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#RacistTwitter Suspends Tony Greenstein for Responding to Abusive Zionist Posts – Please Bombard Twitter Protesting Their Censorship of Anti-racists – Ask them if their ‘rules’ ban responding to Racist Bullies?

When a Zionist tweeted that I should have died in the Holocaust #RacistTwitter said there was no breach of ‘the rules’ – but when I responded to racist @lukey_stanger that WAS a Breach

In the Kafkaesque world of #RacistTwitter appealing a suspension means ‘evading permanent suspension’

These were the tweets that #RacistTwitter objected to

To #RacistTwitter this tweet is perfectly acceptable and NOT against the Rules

You may have wondered why I have not posted on Twitter recently. The reason is that the racists who ‘moderate’ Twitter decided to suspend me on Monday for having responded to Luke Stanger, a notorious racist bully who is himself suspended from the Labour Party for saying that Gypsies and Roma are a ‘nasty blight on society’ as well as for sexual harassment of numerous women, especially Black women.

This is the message that #RacistTwitter sent back to their racist @Lukey_Stanger

This is the racist that #RacistTwitter is in bed with

Stanger gets his kicks in the only way he knows – abusing women

Nicki Brennan is the latest victim of Stanger’s abuse

This is not the first time this type of thing has happened.  Jewish News ‘so-called journalist’ (his words not mine) Jack Mendel @mendelpol did likewise when I pointed out that when Nazi Germany invaded Poland it did so under the pretext that, like Israel, that it was responding to aggression.

This is what I’m asking you to do – embarrass #RacistTwitter

I logged into my Twitter account on Monday to be greeted with the message that my account had been suspended for a week after a complaint from suspended racist @lukey_stanger. Jennie Formby had taken time out from suspending and expelling anti-racists and anti-Zionists to suspend Stanger.

Its true that this misfit has a mental disability but he thinks he can use that as an excuse to abuse others, in particular Black women. Being a sociopath isn’t a pathological disorder but a choice.

Stanger and Simon Cobbs of Sussex Friends of Israel – who even the Jewish Chronicle once mistook for the EDL

Unfortunately Jennie Formby, by allowing his membership to continue without expelling him, as she could has done to dozens of people under the fast track procedure, has given this scumbag a belief that his vitriolic racism is acceptable in today’s Labour Party.

For some reason Stanger believes that he is entitled to accuse Black people of racism and Jews of ‘anti-Semitism’. This is where the witchhunt of socialists and anti-Zionists has ended up in the Labour Party. Non-Jewish racists accuse Jews of ‘anti-Semitism’ and Black people of ‘racism’.

Twitter Gives a Helping Hand to Holocaust deniers and Justifiers

#RacistTwitter previously suspended me until I deleted a picture of a child being abused by an Israeli soldier – Zios hate seeing the truth so they resort to trusty old censors like Twitter

None of this excuses the behaviour of Twitter. They locked my account previously because a Zionist objected to a photograph of Ahed Tamimi, the young heroine who was imprisoned for 8 months for slapping an Israeli soldier, having her arm twisted by an Israeli soldier when she was a young girl. It was on my Twitter feed. When Zios have no response to their abusive racist behaviour they get powerful corporations like Twitter and Facebook to exercise censorship. It’s a Police State Corporate Censorship that the Zionists employ.

As you can see from the graphics, I was responding to Stanger and also calling out the Labour Party for the death of Pauline Hammerton, an 80 year old activist in Manchester who died a week after receiving an expulsion letter from Jennie Formby’s minions.

In the past Twitter’s behaviour has been even more atrocious. In April 2016 a Zionist George Yousaf sent me a Tweet

shame you family survived world can do without cunts line (sic) you.’

You might assume that this tweet, sent to some who is Jewish, telling them they should have died in the Holocaust, would trigger just about every rule that Twitter has had a wet dream about. Not a bit of it.  Twitter responded on 20 April:

‘Thank you for letting us know about your issue. We’ve investigated the account and reported Tweets for violent threats and abusive behavior, and have found that it’s currently not violating the Twitter.

I appealed against the racist zombie who had made this decision (or maybe it was a Zionist Zombie?) No luck. Back came the decision an hour later:

We have reviewed the account again, taking into consideration the information you provided, and determined the account is not in violation of the Twitter Rules

This is one of a number of complaints of abuse that I have submitted over the years. One idiot, a fascist by the name of Mark Haringman accused me, amongst other sins of being a

‘liar, thief, abuser of children. Socialist, fraudster, anti-semite, ex-labour member and alleged child abuser’.

Well I plead guilty to being a socialist! And I’m also an ex-Labour member however the rest of the allegations contain about as much truth as Mein Kampf. Unsurprisingly my complaint was rejected as have all my complaints. Zionists can accuse you of ‘antisemitism’ but respond at your peril.

Enjoy the intellectual delights of Haringman, with fellow fascist Jonathan Hoffman

Although on Monday I was suspended for 7 days initially, when I appealed this absurd decision the penalty was changed to a permanent suspension. Why? Well I received the Orwellian accusation of ‘Violating our rules against evading permanent suspension’ (presumably daring to appeal the decision). I was told the account would not be reinstated. This too has happened before.

Here are a few examples of the abuse I receive that Twitter is unconcerned about

This is where you come in.

Twitter will not listen to logic or reason. These cowardly bastards don’t even put their name to their decisions. They hide behind anonymity. If people make enough noise, use the hashtag #RacistTwitter and hold these faceless bureaucrats to account then they will no doubt reverse their decision whilst pretending of course that nothing has happened.

I would also ask you to post on social media my post from nearly a year ago Luke Stanger – Why has this racist & misogynist not yet been expelled from the Labour Party? This racist rat is still threatening activists with the malicious allegation of ‘anti-Semitism’ all the while defending his comments about Gypsies (‘a nasty blight’_

Here you can read most of my rejected Twitter complaints.

Twitter is a Zionist Corporation – Free Speech to it and Facebook is Just Another Commodity

It is necessary to put this into perspective. Twitter, like Facebook, works closely with the Israeli state. It acts as a platform for Donald Trump’s racist abuse. Indeed it revels in the fact that the United States’s White Supremacist President chooses their platform for his racism and misogyny.

Twitter has closed the Palestinian newspaper Al Quds’ accounts and that of numerous Palestinian activists as well as that of Hezbollah, a Lebanese government party that has repelled Israel’s army 14 years ago and other Arab groups.

In short we can’t expect a great deal from Twitter because it supports the Apartheid government in Israel. However we should give the bastards hell until they come up with a credible lie (‘explanation’) as to why they ban anti-racists and bend over backwards to appease racists and Zionists.

Tony Greenstein

Sad psycho Stanger off on one

Stanger in a tweet to Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn, who was forced to resign as a councillor because she had abused people, attacks Black Council candidate Alex Braithwaite

This is in response to my outrageously unwarranted suspension at the behest of a supporter of the far Right.

Case# 0145454704: Appealing an account suspension – @TonyGreenstein [ ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1u9ttS:ref ]

I have been repeatedly subject to abuse by @Luke_Stanger. I am one of many people subject to abuse by him such as repeatedly being called ‘antisemitic’ despite my being Jewish and him not being Jewish.

Even his tweet celebrating my suspension calls me a racist and compares me to neo-Nazi Tommy Robinson. By resorting to suspension b4 asking for my response FIRST you have encouraged a racist, misogynist bully to continue behaving in the same manner.

Examples of abuse from Luke Stanger include being called someone’s ‘racist chum’

or this one which accuses 3 of us, including 2 women, of being ‘renowned antisemites’

I suggest you search under @lukey_stanger @tonygreenstein for more examples.

This has fucking nothing to do with the rules but your own corporate racism. I have repeatedly complained about being called ‘antisemite’ by people like this and YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WHATEVER

and yet you suspend me because this racist bully didn’t like the same treatment he has meted out to dozens of people, especially women

He is currently suspended from the Labour Party for racist abuse of Gypsies and sexual harassment of women and yet you act as his patsy

I want not only immediate reinstatement but the suspension of Stanger for repeated abuse of innumerable people. E.g. a Black women Alex Braithwaite. It would appear that Twitter is run by white racists who are in love with the State of Israel – just like Donald Trump whose hateful tweets you have never once censored


Utterly disgusted at you racist creeps

Dear Twitter

When I complained against someone who wished that I and my family had died at Auschwitz you decided that this didn’t breach your rules.

When someone calls me, a Jewish anti-racist an ‘antisemite’ because I don’t support Apartheid Israel there is no breach of your rules.

But when a well known supporter of the far-Right, currently suspended for racism and misogyny from the Labour Party cries foul when I respond to his abuse you have the gall to suspend me.

You are nothing but corporate racists and fucking hypocrites

If you had any decency you would investigate first, ask for someone’s response FIRST and then, if necessary suspend.

But you racists have adopted the rules of procedure of Hitler’s Peoples Courts. Convict first and then ask for a response.

Disgusted and don’t fucking tell me that you have neutral house rules.

It’s how they are interpreted and you interpret them in a way to benefit racists

Tony Greenstein

On Sun, 8 Mar 2020 at 05:28, Twitter <[email protected]> wrote:

Case# 0145454704: Appealing an account suspension – @TonyGreenstein [ ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1u9ttS:ref ]

My account was suspended yesterday and I was told today that

‘Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.’

I appealed against a 7 day suspension and I have been told that the account won’t be restored? Why? Because I am ‘managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.’

This is a total lie. My twitter account is used for links to my blog and for nothing else. I have repeatedly protested against the abuse and bullying I have experienced AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION you have turned those reports down.


If that were so then the rules wouldn’t be worth a candle however the real issue is you continual misinterpretation of the rules as in the current case. I and others have been repeatedly accused of being racists and antisemites by @lukey_stanger and you have comprehensively ignored that.

What you are doing is rewarding the bully and targeting the victim. Is that what you mean by your rules?

As Phyllis Stein wrote today:
‘Phyllis Stein @Born_2_KvetchReplying to @Born_2_Kvetch @Rachel_Cohen135 and 4 othersWhy would @twitter @TwitterSupport take notice of @lukey_stanger a man who has continually baited and goaded @tonygreenstein on @twitter even when he’s been travelling abroad?
I demand that you reinstate my account immediately and apologise for your outrageous decision. Rewarding bullies and racists and punishing their victims.
And when next you contact me perhaps the person could identify themselves and EXPLAIN rather than ASSERT why they think I am abusive but @lukey_stanger who repeatedly accuses me of racism/antisemitism – despite being non-Jewish is a tame tabby cat

Case# 0145454704: Appealing an account suspension – @TonyGreenstein [ ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1u9ttS:ref ]

23.28. 9.3.20
Dear Twitter
Further to my response today.

This is the third suspension in a year. Both of the previous suspensions were successfully appealed. The complainants were malicious. This third complaint is equally malicious. I was once again RESPONDING to abuse and if you were to both to conduct an examination of @lukey_stanger’s twitter feed you would see that it contains little else apart from abuse for example.
What kind of complaints process is it which penalises victims of abuse and bullying and rewards the bully. That is what @twittersupport has done with this decision.
To give but one example of @lukey_stanger’s abuse take this tweet of 5.1.20. to Black anti-racist Alex Braithwaite @labourblackrose which mentions me: see the antisemites & racist, expelled chums of@TonyGreenstein in @hovelabour are backing @IanLaveryMP for Leader. This includes Nazi apologist@labourblackrose . I note this with interest.. This decision of yours isn’t simply backing a racist bully and misogynist but is racist in itself. You are continually targeting anti-racists and anti-Zionists who dare to respond to those who taunt them.
I demand immediate reinstatement
Tony Greenstein

I see the antisemites & racist, expelled chums of @TonyGreensteinin @hovelabour are backing @IanLaveryMP for Leader. This includes Nazi apologist @labourblackroseI note this with interest.

Case# 0145454704: Appealing an account suspension – @TonyGreenstein [ ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1u9ttS:ref ]

23.28. 9.3.20
Dear Twitter
Further to my response today.
This is the third suspension in a year.  Both of the previous suspensions were successfully appealed.  The complainants were malicious.  This third complaint is equally malicious.  I was once again RESPONDING to abuse and if you were to both to conduct an examination of @lukey_stanger’s twitter feed you would see that it contains little else apart from abuse for example.
What kind of complaints process is it which penalises victims of abuse and bullying and rewards the bully.  That is what @twittersupport has done with this decision.
To give but one example of @lukey_stanger’s abuse take this tweet of 5.1.20. to  Black anti-racist Alex Braithwaite @labourblackrose which mentions me: see the antisemites & racist, expelled chums of@TonyGreenstein in @hovelabour are backing  @IanLaveryMP for Leader. This includes Nazi apologist@labourblackrose . I note this with interest.. This decision of yours isn’t simply backing a racist bully and misogynist but is racist in itself.  You are continually targeting anti-racists and anti-Zionists who dare to respond to those who taunt them.
I demand immediate reinstatement
Tony Greenstein
I see the antisemites & racist, expelled chums of @TonyGreensteinin @hovelabour are backing @IanLaveryMP for Leader. This includes Nazi apologist @labourblackroseI note this with interest.Luke Stanger@lukey_stanger

Jan 27Replying to @GregHadfield and @PavilionLabourIs that the same Mr Rogers that called for the immediate reinstatement of @TonyGreenstein’s chum @labourblackrose following revelations about her vile racism? Shocking that he remains a CLP Chair. @EuanPhilippsLocal Labour Chair Attempts to Overturn Anti-Semitism Candidate Suspension – Guido FawkesThe man in charge of Labour’s local candidate selections in Brighton and Hove has written to the party to demand that a candidate suspended over
Alex Braithwaite#CorbynWasRight #Lavery4Leader
·Nov 7, 2019Dear @JennieGenSec &  @UKLabour
why is suspended member @lukey_stanger not expelled? He constantly uses antisemitic language against Jews, he is an out and out racist, homophobic and anti traveller who has abused and harassed woman for over 4 yrs, thus breaching code of conduct.Luke Stanger @lukey_stangerFeb 12
I hope @TonyGreenstein’s racist chums that make up @momentumbh’s splinter group @LabLeftAlliance are amongst these expelled antisemites. They include @GregHadfield@mitchcjam &  @labourblackrose all of whom have well documented racist online histories.
Alex Braithwaite#CorbynWasRight #Lavery4Leader@labourblackrose
·Jan 30Replying to @TonyGreenstein@lukey_stanger and  @adamlanglebenThanks Tony but sometimes it is best to ignore haters like Stanger who will eventually end up hoisted by his own petard. His reputation for stalking women is well known and documented, which is why he is suspended, as is his accusations against all those on the left.Dec 5, 2019Suspended Labour member@lukey_stangeris best ignored. He is not well and has been harassing female members in Brighton & Hove for over 4yrs. Hopefully he will get some help soon but it could take a while. He’s also an extreme right wing who associates with racists.
Revolution Breeze #IamvotingLabour@suejonessays · Dec 5, 2019Replying to @lukey_stangerI think you’ll find that she supports a 2 state solution. AS for ‘obsession’. given the current climate, it’s inevitable people will discuss it. Bullying them won’t stop thatAlex Braithwaite#CorbynWasRight #Lavery4Leader 7, 2019Several woman have had to resort to going to the police about this individual who thinks he is immune to discipline because he has a disability, yet several of these woman also have a disability. Having a disability does not excuse his misogynistic behaviour. Enough is enough.

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