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Once again Corbyn Has Betrayed his Friends & Appeased his Enemies – Today Corbyn’s very leadership is at stake

It should have been Tom Watson who was suspended not Chris Williamson

It is difficult to work out the thinking behind the re-suspension of Chris Williamson. We should be under no doubt that the decision of Jenny Formby was cleared by Corbyn. I am told that John McDonnell also played a part in this abject surrender

Yvonne Davies objected to a BNP style march and was subject to bullying by Watson

This is not about ‘anti-Semitism’ or any form of racism.  If it was then Tom Watson, a person who supported a racist St George’s Day March in Sandwell, in which BNP members were attending and then bullied a Labour councillor Yvonne Davies who suggested a more family friendly event, should put that nonsense to rest

If they want to find examples of racism then John Mann’s attack on gypsies and travellers is a good example

This is the same Tom Watson who supported ‘our  Phil’ Labour MP Phil Woolas who was removed for election offences by the High Court in 2011, (lying) after running a campaign based on ‘making the white folk angry.’

This is about Israel, the Zionist lobby and more generally support for American foreign policy in the Middle East. This is about the return to traditional bipartisanship in foreign policy and an end to any idea of mass nationalisation of the utilities and an end to austerity.  It is a return to New Labourism that is threatened

Watson supported racist Labour MP Phil Woolas telling people he had ‘lost sleep’ over ‘poor Phil’

Jeremy Corbyn has handled the accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ abysmally for the last 3 years.  Instead of apologising he should have called out his accusers.  Instead he apologised, betrayed his supporters, appeased a Zionist lobby which was out for only one thing, his head and last month when the Jewish Labour Movement began grandstanding and threatening to disaffiliate from the Labour Party he begged them to stay!  They rewarded his pathetic pleas with a motion of no confidence.

No one should be under any doubt about this.  Last September when the NEC passed an unamended IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which conflated anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, it should have been clear to even the dumbest of creatures that it was Israel not Jews which was on the agenda.

Racist Labour MP Phil Woolas was defended by the racist MP below

The betrayal by Jon Lansman should make even the stupidest Momentum supporter sit up and take note.  Momentum was set up to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.  Today it is hand in glove with Tom Watson and the JLM. Either Lansman is removed, which is impossible given the lack of democracy in Momentum, or an alternative left network needs to be set up in the Labour Party

The concern of the media for Corbyn’s health is touching

The JLM was refounded in 2015 with the specific project of removing Corbyn.  The journalist who first uncovered this, Asa Winstanley has also been suspended from the Labour Party – for anti-Semitism of course! Telling the truth is also anti-Semitic!

The situation today is dangerous.  Tom Watson has gained immeasurably from the resuspension of Chris Williamson. Corbyn has once again weakened himself by agreeing to this suspension.  The absurdity of 118 MPs writing a letter deploring political interference in the anti-Semitism disciplinary process whilst themselves doing exactly that beggars belief.

The slow-witted viciousness of Marina Hyde of the Guardian

As should be clear even to the most slow-witted journalist, the anti-Semitism campaign has and never has had anything to do with anti-Semitism.  From the very start the JLM had one purpose – to remove Corbyn.  That is why whenever they achieved one target (removal of Ken Livingstone etc.) they moved on to another.  And Jon Lansman has worked with them all the way.

It is no accident that all the papers today lead with stories on Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘unfitness’ to lead  the Labour Party. The problem is that by his continual vacillation and his refusal or inability to call out Tom Watson he has confirmed those attacks.

What can we do?

Well Labour’s NEC is holding its next meeting on Tuesday 9thJuly at which Chris Williamson will be discussed.  It is at Southside near Victoria Station.  Anyone who is serious in not wanting to see the Right take back control of the Labour Party should be there.

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