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Roy Bard Hides What He Doesn’t Want People to See on Indymedia

It seems that Indymedia UK’s resident anti-Semite, Free The Peeps, aka Roy Bard, seems to have been up to his old tricks.  Hiding posts that criticise him or which he doesn’t like (i.e. ones opposed to anti-Semitism) whilst allowing, as he did with Gilad Atzmon, anti-Semitic posts galore on IM UK.

FTP is now a doyen at Atzmon’s deLiberation where he is free to spew his racist beliefs.  Quite why a radical media network continues to allow an overt anti-Semite (and this is from an anti-Zionist not a Zionist perspective) to operate baffles many.

It was the battle to exclude Gilad Atzmon with IM in 2007-8 which led to this blog starting.  So even Peeps can claim to have done some good!

Tony Greenstein

A challenge to ‘freethepeeps’ prove me wrong and earn £1000

irritant | 01.06.2012 13:33
You challenged me to the following

“If and when he decide to email the list, if he sends me £50 pounds towards the server costs I will provide a full list of the article and media numbers for the entire month to show that no posts from a pro-Israeli (with friends in Syria and bahrain who risked their lives to provide him with photos to post on Indymedia) were hidden.”

I fully accept the deal, in fact I will go further I will make a payment of £1000 to the UK indymedia server fund if he agrees to the following:

1 allow the records of the article files and numbers to be viewed by somebody else. Not me (that would be too much to hope for) instead I propose a member of one of the other UK indymedia collectives. Agree to the terms and I will have them contact you. As soon as they have full access to the files I will transfer the money to the Indymedia bank account.

2 as and when it is proven that ‘freethepeeps’ lied he does two things a) publishes a full apology here on Indymedia admitting he lied and b) makes a donation of £100 to the charity of my choice

Do you have the guts to be a man and take the challenge ‘freethepeeps’ do you want a £1000 donation to Indymedia funds to use any way you see fit ?

OR – knowing that you lied and that my posts and emails have indeed been hidden and blocked you will instead try to pretend this post never happened and hope I stop keep raising the issue.

‘freethepeeps’ I say you are a liar, prove me wrong and earn indymedia uk £1000.


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01.06.2012 13:41
Well then ‘freethepeeps’ you have been challenged, are you up for it ?

Sure of your facts this time ?

Brave enough to let someone else check this time ?

loves a good fight
Would be nice but

01.06.2012 13:43
freethepeeps is a bully
all bullies are cowards
cowards always run

Never gonna happen

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