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Debunking Israel’s “mass rapes” atrocity propaganda – Electronic Intifada

Footage shows bodies piled up after Israeli attack on Gaza school – presumably the women, children and babies who were executed were the ‘monsters’ that Jonathan Freedland said Israel was fighting in Gaza

Interview with woman prisoner about the beatings and torture of prisoners

The Town of Guernica, which was the first to be bombed by Nazi Germany, stands in solidarity with Gaza

Last week the Guardian carried an article by Howard Jacobson which argued that the Holocaust gave Israel immunity from the charge of genocide. Like all good anti-Semites, Jacobson equated the actions of Israel with all Jews. The time has come to end Israel’s use of the Holocaust as a free pass to kill Palestinians.

If there is one lesson that can be drawn from the Holocaust it is that any group of people, given the right set of circumstances, can commit genocide. There is no Jewish exception to this. Being a victim doesn’t prevent you becoming a perpetrator. Do the Armenians, Cambodians and Rwandans have similar immunity?

When Israel launched its attack on Gaza, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant announced that Israel was

imposing a complete siege on Gaza. There will be no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel. Everything will be closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly.

On October 4 1943 Himmler called Jews ‘human animals’ when justifying the Final SolutionDon’t you find it strange how Zionism gets its inspiration from the Nazis whilst accusing others of anti-Semitism?

The UN has warned that half Gaza’s population is starving thanks to Israel’s food and water blockade. The use of starvation against a civilian law is expressly prohibited by international law. However, as we know, Israel observes international law in the breach.

The Nazis intentionally used starvation and hunger as a weapon of war. Raul Hilberg estimated that half a million Jews died in the Polish ghettoes because of starvation. Your Zionist friends have learnt the lessons of the Holocaust well.

Footage shows bodies piled up after Israeli attack on Gaza school

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