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Anti-fascist Video and Video on Albania During the War, the Only Nazi
Occupied Country Where the Number of Jews Increased

Delsie Gayle, an elderly and disabled
Black woman, was travelling from Barcelona to Stansted when she was assailed by
a fellow passenger as an “ugly black
” among other epithets. What was the reaction of Ryanair? Not to
move the abuser out of the airline and into the custody of the Spanish Police
but to move the victim.  And then, to add
insult to injury, a member of the cabin crew inquires as to whether the abuser
is alright.
Just one passenger intervened to help
the woman giving an insight into the kind of passenger who flies on this
airline.  Ryanair has said that because
they have referred the matter to the Essex Police they cannot comment. That is a lie.  There is nothing to stop
Ryanair commenting on their lamentable behaviour.
It is difficult to see what British
Police can do since the incident happened in Spain and Ryanair is registered in
Dublin.  It is possible that Delsie Gayle
will be able to sue Michael O’Leary, the owner of Ryanair because her own
ticket would have been bought in the UK.
In the meantime what we can do is urge a Boycott of Ryanair.
Story sourced from Canary
Below are two videos.  One is from Momentum on racism and fascism
and is well worth watching.
Film about Albania under Nazi Occupation

The other is a film of one of the
more unknown facts about the Holocaust. Despite the Islamaphobic rubbish one
gets from Zionists and their apologists today, most people are unaware that
Albania, which was first occupied by the Italians until September 1943 and then
the Nazis, was the only Nazi occupied country in Europe where not only was no
Jewish person deported but the Jewish population increased from 200 to
approximately 2,000. Up till 1942 the Albanian embassy in Berlin issued visas
to refugees and until the summer of 1943 refugees obtained protection in
Albania is about 70%
Muslim. Of course given the way the Zionists rewrite history to make Muslims
the Jews main enemy, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Holocaust
happened in the Middle East.
That was why 3
years ago Netanyahu tried to rewrite history by pretending that the blame for
the Holocaust was not that of Hitler, but the Palestinian Mufti. See Rewriting
the Holocaust

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