bloomsbury Square, London.
Time Out sponsored holidays in Israel whilst the blood of the dead demonstrators in Gaza is not yet dry
As a result
the Israeli ice cream PR actors were forced to pack up early.  Entertainment was provided by the Zionist clown
Jonathan Hoffman who was reduced to crying out ‘it’s all lies.’ because as we all know, Israel is a haven of peace
and equality where the only thing on most people’s minds is which ice cream
they should devour.

Shame on Time Out for agreeing to sponsor an Apartheid Israel tourism stunt.

On 28th June 2018, Inminds human rights group successfully stopped the
Israeli governments latest attempt to use culture and food to whitewash war
crimes against the Palestinian people.
At a time when over 120 Palestinians, including women and children,
medics and journalists, have been killed and more than 3,800 injured by Israeli
army fire, during the Great March of Return, when Palestinians non-violently
attempted to walk back to their homes in occupied Palestine, the the Israeli
Ministry of Tourism co-opted Time Out magazine and the Israeli restaurant,
Honey & Co to attempt to whitewash these war crimes. They wanted to portray
a sympathetic image of Israel, and promote Jerusalem – illegally occupied since
1967, as Israel’s capital and Tel Aviv – build on the stolen Palestinian land
of 9 ethnically cleansed towns and villages, as holiday destinations. In this
sick scheme they were going to give out 600 free ‘Israel inspired’ ice-creams in
Bloomsbury Square, London, and ask people to tag #2cities1break to pictures of
the free ice-cream in order to win holidays to aparthied Israel, all the while
Palestinian children are being shot dead in Gaza.
With just a hand full of activists Inminds successfully thwarted the
scheme costing the Israeli Ministry of Tourism thousands of pounds.
A promotions company had turned up with power generators, stage, flat
screen, and scantily clad women to dish out the ice cream. A transport delivery
vehicle had brought the specially decorated ‘ice-cream’ van promoting
#2cities1break project to the square. Faced with the Inminds protest unmasking
their hasbra, sharing with a sympathetic audience the reality of Israel’s
racist apartheid genocidal regime, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism initially
tried to silence our protest. A goon was sent to disrupt our speaker from
revealing to the eager public why we were protesting this event. The goon,
later identified as former vice-chair of the Zionist Federation, kept on shouting
in the face of our speaker, trying to intimidate her with non-stop screams of
liar‘. Initially the police let the intimidation happen but when members of
the public seeing the bullying started to intervene by themselves, the police
finally acted and dragged him away.
Having failed to stop our protest the Israeli Ministry of Tourism
decided to pull the plug on their detestable hasbra project. The ice-cream van
was whisked away, having never left the transport delivery vehicle, the stage
in the process of being setup was abandoned and the flat screen turned off
after a few embarrassing minutes of showing sunny beaches in Tel Aviv
contrasting sharply with our banners a few feet away showing the reality of a
regime that specialises in infanticide.. killing one Palestinian child every 60
hours for the last 14 years with posters reading “Ice-Cream Can’t Hide
Apartheid War Crimes” and “Whilst You Eat Ice-Cream Palestinian
Children Die”. As the promotions team packed up in a hurry and scuttled
away, the goon was seen chasing behind them them shouting “don’t go, I’m
calling the embassy”.
Many people from the offices overlooking the square came out to
congratulate us. They were horrified to learn that Time Out magazine had
partnered with Israel in this nefarious project. Within hours of the project
having failed, Time Out magazine removed all traces of the project from its web
site. Gone was the page promoting it, gone was the competition to win holidays
in Israel, gone was the request for ice-cream selfies. Before the protest we
had contacted Time Out magazine to ask if it was their official policy to
ignore international law and British government policy, to promote the illegal
Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem. We never got a reply.
Culture has always been an important weapon in the Israeli government’s
public relations campaign. The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director
General Nissim Ben-Sheetrit announced in 2005 that “We see culture as a
propaganda tool of the first rank, and I do not differentiate between
propaganda and culture”
, and in 2006, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign
Affairs launched an multi-million dollar initiative called “Brand
” whereby culture is used to whitewash an apartheid state founded
on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and occupation of their land.
Arye Mekel of Israel’s Foreign Ministry explained “We will send well-known
novelists and writers overseas, theater companies, exhibits… This way you show
Israel’s prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of
This latest initiative of promoting Israel via free ice cream is the
latest chapter of this Brand Israel propaganda project.
Inminds chair Abbas Ali said “We as Londoners reject this cheap
propaganda stunt. It’s perverted for Israel to be giving out free ice cream
whilst at the same time shooting Palestinian children! Shame on Time Out
magazine for succumbing to what amounts to bribery in helping Israel whitewash
war crimes against the Palestinian people! We are overwhelmed by the support we
received by fellow Londoners and pleased that together we have struck a blow
for Palestinian human rights, the message is clear – there is no ‘business as
usual’ with Israel whilst it slaughters Palestinians – Palestinian lives
matter, Palestinian human rights matter, Palestinian freedom matters!”
Inminds Human Rights Group

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