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1rafah 3

Tony Greenstein | 22 May 2024

The hypocrisy of the West’s leaders over the Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu & Gallant – Unfortunately Biden & Blinken’s names aren’t on them

faces of cowards who attacked SOAS

Tony Greenstein | 19 May 2024

 International Law is Dying and the Mask of Western Democracy is Disappearing With It

JC sales

Tony Greenstein | 15 May 2024

Karen Glaser, its Features Editor, began with an Attack on her Boyfriend for ‘anti-Semitism’ & then Doubled Down with a Stream of ‘Anti-Semitism’ Trivia

Hind Rajab

Tony Greenstein | 10 May 2024

US rapper Macklemore releases anthem in memory of Hind Rajab and in support of the fine, brave students at Columbia University


Tony Greenstein | 08 May 2024

Aksentijevic’s Film at the P21, May 17 examines the Role of Zionism during the Holocaust as well as my journey from a Zionist Youth to Prominent anti-Zionist

Come out you animals 2

Tony Greenstein | 07 May 2024

Even Nazi Germany Spared the Jewish Hospital in Berlin Which was Liberated in May 1945 with 800 Patients Still Alive.

Smotrich calls for annihilation

Tony Greenstein | 03 May 2024

At a time of Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza the Communist Party of Britain is Holding a Seminar ‘Understanding Anti-Semitism’s ‘Contested’ Relationship to Anti-Zionism’ [This article also appears in…


Tony Greenstein | 30 April 2024

Life at War – Part 1: Learning to live with a constant fear of death


The weaponisation of memory in the service of state and nation

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