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When you live in
or support a state, in this case the State of Israel which is based on racial
supremacy, it is important to know who is and who is not a member of the master
race.  Religion is there to
define who is a member of the herrenvolk or the untermenschen, that is all.  
Jackie Walker

It is not surprising that in Israel, you can’t
convert to Judaism unless you are a White European. The Jerusalem Post
reported (1.4.16) ‘Palestinian
Requests To Convert To Judaism Rejected Automatically’

To initiate an officially recognized conversion to
Judaism in Israel, foreigners need to apply to the special cases panel of the
Conversion Authority.

The threshold
to be considered by the special cases panel, Rabbi Yitzhak
Peretz, director of the Israeli government’s Conversion Authority, said, “are that applicants be sincere and that they
are not foreign workers; infiltrators; Palestinian or illegally in the
 In 2014, he added, the special cases committee received 400
applications. “Half of the applicants were accepted, the rest were rejected as
foreign workers, infiltrators, illegal stayers and Palestinians.”
The eugenecist origins of the Israeli state

I am not an expert on Jewish religious
law but I do know that nowhere in the Talmud or the Torah is there any mention
of the fact that Palestinians cannot convert to Judaism.  Nor is there any mention of ‘infiltrators’ or
foreign workers or illegal immigrants. 
These are political categories. 
In other words, in a state based on race you cannot have the lower races
or the Untermenschen joining the master race (herren volk). 
This is perfectly understandable because in Israel being a Jew confers
privileges that non-Jews do not have and therefore you cannot have people changing
their race in order to get a house or an extra grant.

The Zionists, as
part of their false ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign in the Labour Party have been
targeting Jackie Walker.  You can read
the details in my article The lynching of Jackie Walker and Jonathan
Rosenhead’s Jackie Walker: a suspense mystery.  Being Black Jackie is and was an ideal target
for these racists.  The only problem was
that she was Jewish.  Hence we have the
spectacle of these Zionists, in the best traditions of the Nazis, investigating
Jackie’s ancestry in order to ‘prove’ that she isn’t Jewish.
Tony Greenstein

What is Jewish identity? A
response to the general garbage written by Jewish racial purists and in
particular to this
blog by ‘Jew Know’

Jackie Walker speaking to the LRC meeting in Brighton September 2016
Recently there has
been a(nother) spate of attacks of the ‘Jackie not a Jew’ type. Most have been
downright racist, some hilarious, all show an obsessive concern for genealogy,
an old trope of racists, in their attempt to police something which is in fact too
complex to be policed; Jewish identity.
This most recent contribution
by ‘Jew Know’ made me think (probably because I was on holiday), not just about
my identity, but of Jewish identity, of racism, ethno-nationalism, racial
purity and of those who put themselves up as guardians of identity whether they
are white, black, Jewish or any other.
First thing ‘Jew
Know’ – learn something about cultures that are not your own, otherwise you are
simply an ignorant Jew Know-little.
You cannot trace
the ancestry of Caribbean people using records (alone). Slave records are
limited (for obvious reasons). Parentage was often not attributed, or falsely
attributed. Records were ‘manipulated’, for example, especially when women had
‘relations’ or were raped by white men (the description ‘white’ in this
instance includes Jews in the context of the racialised, colour ordered Caribbean).
In any case, in a society where even long term, committed relationships between
white and black would/could not be officially endorsed/recognised another
‘father’ was often named on official documents.
Neither does ‘Jew
Know’ take account of the particular oppressions experienced by Jewish refugees
on the run from Christian persecution, for example the ‘Conversos’ (Jews who
were forced, often on pain of death, to convert) and the other Jews of the
Caribbean who were forced to compromise in so many other ways simply to survive,
or those who chose to take on a more fluid, syncretic idea of what made them
A typical example of the racism that Jackie Walker has to put up with
Yes, Jew Know
appears pretty ignorant of the positioning of Jews in the Caribbean, the flow
of Caribbean ethno-religious cultures, the conversion to Judaism undertaken by enslaved
African women who wanted/were coerced into ‘marrying’ Jewish men. There is no
comment on this – and for good reason, because Jew Know doesn’t have a clue,
you know.
The binary outlook
reflected in Jew Know’s blog betrays deep-seated ignorance of the many
variations of Jewishness that have historically always been part of Jewish history. But according to Jew Know
everything to do with Jewish identity has the simplicity of any authoritarian
ideology; you are either Jewish or not. There is no scope for variation, no
intersectionality, no understanding of the potential conflicts, complex
histories inherent in being black and Jewish, Arab and Jewish, Asian and Jewish.
No, In Jew Know’s kosher world there is no room for complexity, no Jewish
diversity, just a nice, easy, genetic (or is it religious) monoculture where bright
eyed Jewish mothers give birth to Jewish children and people have access to the
easy going charms of the local Rabbi to sort things out when things get …. mucky
for Jew Know cannot tolerate a world of self-determination –  no – a higher authority must always decree.
But as we all know
– none of that’s true – Jews, like every other people, come in all sorts.
Jew Know expresses
religious and ethnic definition of
identity and leaves no room for those with no religious commitment but with the
necessary ancestry, those who have been adopted, those ‘in care’, those orphaned
and separated from the community. Jew Know does not admit the perspective of
Reformed Jews, those who advocate that Jewish identity can be inherited from a
father as well as mother – no.
Then tell me Jew Know,
in your little, little world, what about the people of Jewish heritage born to
people who have not practiced any religion, maybe for generations? Ok – strike
them out!
And is acceptance
of a Jewish state part of being Jewish? When and who decided that one? And are
the very many non or anti-Zionist Jews ‘self-haters and not real Jews in your
book too? I think I know your awnser.
I have nothing to
prove to you Jew Know. You shame the Jewish heritage you claim.
To deny my Jewish
heritage is racist, deeply racist and you are a racist. It is as unacceptable to
deny my Jewish heritage, the political and historical struggles that brought my
parents together as it would be to deny my African or Caribbean ancestry.  Your attitudes reflect the deep-seated and
shameful racism entrenched in sections of the Jewish community.
It reflects a
shameful intolerance, a lack of inclusivity, empathy, an essentialism that
harvests a paucity of the soul. As with all ethno-nationalists these attitudes undermine
the high-ground they seek to attain; complexity is the life-blood of creativity,
the life-blood of a modern, tolerant society, the only path of progress for
humanity. Want help with these ideas? I suggest you contact Mocha Jews and find
out more
Jew Know in fact
you appear to Know Little of the multi-faceted history of the Jewish people, a
people that in the last 2,000 years engaged
and yes, MIXED at times, and very often with the rest of the world, were an
essential part of much of it. These Jewish people fought to be a part, not set
apart, from the countries they inhabited. …. Hurrah!
And then, in true
racial purity tradition you dig up what you claim are my genealogical records
and publish what you again claim is my family tree (sordid aren’t you, it will
be my underwear drawer next I presume). By the way, I have know nothing of some
of the people you refer to as my ancestors – and truth is neither do you –
though I can take you back on one side to the 15th century and the pogroms
of the Spain and Portugal and on the other to an African griot.
My DNA (which I
have a detailed analysis of and have had for sometime) is the business of me
and my family – and my friends who have seen it. As for the rest ……
have caused distress to many people, Jewish and non Jewish. Your intolerance
and racism is an embarrassment, not just to Jews but to all good people
everywhere. You have caused outrage, in particular to members of the black and Caribbean
community in Britain.
Jew Know – I
wouldn’t ask you to prove your Jewishness, I would however welcome you proving
your humanity but truth is on that one, I won’t be
holding my breath.   .
Jackie Walker
Background to Zionist
From its very
beginning Zionism was, in the words of Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl’s Deputy, a
matter of race not religion.  Nordau, was a follower of Lombroso the social Darwinist
criminologist.  Nordau claimed that ‘The Jews possess a greater enterprising
spirit and abilities than the average European, to say nothing about
all those Asians or Africans.’
[Max Nordau to this People, New York 1941,
p.73] In an interview with La Libre Parole, Edouard Drumont’s
anti-Semitic daily, in 1903 Nordau explained that that ‘(Zionism) is not a question of religion but
exclusively of race and there is noone with whom I am in greater agreement on
this position than M Drumont
.’ (Desmond Steward, Herzl, p. 322)
According to Moses Hess, the first modern, political
Zionist, in his novel Rome & Jerusalem:
Race struggle
is primary; class struggle is secondary.”
Hess, Rome & Jerusalem,
Philosophical Library, New York, 1958, p.10. Cologne May 1862].
Nor was this fascination with race confined to a few Zionist
intellectuals.  A pillar of the Zionist
leadership, Arthur Ruppin, known as the Father of Land Settlement in the Yishuv
(Jewish community in Palestine) and a member of the Zionist Executive described
how, in his diary of August 11, he had
travelled to Jenna on August 16,
to meet Prof. Hans F.K. Günther, the founder of National-Socialist race
theory. The conversation lasted two hours. Günther was most congenial… and
agreed with me that the Jews are not inferior but different, and that the
Jewish Question has to be solved justly. [Amos Morris-Reich, Arthur Ruppin’s Concept of Race, Journal of
Israel studies, volume 11, number 3 p.1.
citing CZA A107/954]
Eitan Bloom writes of how
The idea of segregation was central to Ruppin’s eugenic planning… in
order to produce a culture of their own, the Jews had to live… separated from
any other culture… the Jew needed to be segregated in a space that would enable
him to be among his like; only such “kinship of race” would encourage him to be
healthy and creative.’[Eitan Bloom, Arthur
Ruppin and the Production of the Modern Hebrew Culture, Ph. D. thesis, Tel Aviv University, December 2008].
Hans Günther, a member of the Nazi party from 1929, was Himmler’s
ideological mentor and ‘the highest
scientific authority concerning racial theory
.’ [Bloom, p.405-6.].
In May 1930 Gunther
was appointed Professor to the Chair of Racial Anthropology at Jena University,
after the intervention of Wilhelm Frick, the first National Socialist state
minister and later Nazi Minister of the Interior. Gunther praised Zionism ‘for recognizing the genuine racial
consciousness (Volkstum) of the Jews
.’ [Bloom, op. cit. p.408].
Ruppin saw in Günther’s writings ‘a
treasure chest of material
.’ [Bloom, p. 409, Arthur Ruppin, Briefe, Tagebucher,
(ed.) Schlomo Krolik, Leo Baeck Instituts, Königstein:
Leo Baeck Instituts & Jüdischer Verlag Athenau, 1985.p.422]
In Germany the
Nazis divided society into Aryan and non-Aryan. 
How did they define the Jew? 
Simple they went back to 1870 to see if someone’s grandparents were practising
Jews.  Were they baptized?  So the definition of race, which is supposed
to be biological in fact rested on religious practice which is why in the case
of the ‘mixed race’ Mischlinge, those who had one or two Jewish grandparents,
if the parents or the persons themselves or their children were practising Jews
then that determined their racial belonging.
 Eugenics, the ‘science’ of selective breeding which Hitler based
his ‘euthenasia’ programme on and which was the precursor of the Holocaust, was
integral to the foundation of the Israeli medical service under Dr Joseph Meir.
[Ha’aretz, 11.6.04., Do
Not Have Children if They Won’t Be Healthy!
‘].   Indeed it was integral to social policy at
the beginning of the Israeli state. 
Hence why thousands of Yemenite and Arab Jewish children were kidnapped
from their parents, reported to be dead and secretly given to European Ashkenazi
parents to bring up.
In Israel Black Jews
are at the bottom of the pile and many Zionists don’t accept that you can be Black
and Jewish.  Much like Donald Trump
refused to accept that Barak Obama was Black and American, hence the Birther
movement demanded to see his birth certificate. 
In Israel the Black Ethiopian Jews are the most discriminated against of
all and large parts of the Orthodox Rabbinate refused to accept they were Jewish
and insisted that the men undergo another circumcision.

The Black Hebrews were a sect that emigrated from the
USA and although a community of them live in the Negev near Beer Sheeva now,
many of them previously were deported from Israel because they were not
considered Jews.  This is in essence what
lies behind the attempts of pathetic little racists like jonny dravitz to ‘prove’
that Jackie Walker isn’t Jewish. 

That is where Jackie Walker comes
in.  She was the Black Jewish anti-Zionist
who the Jewish Labour Movement and other Zionists tried to use as the
traditional symbol of the Black devil in the Labour Party, the archetypal anti-Semite.

Te Israeli Law
of Return, which allows me to ‘return’ to Israel even though I’ve never lived
there but prevents a Palestinian returning even if they were born there (they
are classified as ‘infiltrators’) is based on virtually the same racial
criteria as the definition of a Jew under the Nuremburg Laws, viz. whether someone’s
parents or grandparents are Jewish. 
Indeed under the 1970 Amendment it goes wider and classifies as Jewish for
the purpose of Return a spouse of a Jew. 
Since Jackie’s father is Jewish then she is Jewish for the purpose of
the Law of Return but in Israel itself
the Orthodox Rabbinate control all personal affairs and the definition is much
stricter. You are only Jewish if your mother is Jewish and Reform Judaism isn’t
There is though something
pathetic in the attempt of the Jewish Labour Movement under Jeremy Newmark and
petty little Judeo-Nazis like Jonny Kravitz trying to ‘prove’ that Jackie isn’t
Jewish.  Except that they don’t even have
the courage or honesty to say that she is a cushi
or shvartze
Tony Greenstein

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