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  1. Ian Banner on 03/03/2024 at 2:41pm

    Tony , I wish you wouldn’t be so long winded going back and forwards on matters , I think of it a Pharisaic ( as in Pharisees ) . It is hard to follow your points sometimes , even if agreeing . You tend to be self defeating .
    Some years ago , you refused to even question , curiosities of 9/11 . You knew what you had seen , and that was enough ! Denying that aluminium might cut steel , or that kerosene (Jet Fuel) could not melt steel .
    During the late summer of 98 . Elohim caused me to wake one morning , saying , ” There would be an enormous earthquake , Tokyo much affected “.
    “There will be assasination of a Middle Eastern potentate , I should come to recognise some time after .”
    ” The FTSE would rise to the mid 6,000s and remain there for some time .”
    “The bread baskets of the world shall fail , save for the Baltic region .”
    Tokyo was much affected . At the time the prospect of the FTSE rising to the mid 5,000s was considered optimistic , by Alexander in the Mail and others .
    I had to look in dictionary , to differentiate Potentate from Royalty , and was thinking of Saudis as likely . During the detention of Yasser Arafat in small section of his compound , I was perplexed as to the IDF not bulldozing and creating a graded building site , as was practise upon Palestinian properties . When have the IDF ever appeared as indecisive and dithering ?
    At the time I had commented , how could one not recognise an Assasination , bang , bang , dead ! I was also unaware of the Baltc region growing Wheat , a Lithuanian friend showed me photos of the country , very like Ontario.
    Some years later , a Paris hospital reported that Yasser Arafat’s blood showed signs of radiological exposure , which rather explained his confinement to a small fraction of his compound .
    The FTSE did rise to the mid 6,000s and remained there for some time .
    Was very strange to hear myself saying , without thought , but explained the ‘Qul’ speakings of the prophet Muhammed , I had long wondered about. With respect I prefer to grant Muhammed his peace , rather than ever shouting it after him !
    Those following and brandishing the Star of David , might do well to remember the House of Light was originally said as Dowud . Dow =Light in arabic and hebrew . Dav = disease of the blood , aristocrats keeping it amongst themselves , eg. Euro Royals .
    I had better sign off , before being accused of hate speech or anti-semitism . Although Elohim also gave me that when Iesu gave the saying about the painted sepulchres , he gained a big laugh from the crowd and sharp intake of breath by a few . For he had used a compound pun . For the Chanters or Priests pale powdered for parade and services , some having to . This was at the South end of the Kidron valley by the Southern gate of Jerusalem . Where the Samaritan and foreign workers who were dormitoried a liitle to the East , entered .
    This was the punch line to a series of visions , explaining how the Samaritan tradition arose . I’ll let you think upon Hebrew , Iberu , Iberian = white skinned or celtic , as were the Galatians .
    As with many , I presumed Iesu had been speaking Aramaic , and was perurbed to find through Library service , to view an Aramaic dictionary would require visit to the British Museum Library and some paperwork . With ME/CFS would be exhausted upon arrival , so let it drop . I later learned that Aramaic was the smallest nation of the Persian empire , and had its language adopted as the beurocratic language of the State , for a demonstration of inclusivity . ‘The least being no less regarded .’
    Aramaic remained as the language of intellectuals and reporters , long after collapse of the empire . Much as Latin required for the ‘professions’, well into the last century across Europe !
    I stumbled across the explaination of the pun in my small one way Hebrew dictionary , years later . I can’t include the phonetic squiggles,dots ,accents and smaller letters used to phoneticise. tafel (m) = whitewash, insipid , unsavoury.
    tifla = absurdity , insipidity .
    tefilla (f) = prayer , supplication , hymn or psalm .
    Fellah being arabic and hebrew for a peasant or worker , what might the Preists or chanters of the Temple be commonly known as ? tefellahs , presumably (m) masculine .
    Apparently the saying of the painted sepulchres is not a Parable , don’t ask me to explain Christian Theology !, A Vicar told me my belief in One was pantheism and only Christians entered paradise . He got angry to my questioning the lack of compassion such exclusion implied .
    Anyway Tony , I hope you are well , best wishes ,,Ian .

    • Tony Greenstein on 25/03/2024 at 8:24pm

      Having accused me of being long winded Ian you were exactly that. I don’t buy into your religious narratives so we will have to disagree

  2. Mae on 05/03/2024 at 8:43pm

    Your Hamas ghouls raped the dead corpses of Israeli women according to the UN.

    • Tony Greenstein on 25/03/2024 at 5:44pm

      The UN has not said that Hamas raped Israeli women. That is simply another Zionist lie. There may have been a few Israeli women raped, these things happen in war but Hamas did not orchestrate it.

      What is abundantly clear according to the UN is the mass rape of Palestinian women in Gaza. But that of course doesn’t concern Zionist liars like yourself Mae

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