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Keeping Palestine in the Picture in Brighton 2016

Just a few pictures, letters and miscellaneous things that happened in 2016, a year the Zionists began with their false anti-Semitism witch-hunt via the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn and such minor matters as the Doctors’ Strike and a renewal of the strike movement at the end of the year

Tony Greenstein

Brighton & Hove PSC’s Xmas Stall at the Clocktower
Brighton & Hove PSC’s weekly stall at the Clock Tower
When Brighton’s Green MP, Caroline Lucas, introduced her NHS Reinstatement Bill, a demonstration was there to see her off at Brighton railway station.  Hove Labour MP Peter Kyle refused to support the Bill because he supports privatisation of the NHS
2016 was the year when the Zionists tried to confuse anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism whilst cementing an alliance with Donald Trump and his anti-Semitic Breitbart friends!
2016 was when I returned with my family to the Highlands of Scotland, the most beautiful part of the British Isles – above is the Castle of May nr John O’Groats where the Queen Mother sojourned
B&H PSC took a daytrip to Southampton to help protest at the visit of an Israeli Apartheid side from Beer Sheva
My son James watching his footing at the Falls of Shin nr Bonar Bridge in the Highlands
Letter from 82 Jewish members of the Labour Party denying that the Zionists’ allegations of anti-Semitism have any basis in fact – at the end of 2016 those like Jeremy Newmark of the Zionist Labour Zionist Movement making the allegations were welcoming that well known anti-racist D Trump to power
Demonstration in support of NHS Reinstatement Bill at Brighton station
Picket in support of striking doctors at Sussex County hospital
Striking teachers at demonstration at the Level
Large NHS meeting in Brighton at St. George’s Church, Kemptown
The Falls of Shin in the Highlands where we went on holiday
Southampton picket against Israel’s Apartheid Football Team
Football Against Apartheid in Southampton
Carbisdale Castle in Sutherland – victim of cultural and national vandalism
Letter protesting the attack by Jon Lansman and the racist Right in the Labour Party against Jackie Walker
Teachers demonstration at Brighton’s level on strike day
Letter from some of those suspended as part of the witch-hunt in the Labour Party
Letters defending Malia Bouathia, the first Black woman President of the National Union of Students from the racist press and the Zionists
Demonstration and picket at Sussex County Hospital in support of the Junior Doctors
PSC’s weekly stall at Brighton’s clocktower
Another holiday pic from the Highlands
After implying I was suspended for anti-Semitism, The Telegraph was happy to confirm this wasn’t the case!
First letter for nearly 40 years in The Telegraph putting the record straight on allegations of Zionism
The Paper of Record’s account of why I had been suspended
The Times was also happy to clarify that they weren’t implying I was anti-Semitic!
The lovely Dunrobin Castle in the Highlands
Castle Urquhart on the banks of Loch Ness

A Christian zionist and a racist Israeli (Shaki) trying to queer our pitch at the Clocktower

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