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Destruction of Al Shifa Hospital

Tony Greenstein | 12 April 2024

Graham is a War Monger – Not Once Has She Shown Her Face or Spoken on the National Palestine Solidarity Demonstrations Unite 4 Palestine Activists Meeting Wednesday 17 April 6.30…

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Tony Greenstein | 05 April 2024

Why did the Legal System Fail So Badly – The Culpability of the Government and especially the Lib Dems.

child starving

Tony Greenstein | 01 April 2024

One of the drawbacks of being a well known activist, or as the Zionists say ‘notorious’, is that I am frequently contacted directly by Palestinians in Gaza, either via Facebook, Paypal or even directly by email, asking for help.

Holocaust survivors accuse Israel

Tony Greenstein | 31 March 2024

Israel suffers, not from Holocaust Trauma but the Trauma of Self-Induced Victimisation.

Meeting 6.30 27.3.24

Tony Greenstein | 27 March 2024

Having Refused to Take Part in the National  Palestine Demonstrations Against Genocide Graham Writes to the Palestinian Trade Unions after Israel Bombed Their Offices Boasting About Her Support.

@Nazi Jewish sexual predator

Tony Greenstein | 27 March 2024

Zionist Accusations that Palestinian Men are Sexual Predators Mirrors Nazi Tropes about Jewish men – Western Feminists Are Complicit in how Racists Weaponise Rape.

demonstration and march Glasgow 16 March 2024 (14)

Tony Greenstein | 18 March 2024

Stand Up to Racism/SWP Are Taught a Lesson You Can’t Stand Up to Racism While Marching With Zionists.

Eyal Karim and rape

Tony Greenstein | 12 March 2024

By Banning Parents for Palestine after Zionist objections. Presumably the Death of 25,000 women & children in Gaza isn’t enough.


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