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Zionism During the Holocaust

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A Short Quiz:

1.     Was Ken Livingstone a ‘Nazi apologist’ (John Mann) when he said that Hitler and the Nazis supported Zionism?

2.     Who was it who said that Palestine was an ‘Institute for the fumigation of Jewish vermin’?

3.     Which leading Zionist spoke of ‘their common toleration of Nazism’

4.     Which prominent Zionist, when accused of being an anti-Semite said ‘‘I have already established here [in his diary] that I despise the cancers of Judaism more than does the worst anti-Semite.’

5.     Which leading Zionist insisted that ‘Jewish Agency Executive funds be used only for rescue by immigration to Palestine, whereas rescue by assisting Jews to survive elsewhere was to be funded solely by private and organizational donations.’ ?

6.     Who was it who said that ‘the activity of the Zionist-oriented youth organisations … lies in the interest of the National Socialist state’s leadership…. (they are) not to be treated with that strictness that it is necessary to apply to the members of the so-called German-Jewish organisations (assimilationists).’

7.     Who wrote that ‘Zionism must be vigorously supported in order to encourage a significant number of German Jews to leave for Palestine or other destinations.’

8.     Who said ‘I accuse certain Jewish leaders of one of the most ghastly deeds of the war. This small group of quislings knew what was happening to their brethren in Hitler’s gas chambers and bought their own lives with the price of silence. Among them was Dr Kasztner.’

9.     Who said ‘It was morally disturbing to seem to be considered as the favoured children of the Nazi Government, particularly when it dissolved the anti-Zionist youth groups, and seemed in other ways to prefer the Zionists. The Nazis asked for a more Zionist behaviour.’?

10.                        Who wrote:

‘As the European holocaust erupted, Ben-Gurion saw it as a decisive opportunity for Zionism… In conditions of peace,… Zionism could not move the masses of world Jewry. The forces unleashed by Hitler in all their horror must be harnessed to the advantage of Zionism. … By the end of 1942… the struggle for a Jewish state became the primary concern of the movement.’  

Find out the answers tomorrow!

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