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Say NO to Pinkwashing


The video speaks for itself!

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  1. Yet another deleted commenter on 03/01/2013 at 2:08pm

    Ah, not publishing dissenting comments that you have no argument against then…ach, who cares? No one reads this revolting blog anyway…

  2. Anonymous on 05/01/2013 at 11:39am

    Have you people lost your senses completely .
    Gays are routinely strung up from crane jibs in town squares in Iran and slowly garrotted .
    Vittorio Arrigoni , ' Peace activist ' with the ISM based in Gaza ,a repressive and openly homophobic enclave , was murdered because of his gay life style leaving his partner Emin having to flee the country .
    Gays are openly persecuted throughout the Middle East but no more so than Gaza and the West Bank .

    No gay pride parades in these hell holes . Israel is the only liberal society within a thousand miles where people can live their lifestyle without fear of murder and repression .

    But never mind that as long as hatred of Israel is allowed to trump reality . Keep drinking the Kool Aid Pink Washing loons .

  3. Tony Greenstein on 06/01/2013 at 12:05am

    The repression of gays in Iran, Uganda and many other societies kept in backward social relations is appalling. No one doubts that. The question is why Iran's revolution was hijacked by medieval fundamentalists and that might have something to do with imperialism.

    Heard of Mossadegh, the secular nationalist who came to power in 1953 only to be overthrown by the CIA and MI6, courtesy of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, who promptly installed the Shah. You also seem to forget the thousands of socialists and communists murdered in the prisons by Khomeini.

    Israel portrays itself as a western democracy and uses its so-called toleration of being gay as a means of whitewashing its occupation. In fact the World Pride held in Jerusalem some years back had to be hurriedly confined to a stadium because the Jewish Orthodoxy, which all but controls politics in Jerusalem, would love to do nothing better than string up gays. Israel is indeed turning to a fundamentalist right that is little different from Iran's.

    Palestinian society and activists, because of their work with and contacts with solidarity groups, have accepted being gay far more easily. Bear in mind that in the West attitudes to gay rights have changed only very recently and even today there is significant anti-gay violence.

    So yes, Israel is using pinkwashing, just as Pim Fortyn, the Dutch fascist leader did, to justify racism and repression.

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