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Report on Picket of Julian Assange Extradition Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice


There is Only One Decision – No Extradition chanted the crowd and the Judge in the crowd. However extradition is a real possibility unfortunately. There was a crowd of a few hundred. I noticed that there were no members of the usual left groups like the Socialist Workers Party present. I guess there were no recruits in it.

There were also no Labour MPs present – no Jeremy Corbyn, no John McDonnell – indeed none of the spineless Socialist Campaign Group. There was no Labour Party presence, no Momentum but there were still activists who care about freedom of the press and lots of journalists though what makes it into the press remains to be seen.

In the picture above, the man with the peaked cap is 84 year old  Stephen Kapos, a survivor of the Budapest Ghetto that the Hungarian Nazis, the Arrow Cross/Nyilas set up in November 1944. Stephen is a holocaust survivor  as well as being a member of Camden Momentum.

Stephen must be a tempting choice for Herr Sturmer to expel from the Labour Party.  Not only is he Jewish but he got away from the death camps.  Herr Sturmer hopes to succeed where the Nazis failed.

Credit must go to Chris Williamson who did attend the picket, travelling down early from Derby at some expense.  Julian’s father John Shipton was also there.

We have seen how the Guardian, having benefitted from Julian’s work abandoned him and yellow gutter journalists like Luke Harding deliberately lied about him.

Anyway here is a video of the proceedings and some photos.

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