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Jibril Rajoub Ends Up Shaking the Hands of the Head of the Israeli
FA – Ofer Eini

Palestinian football head Jibril showing Israel a red card – but then changing the colour!

We’ve seen this movie before.  Many times before.  Abbas’s PA climbed down on the Goldstone
Report and withdrew its motion from the UN. 
The PA climbed down on taking Israel to the International Criminal Court.  And, surprise, surprise, the PA’s stooge
puppet Jibril Rajoub has climbed down on a proposed suspension of Israel from
Demonstration in Geneva Outside FIFA
In 2014 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told
Israeli journalists and businessmen that the Palestinian Authorities
cooperation with the Israeli occupation forces and police is sacred, also for a
unity-government of Fatah and Hamas. Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have,
for years, used security cooperation to crack down on the Palestinian
opposition. [Abbas: Security Cooperation with Israeli Army and Police is Sacred]
Palestinian showing the way ahead
Whilst the defence of Palestinians is anything but sacred, co-operation with the IOF is sacred.   When I proposed a motion to Palestine
Solidarity Conference two years ago calling the PA a Quisling authority, the
former General Secretary Betty Hunter took exception to the use of the word ‘quisling’.  It’s difficult to know what other term is
appropriate but I’m open to suggestions!
Tony Greenstein

Jibril shaking the hand of former Histadrut head Ofer Eini

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