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Ahmad Dawabsheh Lost Both
Parents and Baby Brother in Petrol Bomb Attack

On July 2015, Jewish settlers threw petrol bombs into
the house of the Dawabsheh family burning alive 18 month  Ali Dawabsheh and killing both parents.  There was just one survivor, 4 year old Ahmed
Dawabshe, who had 60% burns over his body.
Nearly two years later Israel’s notoriously racist
Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, a man who has been convicted of assault
on the child of a fellow settler, [Avigdor Lieberman, Convicted
Child Beater is Israel’s Foreign Minister
] announced to fellow
racists in the Knesset that not being Jewish, Ahmad would not receive
anti-terror compensation.  If members of
the settlement outpost, Yishuv HaDaat, had been the
victims of a Palestinian terror attack they would automatically have been
entitled to compensation.
Liebermann has form when it comes to extreme racism.  He has previously said that he would love nothing more than to drown thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea. Lieberman Blasted for Suggesting Drowning Palestinian Prisoners
The official reason given was that Ahmad was not an Israeli citizen.  All Palestinians living under the occupation
and at the mercy of the Jewish settlers cannot be Israeli citizens because they
possess no civil or political rights at all. 
A different set of laws apply to non-Jews in
the Occupied Territories than to Jews.
Israel’s fascist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman
It is noticeable that there have been no protests
from other parties, including the Israeli Labour Party to which the Jewish
Labour Movement, an affiliate of the British Labour Party, is the overseas wing, because discrimination such as this is
accepted as the norm for a Jewish state.
Zionists in this country talk a lot about
non-existent anti-Semitism but when it comes to the murder of a child’s family
and his own near death, they remain silent.  Anti-Palestinian discrimination does not
merit a statement of concern from any British political leader, be it  Theresa May who is much exercised about ‘anti-Semitism’
or Jeremy Corbyn, who on Palestine is Theresa May’s lapdog.
Meanwhile the treatment of little Ahmed Dawabsheh
shows, in a microcosm why the Zionist movement and the State of Israel that it
created are racist to the core.
Tony Greenstein
May 2,
2017 By Richard
Singed picture of the murdered Dawabsheh family retrieved after arson fire destroyed their home
brought not one outrage du jour, but two from Israel.  Defense
minister Avigdor Lieberman denied
8 year-old Ahmed Dawabshe’s application
for the official compensation
offered all Israeli Jewish terror victims.  The little boy’s father,
mother and baby brother were all burned
to death by Jewish settler terrorists
.  The attackers haven’t even
been tried yet for their crimes though it is nearly two years since the crime.
claimed Israel could not recognize Dawabsheh as a terror victim because he’s
not an Israeli citizen.  Note, that the Jewish settlers who incinerated
both his parents and baby brother live right next door to him in the occupied
West Bank and are Israeli citizens.  Yet he is not and so is denied.
Scarred Ahmed Dawabsheh, sole survivor of settler terror attack
further insulted the victim by presenting the PA with a $250,000 medical bill
for Ahmed’s care.  Palestinians were outraged at this effrontery, claiming
Israel was charging Ahmed for his own care.  Israeli authorities then
tried sophistry.  They hadn’t presented any bill to Ahmed.  The world
was supposed to interpret that as Israel presented no bill to anyone, which was
a lie.
those settlers did not have their homes demolished for their terror attack as
any Palestinian attacker would.  And because one of the group of attackers
was a Shabak stoolie, this individual hasn’t even been named, charged or
prosecuted in Israel (but he
was outed here

How the
Hell does Israel have the chutzpah to shrey about a UN report documenting
it is an apartheid state
, when decisions like this confirm it a

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