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McNicol’s Last Stand – Glyn Secker was Administratively Suspended by Crooked McNicol NOT the Disputes Committee

Glyn Secker – Captain of the Jewish Boat to Gaza


I have now been told by an NEC member that the case of Glyn Secker never went to the Disputes Committee of the NEC.  In what appears to be the last stand of that racist crook, Iain McNicol, Glyn was administratively suspended by McNicol alone.  Administrative suspensions take place when a case is that serious (e.g. rape) that they can’t wait for the decision of the Disputes Committee and have to be carried out immediately.

I’m not even sure that the Disputes Committee was even informed of Glyn’s suspension.  It would appear that Crooked was determined, as one last payback to his Zionist friends, not only to ‘indefinitely’ suspend Ken Livingstone but to carry out a petty act of revenge on Jewish Voices for Labour by suspending its Secretary.  This decision itself would suggest that the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement has been severely angered by the existence of an anti-racist non-Zionist Jewish group in the Labour Party.

Our demands on March 20th are quite clear.  Glyn should be immediately reinstated to membership in the Labour Party as should Ken Livingstone.  The spiteful revenge of McNicol, the man who tried to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot paper in 2016, should be undone as soon as possible.  McNicol should soon be nothing but a bad memory.

It was with shock and disbelief
that I learnt yesterday morning that Glyn Secker, the
mild-mannered Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour had been suspended by the Labour
Party for ‘anti-Semitism’.  As one
activist put it, we are incandescent with rage that the Captain of the Jewish Boat
to Gaza in 2010, someone whose ‘anti-Semitism’ consists of opposition to the oppression
that the Palestinians suffer in the name of the Jews, has been suspended for ‘anti-Semitism’.

Glynn’s letter of suspension

What is outrageous is that
anti-racist and anti-Zionist Jews are being picked off in the Labour Party by
the anti-Corbyn Zionist Jewish Labour Movement and even worse with the
complicity of the so-called left on the National Executive Committee.  The JLM is the British wing of the racist Israeli
Labour Party, a party which at this very moment is supporting
the forcible deportation of 40,000 African refugees from Israel because they
are Black and not Jewish.  A party whose
leader, Isaac Herzog warned
against Israeli Labour being seen to be ‘Arab lovers’.

previous leader of Israeli Labour Party – Isaac Herzog afraid Labour might be seen as an ‘Arab lovers’ party
Avi Gabbay – leader of the right-wing Israeli Labour Party
Paddy Lillis – company union USDAW – thick and right-wing
Mick-Whelan ASLEF
If anyone should be suspended it should
be those in Labour Friends of Israel and Jewish Labour Movement who justify the
murder, the torture and imprisonment of children.  It is people like Louise Ellman MP who justified
the shackling and ill-treatment of Palestinian children in a debate in the House
of Commons who should have long ago been expelled.  Instead Jewish members who oppose the house
demolitions, the removal of residency and all the thousand and one other evils
that Palestinians experience who are being disciplined.  These are the people who are feeding anti-Semitism.  It is the Mike Katzes, the Jeremy Newmarks,
the Ella Roses and all the other propagandists on behalf of the Israeli Embassy
who should have been shown the door.
Sarah Owen GMB

Pauline McCarthy Bakers Union
Although it is clear now that there was no vote on Glyn’s suspension, nonetheless it is clear that many of the left trade unionists voted for the suspension of other Labour Party members on the grounds of ‘antisemitism’.  So frightened are they of accusations
of ‘anti-Semitism’ they took the word
of Blairite witchhunter Sam Matthews, Head of Disputes, without even bothering
to question the prejudices of the same Labour Party staff who, when Corbyn was first
elected, wore
in protest.  

Seven of the nine CLP representatives including Jon Lansman and Christine Shawcroft but not including Anne Black (soon to be voted off) and Rhea Wolfson (JLM and leaving the NEC) voted against the referral of other Labour Party members to the NCC.  Jenny Formby had a diplomatic illness and was not present during these votes though normally she also votes to refer people automatically to the NCC.

wendy nicholls unison
right-winger Cath Speight GMB
We can understand that Margaret
Backett, Tom Watson and Jasmine Beckett would vote for the suspension of anyone
who so much as whispers ‘boo’ at the Apartheid State of Israel, but how do we
explain the votes of those whot make up the trade union representatives
on the Committee?  They are a good
example of the stupidity of trade union bureaucrats – they fail to see the
connection between the industrial and the political. The attack by Israel’s
supporters on Palestinian supporters has been clever, mood music to quote Len
McLuskey.  It hasn’t been about anti-Semitism
as Jew hatred but the‘new anti-Semitism’ – i.e. hatred of racism and apartheid.

The ‘evidence’ of Glyn’s anti-semitism is apparently contained in his social media posts.  This pathetic trawling of what people say on social media is supposed to have been outlawed by the Chakrabarti Inquiry but it is still allowed by the NEC which, together with Corbyn, lacks the backbone or the guts to put a stop to this nonsense.

What makes this worse is that Crooked McNicol, has steadfastly refused to suspend Jeremy Newmark, former Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, who is alleged to have defrauded a Jewish charity of thousands of pounds money and who is the subject of a police investigation by the Jewish Labour Movement for having defrauded them of money.  All this is a ‘private’ matter and ‘historic’. 

Martin Mayer UNITE
Keith Birch UNISON
All of the major unions
represented have policy in favour of the Palestinians – Unite, CWU, UNISON even
the right-wing GMB.  Does it take that
much brainpower to work out that defenders of Israel, the instigators of the anti-Semitism
witchhunt, have used ‘anti-Semitism’ as a weapon against opponents of Israel because
it is very hard justifying the torture and sexual abuse of children?  Is it that hard for Dianne Holland and Jennie
Formby of UNITE to get into their heads that instead of defending the
demolition of Palestinian homes and the destruction of schools and solar
panels, that it easier to shout ‘anti-Semitism’?
These dolts seem to find it difficult
to understand that when Zionist propagandists regularly
that ‘anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism’ they actually mean it.  To Zionists any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.  Therefore it is likely that when Jews are
accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party by Israel’s supporters the
chances are that it doesn’t involve hatred of Jews but hatred of Jewish racism.
Jim Kennedy – UNITE
Jenny Formby – candidate for General Secretary – normally votes to witchhunt socialists but this time had a diplomatic absence
These are the guilty people on
the ‘left’ who have once again voted to refer party members to the NCC for ‘antisemitism’.  What they are really doing is stabbing the Palestinians in the back by supporting
the Zionist narrative that support for the Palestinians and opposition to Zionism
is ‘anti-Semitic’:
Dianne  Holland        Unite
Jennie Formby          Unite (is understood to have been
absent during the crucial vote but she normally vote to support the Compliance
Unit’s recommendations)
Andy Kerr                 CWU
Keith Birch                UNISON
Jim Kennedy             UNITE
Andi Fox                    TSSA
Pauline McCarthy     Bakers
Paddy Lillis                USDAW (a right-wing union)
Wendy Nicholls         UNISON
Martin Mayer            UNITE
Cath Speight              GMB
Mick Whelan             ASLEF
Ian Murray                FBU
Sarah Owen               GMB
Joanne Cairns           USDAW
Ian-Murray  FBU
What is particularly staggering
about this is that it was only at last September’s Labour Party Conference that
JVL was formally launched as a non-Zionist alternative to the pro-Israel Jewish
Labour Movement, a group which is the British representative of the overtly
racist and segregationist Israeli Labour Party.
Len Mcluskey General Secretary of
Unite and Tosh McDonald, General Secretary of ASLEF both attended the JVL fringe
meeting and promised to secure the affiliation of their unions to JVL.  McLuskey talked about the false anti-Semitism
allegations as ‘mood music’ in the Labour Party.  At the next NEC meeting on 20th March there will be a chance for the NEC to undo the work of its former corrupt and racist General Secretary, Iain McNicol.

To Whom It May Concern
I was run over by the truth one day,
Ever since your war crimes
I’ve walked this way
So stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Palestine.
Heard the alarm clock screaming with pain,
Couldn’t find myself so I went back to sleep again
So fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Dier Yassin.
Every time I shut my eyes all I see is flames.
Made a marble phone book and I carved out all the names
So coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Janine.
I smell something burning, hope it’s just my brains.
They’re only dropping peppermints and daisy-chains
So stuff my nose with garlic
Coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Shatilla.
Where were you at the time of the crime?
Down by the Cenotaph drinking slime
So chain my tongue with whisky
Stuff my nose with garlic
Coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Gaza.
You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,
You take the human being and you twist it all about
So scrub my skin with pumice
Chain my tongue with whisky
Stuff my nose with garlic
Coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Palestine

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