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If Jackie Walker & Ken
Livingstone are Anti-Semitic Then So Are We

Neville Chamberlain gave appeasement a bad name

I have signed this excellent Open Letter from Free
Speech on Israel although it does not go far enough.  No doubt Jeremy Corbyn is being badly
advised, not least by his advisor and the Guardian’s ex-Stalinist Seamus
Milne.  Corbyn seems to have forgotten
that he was once the Israel lobby’s main parliamentary bogeyman.  His unflinching support for Palestine.  His support for the disaffiliation of Poale
Zion/Jewish Labour Movement, the racist wing of the Israeli Labour Party inside
the British Labour Party.

Labour Friends of Israel were caught on the Al Jazeera investigative programmes as being paid slush money of over £1m to engage in dirty tricks and take down their enemies – Corby engages in ritual self-humiliation by addressing them

He seems to have forgotten that before he was
elected, the Zionists were alleging he was keeping the company of a holocaust
denier from North London by the name of Paul Eisen.  He has personal experience of false
accusations of anti-Semitism.
Yes since he has become leader it has been one long,
sad story of appeasement.  And the lesson
of appeasement is, as Britain found out with Nazi Germany, that the more you
appease the aggressor the more they demand of you.
even though they detest him, Corbyn abases himself by appearing at the annual fringe meeting of a group that is funded by the Israeli state in order that it can destabilise the Labour Party
The Jewish Labour Movement wants to  close down free speech in the Labour Party
with a rule change that makes even opinion and thought expulsion offences.  It has led the witch hunt of Ken Livingstone,
Jackie Walker and myself amongst others.
The Jewish Labour Movement has sought to ban the use
of the ‘abusive’ use of the word Zionism as if Zionism could be anything else
but abusive.  The JLM has refused to
condemn ILP leader Isaac Herzog for his remarks that he would hate to wake up
to find that 61 of Israel’s MKs were Arabs or to find that there was a
Palestinian Prime Minister of Israel. 
Imagine in this country someone saying that they dreaded the idea of
having a Black Prime Minister.  This
would be out and out racism, yet in the Israel of the JLM it is normative.  Herzog also said he didn’t want the ILP to be
considered ‘Arab lovers’.  Only fascists
ever talked about ‘Jew lovers’ or ‘Nigger lovers’.  Yet Jeremy Newmark and the JLM have refused
to condemn this.
Even when the ILP leader Herzog welcomed Donald
Trump and his racist and anti-Semitic entourage to power, the JLM remained
silent.  Yet we harbour these racist
cuckoos inside Labour’s bosom and expel and suspend those who criticise them.

The eminent grise looks on 
If from day one Corbyn had said that yes he
condemned anti-Semitism, not that there was much of it about, but that he also
condemned false allegations of anti-Semitism, of which there certainly is a
lot, then he would not have the problems he does now.  The JLM is a far-Right racist group that
voted by 92-4% to support Owen Smith in the leadership elections.  At the debate between Corbyn and Smith which
the JLM staged, Smith when asked what he most admired about Jews said their
‘entreprenurial talents’.  An
anti-Semitic comment if ever there was. 
Corbyn when asked what he admired about Israel said its ‘verve and
spirit’ and the separation of powers, political from legal.  In fact he was wrong about that but he could
have mentioned torture, administrative detention without trial, child
imprisonment of Palestinians etc. 
It would seem that assuming the leadership has meant
that Corbyn has swerved to the Right.  If
he does this now, then in the event that he got into power Corbyn would end up
to the right of Harold Wilson.
Tony Greenstein
Jeremy ‘liar’ Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement
Newmark after Corbyn’s LFI speech treats Corbyn as someone who has been tamed by the Zionist lobby – 
The lies of Newmark as found by an Employment Tribunal in Fraser v UCU
Cover letter to Jeremy
Dear Jeremy
We attach an Open Letter to you signed by 145 members of the Party, Jews and non-Jews, all
socialists, who are alarmed by the treatment of left-wing supporters of Palestine facing
victimisation within the party. We began collecting signatures before the NCC’s
decision to extend Ken Livingstone’s suspension, the subsequent attacks on him and the
party and your failure to defend him. We are aware that other party members are also
enduring disciplinary procedures which lack natural justice. The most
high-profile of these is Jackie Walker and it is her case that the letter primarily
Corbyn v Owen Smith – now no one even remembers the Welsh pipsqueak
Those who have signed the letter are
standing up and saying we do not believe that the actions that Jackie has been
accused of are, in any way, antisemitic. However, if the Labour Party is to
employ an expansive definition of antisemitism that encompasses Jackie’s
actions, then all 145 of us too are guilty.
We would invite you to meet the organisers of this letter, most of
whom you know well from pickets and lobbies in defence of Palestinian rights,
to discuss how to combine the Party’s historic and principled opposition to all
forms of racism, including antisemitism, with a reinvigorated and public
defence of Palestinian rights.
Yours sincerely
Haim Bresheeth
Mike Cushman
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of
the Labour Party

We are
writing to you as members of the Labour Party. We are a predominantly Jewish
group and are writing to ask you to review your behaviour on the question of
Israel/Palestine. We understand that amongst reasons given by the Labour Party
for claiming that Jackie Walker, the ex-Deputy Chair of Momentum, is antisemitic,
the following are included:
Newmark looking forward to more expulsions
Regularly posting on Israel
Describing Israel as a racist state
3. A
pattern of behaviour that causes offence to some members
Claiming that there is an antisemitism witch-hunt
Claiming that there is Israeli involvement in British politics
6. Saying
the Right of the party is using this witch-hunt for political purposes
7. Saying
adoption of IHRA definition of antisemitism is an attempt to outlaw criticism
of Israel and to silence pro-Palestinian voices
We would
therefore like to let you know that we are too are ‘guilty’ of such charges,
not because we are antisemitic but because we believe these to be reasonable
statements, accurately describing Israel’s policies and actions. Examples of
our activities include:
1. We
have regularly posted on Israel and Palestine (and many other issues of
political concern, including British and international politics) on various
social media.
2. We
have described Israel as a racist state (and indeed as an apartheid state)
because it is one. Its legislation defines and differentiates between people on
the basis of religion and/or ethnicity, including as you must be aware: laws on
ownership of land; who can become a citizen; and the outrageous category of
‘present absentees’, which make it impossible for Palestinians to return to
their home, while enabling Israel to confiscate it. Palestinian citizens of
Israel are third class citizens, tolerated at best, and the four million
Palestinians under occupation enjoy no rights at all. Such views as ours are
commonly held by those leading Israeli journalists and intellectuals intent on
adhering to international law and the legal force of UN resolutions. Indeed, a
small representative selection from recent articles (in the last month alone)
in Israeli publications should be enough to demonstrate this point. It is clear
that any such views would immediately lead to an inquiry by the UK Labour
Party, were they voiced by one of its members.
·         Don’t Mess With Our Occupation
·         Israel Loves Wars 
3. We
regret that some people may find our statements offensive, but one cannot
engage in politics without being offended from time to time. We find many of
the statements and actions of Israel and its supporters deeply offensive to us
as Jewish, and other Socialist, members of the Party and human rights
activists. Despite our unease, we do nothing to try and silence such views. We
believe in free speech.
4. The
reason we have claimed there is an ‘antisemitism witch-hunt’ in the Labour
Party, is that we do not know how else one could describe the singling out of
Palestine rights’ supporters and Anti-Zionists in the Labour Party. We believe
that the party has a far worse problem with Islamophobia and anti-black racism,
but has shamefully not pursued such cases with any noticeable energy. We
acknowledge there may be incidents of antisemitism in the party, as there are
of all discriminatory behaviour, but they are infrequent and not systematic;
and we have rarely, if ever, witnessed any. Any such incidents that are
identified should result in appropriate, transparent and swift action. The
cases of Walker, Greenstein, Livingstone and Wadsworth are clearly not amongst
5. We
have claimed there is covert and overt Israeli involvement in British politics
as conclusively demonstrated in Al Jazeera’s ‘The Lobby’ series of programmes,
and by numerous other media/social media reports. To claim otherwise is to
ignore the evidence or to cave in to this very lobby.
6. We
have claimed that opponents of the Leader of the Party have used the campaign
of antisemitism allegations to destabilise the leadership and have greatly
damaged the party as consequence. They have done this with impunity. We believe
this to true and clearly demonstrated.
7. The letter from Jo Johnson to Universities
UK using the IHRA definition of antisemitism is one of the examples of the way
this racist and demonising ‘definition’ of antisemitism is employed to censor
necessary, and proper, political and moral debate. We have spoken to many students
and staff who have felt intimidated, and prevented from expressing deeply held
(and not in any way antisemitic) views on the brutal daily realities in
Palestine/Israel.  These are members who are acting against Israel’s
illegal actions, moved by the need to achieve a just peace in the region. We
believe that the IHRA definition is directed not at antisemitism which is
currently showing its ugly face in Europe and, in particular, in Trump’s USA,
but instead at the critics of Israeli crimes, many of them being Socialist and
Jewish members of the Labour Party. For more details see the legal opinion of
Hugh Tomlinson QC:  
We have
taken such positions because we are socialists, and humanists. We believe in
the rights of Palestinians to live free from the oppression, national and
individual, that they currently experience. We also recollect similar
sentiments expressed by yourself in the past.
We shall
NOT give up on our right to free speech to criticise Israel, or for that
matter, any other country which behaves illegally and immorally. We consider
this to be our right and duty as progressive socialists.   The
current bogus ‘antisemitism’ attack by the Israel Lobby is intended to deny us
this right; will negate our human rights; and suppress free speech and free
political debate.
If this
stance is unacceptable to the current leadership of the Labour Party, we invite
you to take action against us. If, as we believe, you share our views, please
stand up with us and say so openly.
will judge those who stifle debate and silence criticism.
Barry Ackerman, Enfield CLP
Jax Agnesson, Taunton Deane CLP
Poppy Altmann, Richmond Park CLP
Peter Angell, Castle Point CLP
Valerie Ruth Appleton, Holborn St Pancras CLP
Raymond Atkins, Braintree CLP 
Judy Atkinson, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Claude Baesens, Warwick & Leamington Spa CLP
Georgina Baidoun, Milton Keynes CLP
Chris Bailey, Cambridge CLP
Avril Baker, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Angus Barclay, Calder Branch CLP
Graham Bash, South Thanet CLP
Isobel Baxter, Sheffield Central CLP
Mary Beaman, Wimbledon CLP
Stella Beston, Streatham CLP
Karen Bett, Eastwood CLP
Chris Billing, Totnes CLP
Susan Blackwell, South Suffolk CLP
Charles Blake, Milton Keynes CLP
Haim Bresheeth, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Tarin Brokenshire, Cambridge City CLP
Andrea Burford, Leicester East CLP
Martin Burke, Hitchin and harpenden CLP
John Cagan, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Neil Cameron, Sheffield Central CLP
Caroline Carney, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
David Carrier, Wimbledon CLP
Marina Carter, Tottenham CLP
Ches Chesney, Berwick-upon-Tweed CLP
Sahail Chohan, Heeley CLP
Carl Clarke, Richmond CLP
Edward Clarke, Ashley CLP
Ted Clement-Evans, Riverside CLP
Ruth Conlock, Manchester Withington CLP
Andy Coombes, Stroud CLP CLP
Paul Crofts, Wellingborough CLP
Mike Cushman, Streatham CLP
Deborah Darnes, Congleton CLP
Hyder Dastagir, Croydon North CLP
Nina Davies, Labour International CLP
Helen Dickson, Liverpool, Wavertree. CLP
Josephine Doorley, Leyton Wanstead CLP
Paul Doran, Cambridge CLP
Clare Dove, South Thanet  CLP
Roisin Elder, Norwich South CLP
Michael Ellman, Islington North CLP
Dave Evans, Kidderminster CLP
Ismail Farooki, East Cambridge CLP
Kenny Fryde, Cambridge CLP
Terry Gallogly, York Central  CLP
Sam Louis Gisagara, St Pancras and Holborn CLP
Bernard Grant, Wells Somerset CLP
Sue Grant, Exeter CLP
Janet Green, Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Peter Green, Hackney North CLP
Tony Greenstein, Brighton Kemptown CLP
James Hall, S. Cambridgeshire CLP
Jenny Hardacre, South Cambs CLP
Clare Hariri, South Cambs CLP
David Hawkins, International (registered to vote in
Lewisham Deptford) CLP
Abe Hayeem, Harrow East CLP CLP
Rosamine Hayeem, Harrow East CLP
Frankie Hewett, Canterbury and Whitstable CLP
John Hodkinson, West Derby (Liverpool) CLP
Owen Holland, Holborn and St. Pancras CLP
Douglas Holton, Hackney North CLP
Bob Jackson, Carmarthen East CLP
Steve Jansky, NW Cambs CLP
Lara Johnson, Bracknell  CLP
Kevin Johnstone, Northampton CLP
Cliff Jones, Sefton CLP
Langdon Jones, Bracknell CLP CLP
Anita Kanani, Brent North CLP
Jenny Kassman, Islington North CLP
Dave Kellaway, South East Cambs CLP
Mike Kennard, Chatham & Aylesford CLP
Jennifer King, Dover and Deal CLP
Steve Kinneavy, Sheffield Crookes & Crosspool
David Kirby, North Hackney CLP
Beverley Krell, Cheadle CLP
David Lancaster, York Central CLP
Jeremy Landor, Hackney South CLP
Diane Langford, Canterbury and Whitstable CLP
Barbara Kay Lawrence, Torfaen CLP
Geoffrey Lee, Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Denise Leggett, Taunton Deane CLP
Leah Levane, Hastings and Rye CLP
Susanne Levin, City and Westminster CLP
Ian Lowery, South West Beds CLP
David Lowton, St Helens South & Whiston CLP
Paul Lythgoe, Cambridge CLP
Moshé Machover, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Dr. Alan Maddison, Houghton and Sunderland South
Wade Mansell, Thanet North CLP
Jenny Manson, Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Lawrence McCambridge Audini, Hounslow Heath CLP
Wes McLachlan, Canterbury CLP
Sam Mézec, Labour International CLP 
Angie Mindel, Nottingham East CLP
Beverley Molineaux, Keighley CLP
Elizabeth Morley, Ceredigion CLP
Mica Nava, Islington North CLP
Diana Neslen, Ilford South  CLP
Oisin O’Brien, Northern Ireland CLP
Steve O’Neal, Devizes CLP 
Sinead O’Reilly, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Allan Pearson, South Ribble CLP
Miranda Pennell, Hackney South CLP
Nicola Pratt, Coventry South CLP
Yasmin Rasheed, Rainham and Gillingham CLP
Antony Rawlinson, Walthamstow CLP
Dorothy Rimmer, Eccles CLP
Lee Rock, Hallam CLP
Sean Rowell, Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Joan Rudderham, Coventry North West CLP
Ian Saville, Brent Central CLP
Rose Seabury, North Durham CLP
Richard Seaford, Exeter CLP
Amanda Sebestyen, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Sue Shaw, Henley CLP
Thomas Spencer, Northern Ireland CLP
Katie Stibbon, Waveney CLP
Gerry Stonestreet, International CLP
Laura Stuart, Barnet CLP
Joe Sucksmith, Cheltenham CLP
Max Tasker, Clwyd West CLP
Josephine Taylor, South West Surrey CLP
Jean Thirtle, North Norfolk CLP
Andy Thomas, Vauxhall CLP
Christine Tongue, Thanet south CLP
Julian Townsend, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Brian Twist, Leigh CLP
John Tymon, Hampstead & Kilburn  CLP
Steve Voros, Portsmouth North CLP
Dale Wakefield, Bristol South CLP
Hugh Wallis, Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Gary Whiting, Batley and Spen CLP
Paula Clare Williams, Daventry  CLP
Graham Wilson, Edinburgh Eastern CLP
Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, Chingford and Woodford
Green CLP
Susan Wood, Waltham Forest CLP
Monica Wusteman, York Central CLP
Charley Young, Ceredigion CLP
Sue Young, Ceredigion CLP

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