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Please Support the Al Tawfawk Community Centre in Jenin – Donate Generously

This Centre Could Be Anywhere But It Isn’t – It Operates Under Military Occupation

Apart from being a political activist and blogger I’m also a trustee for a charity, The Brighton Trust.  The Brighton Trust was set up by members of Brighton and Hove Trades Union Council.

The aim of the trust is to donate money to unpopular causes, campaigns aimed at changing rather than just putting sticking plaster over the problems in our society. As a result of our contacts with members of the New Education Union (formerly NUT) in Brighton and Hove who had adopted a community centre in Jenin, we decided to do the same.

Jenin was the subject of a massacre in 2002 when Israel used military bulldozers to demolish homes with their inhabitants still inside them.In the past year many schools have closed as a result of Donald Trump having cut of all US funding to UNWRA. The Al Tawfawk Centre is the only one left standing.

Our trust has agreed to donate £50 per month to the Centre. We will be sending the money this Wednesday before I go on vacation!I would like to appeal to all those who read my blog to consider sending a donation, however small or large to the following account.  We will then forward it on together with our own donation.  It must reach us by Wednesday.

For more information about the Centre see their Facebook page

We will, of course pay the costs of a SWIFT transfer which is £25.

Please Donate to:

Account Name: The Brighton TrustAccount Number: 91420311
Sort Code: 09-01-28

Many thanks

Tony Greenstein

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