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Neo-Nazis, Tommy Robinson Supporters and the EDL Join Hands with the Zionist Opposition to a Peaceful Palestinian March

At the Al Quds demonstration Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner refused to join the police-approved Zionist counter-demo in Downing St.and attempted to block the peaceful Al Quds Day march on the Embankment. They were accompanied by Michael English, a convicted small-time Manchester petty criminal well-known to the police. English was recently interviewed by the Manchester Counter-terrorism Police as they were concerned he might use physical violence against Palestinians. Also present was Paul Besser, the former “head of intelligence” for the fascist Britain First where he cavorted with BF bosses Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. This group of thugs also attempted to cause trouble at the same event last year.

But this year was different -the police (all of whom would have been briefed thoroughly beforehand on the identities of these misfits) had a shocked Hoffman squealing like a pig as they unceremoniously and forcefully bundled him and Lenszner out of the way. It is clear that at the briefing the Met Police had been told that they did not have to wear kid gloves if they came across Hoffman,Lenszner, English or Besser).Hoffman, a former vice-chair of the Zionist Federation and twice-bankrupt Lenszner are both due to appear at Hendon Magistrates Court for a 2-day trial on 19/20 June in connection with other Public Order Offences.

Meanwhile the not very bright Mandy Blumenthall of Herut UK, who has emigrated to Israel because of ‘anti-Semitism’ along with her abusive solicitor boyfriend Mark Lewis, has been hopping around Twitter outraged at my report detailing the presence of Campaign Against Anti-Semitism snoop Steve Silverman mixing it with various fascists.  For some reason she thought it was libellous.  I can only suggests she talks to Mark, if they’re on speaking terms that is.

Paul Besser,  former Britain First ‘Intelligence Officer’ trying to go undercover

In happier times when Besser was following Jayda Fransen, Deputy Fuhrer of Britain First

Thor Halland, a Tory Chairman standing next to a UKIP banner – aren’t there rules against this sort of thing>

A few of our old favourites – Sharon Klaff from South Africa who very much misses the old days when Blacks knew their place, Ambrosine Shitrit and is that Danny Thomo, Tommy Robinson’s bodyguard partly obscured?

Neo-Nazis, Tommy Robinson Supporters and the EDL Join Hands with the Zionist Opposition to a Peaceful Palestinian March

Despite the best attempts of the Jewish Chronicle and its reporter ‘Liar’ Lee Harpin to pretend that the ‘official’ Zionist opposition to the Al Quds march had nothing to do with assorted ranks of the far-Right – from Hitler saluting members of the EDL to Tommy Robinson supporters, including Robinson’s personal body guard Danny Thomas, it was clear on the day that there was a unanimity of purpose and more.

Also contrary to the assertion by ‘Liar’ Lee the ‘official’ Zionist demonstration was organised by the Board of Deputies and the Zionist Federation. It was supported not organised by the far-Right Sussex Friends of Israel and the Israel Advocacy Movement whose members, like the absent Simon Cobbs, have previously demonstrated with the EDL and liaised with the Jewish Defence League.

The group of gangsters, fascists, neo-Nazis and disrupters were all cheered loudly and welcomed back to the static counter-demonstration after the Al Quds march had reached its destination. The Community Security Trust who were stewarding the counter-demo made no attempt to prevent the fascists joining the couple of hundred counter-demo thus giving the lie to the assertion that there was no contact between the far-Right and mainstream Zionists.

As per normal the Jewish Chronicle’s reporting and that of Liar Lee Harpin can’t be trusted

The Israeli flag and the EDL’s St George’s flag fly side by side

The ‘official Zionists had a banner ‘Free Gaza from Hamas’ as if it is Hamas which has sealed the border with Israel, prevented medicine entering and cancer patients leaving, bombed schools, clinics and houses repeatedly from the air, shot and killed its fishermen at will and attacked ships carrying aid.  Presumably, according to this racist fiction, it is Hamas which shot over 200 unarmed demonstrators dead at the Gaza fence for the ‘crime’ of wanting to return to their own lands. Hamas was elected by the people of Gaza.  No one who lives there has voted for Israel’s half a century occupation, so the Zionist counter-demonstration was based, as is normally the case, on a sick, indeed genocidal lie

Mark Haringman – pointing out that I am Jewish!

The lies of the ‘official’ Zionists were also the lies of the far-Right demonstrators. They both campaigned under the pretence that Hamas is in occupation of its own people, rather than originating from them. It is of course true that Hamas is a conservative Islamic group which is sectarian towards the Palestinian struggle and repressive in its rule but what does one expect of a group that was formed with the help and support of the Israeli state? See video by Mehdi Hassan for Intercept

The Zionists seem to ‘forget’ when Israel sponsored and financed Hamas as a counterweight against secular Palestinian nationalism

It is to be expected that the coloniser will blame the colonised for their plight. Thus has it ever been. The Nazis blamed the Jews for having caused their own destruction and the Zionists blame the Palestinians for the refugee situation and the confiscation and theft of their land

By their own admission the Board of Deputies has got into bed with the fascist Zionists – NWFOI and SFI and IAM are far-Right organisations
Ambrosine Shitrit and Sharon Klaff’s ‘Eye on Antisemitism’ Facebook page being somewhat disingenuous but they are right on one thing – the mainstream Zionist Board of Deputies has come out in support of the fascist wing of Zionism

The Jewish Chronicle report by ‘liar’ Lee  claimed that ‘Far right counter protestors waved Israeli flag – but later told the JC: ‘Jews don’t like us. We’re anti-Zionist’  I can only assume that either the EDL realised just how thick the Jewish Chronicle’s correspondent is or Harpin believes that his readers are as stupid and duplicitous as he is. 

Why would anti-Zionists wave the Israeli flag? It makes no sense and very little of Harpin’s ‘report’ if one can dignify it with that title makes sense either

Even liar Lee Harpin should be able to work out that neo-Nazis flying the Israeli flag are unlikely to be anti-Zionists (apart from the fact that anti-Zionism and racism are incompatible)

I saw no evidence whatsoever of any friction between the assorted far-Right forces, much down on last year and the Zionist far-Right. There were no incidents of conflict nor would one expect there to be. Israel is a fascists’ wet dream. It is the ideal ethno-nationalist state where you can exclude all those of the ‘wrong’ ethnic category or otherwise consign them to permanent guest status. There was a complete unanimity of purpose between the Jewish and non-Jewish fascists and far Right.  Both shared a hostility to an anti-racist demonstration of Muslims, Jews, Christians and people of no faith. It is not for nothing that the neo-Nazi founder of America’s alt-Right, Richard Spencer, declared he was a White Zionist.

Silverman along with right-wing extremist blogger David Collier were quickly identified by police from their Watch List and,  like Danny Tommo were closely followed  by police all day. Collier went on to join Zionist criminal thugs who attempted to stop the march – such as Laurent Kachauda, a French shop assistant and Michael English who was visited in Manchester recently by Counter-terrorism Police as they were concerned “he might harm  Palestinians”.

Danny Thomas, Tommy Robinson’s second in command, an ardent Zionist, was mingling with a variety of Zionists, including Steven Silverman of the far-Right Zionist ‘charity’ the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

My own day began with a chance meeting with one of the nastier fascist Zionists, Mark Haringman, who greeted me by asking when I was going to take down references to him on my blog. Previously he has emailed me saying that they were preventing him getting a job. I suspect there are other reasons!

Thor Halland with an escort – whilst we welcome Thor’s new found support for the Palestinians he must not attack our supporters!

When he told me I wasn’t worth suing then I informed him that in that case the information about him will remain on line and he responded that ‘we will get you in other ways’.  I think that counts as a threat (see video) but I doubt that the JC will consider that worth reporting!

Otherwise Haringman, who to be fair is not the brightest spark even among his fascist comrades kept calling me a ‘Jew’!  The only time that anyone has singled me out in that way has been from the neo-Nazi National Front. Perhaps he meant that being a Jew I shouldn’t mix with Muslims or perhaps that being a Jew renders you immune to civilised standards of behaviour. It is difficult to know what this bigot meant and to be honest I don’t care

Amanda Shitrit in my face telling me she had returned – a prospect frightening enough to make even the bravest quake in their shoes

Ambrosine Shitrit sidled up to me and also informed me that I was a Jew. I told her that there had to be something more than that for us to become acquainted! I guess this is the mentality of these bigots. It is remarkably similar to the old kith-and-kin argument of White South Africans. You should support people, whatever they do because they are White/Jewish or whichever ethnicity is appropriate.These far-Right Zionists don’t seem to get it that the fact of being Jewish in this context, i.e. why are you here among Muslims if you are Jewish is remarkably similar to the old kith-and-kin argument of White South Africans

Klaff/Shitrit fundraising to stop Al Quds – not terribly successful

I was pleased to hear that the march stewards had  circulated pages from my blog in order to enable quicker and more accurate identification of any Zionists trying to penetrate the demonstration!  I’m always pleased to be of service

Thor Halland being monitored by the Police

Damon Lenzner under arrest and looking madder than ever

Damon Lenzner – helping the police with their inquiries

Other favourites there included a bearded and somewhat unfit looking Thor Halland.  Although I missed it it seemed Thor had done his best to get arrested, attacking a steward without cause or reason.  Fortunately for this Tory Party activist he was released to the other side of the road.  Not so lucky was Damon Lenzner, who is already up in Hendon magistrates court for assault and battery of a woman

Batty Christian Zionist James Dyer thinking he is invisible

‘Mad’ Mel Gharial in the company of fellow fascists including Danny Thomas, Tommy Robinson’s bodyguard. ‘Mad’ Mel has been reduced to begging online for people to pay her fare from Canterbury.

Mad Mel looking none too happy with Danny Tomo, Tommy Robinson’s minder

Jonathan Hoffman, who is Lenzner’s co-defendant, was also present with the group who waited outside Parliament intending to disrupt the march. With him there were Michael English, the small-time Manchester crook, Mad Mel Gharial and Laurence Kachauda, a French Herut member with convictions for violence against a female Palestine Solidarity member in France.  He was reported as threatening to attend the demonstration with a gun and I understand information to that effect was provided to the Police by the march organisers.  I’m not aware as to whether he was detained or questioned about his threats but he made it to the demonstration keeping a low profile.

‘Mad’ Mel Gharia was there as always, looking somewhat haggard.  Clearly the days of being a page 3 girl are long gone.  Sharon Klaff attempted to infiltrate the demonstration taking pictures and being a general nuisance!  One of the madder members of SFI, a Christian Zionist Fundamentalist named James Dyer wandered in and out of the demonstration.  It seemed as if he was looking for Armageddon and an early Rapture to heaven.  

The Zionists did their best to obstruct the progress of the march but in so far as they slowed it down it simply meant that more people saw us, which is somewhat counter-productive even from their point of view.  However it is always good to see the forces of Zionism and anti-Semitism combine with each other in common opposition to the Palestinian cause.

The idea that the EDL, who were proudly displaying the Israeli flag alongside the Cross of St George and the Union Jack were ‘anti-Zionist’ is risible.  Presumably even the boneheads of the EDL could work out that ‘liar’ Lee Harpin was as big a fool as they were.

As even Harpin was forced to admit, one member of the far-Right couldn’t contain themselves as ‘Another member of the far-right made a Nazi Seig Heil salute as police watched on.’  Even when in the presence of Zionists giving the Hitler salute is something that comes naturally to them.  We have had previous occasions where the EDL and assorted fascists have attacked Palestinian stalls with an Israeli flag in one hand whilst giving the Hitler salute with the other.

Below are some pictures to illustrate the days events.

Thor Halland with the Star of David emblazoned on his chest looking somewhat overweight this year

Danny Tommo in discussion with the Police and Stephen Silverman of the dodgy  charity  CAA , standing by far-right thug  and convicted criminal Danny Tommo  as he harasses the Police and peaceful Al Quds Day marchers outside the Home Office. Tommo, a close associate of Tommy Robinson, also claimed he is a “journalist” is well “known” to the police. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison for a drugs gang-related feud in Portsmouth.

Damon Lenzner – helping the police with their inquiries

Gharial was with Jonathan Hoffman  and Damon Lenszner in Carnably Street some months ago and both are due to appear at Hendon Magistrates Court with trial set for 19/20 June in relation to an incident then. A handcuffed Mr.Damon Lenszner  Esq. once again helping the Police with their enquiries.  I understand that he was later released without charge.

Thor Halland, a Tory Party Chairman on the Left and Paul Besser of Britain First (with cap) on the right

Thor Halland aka Peter Holland, Dimitri etc etc Another close associate of Jonathan Hoffman, Thor Halland was also arrested.  Once the police had eventually managed to restrain him and taken his details he was released and headed straight back to join the group of small-time far right fascist losers.

Wherever the unstable Thor goes these days he seems to require a huge amount of carers –yesterday the police were watching him closely all day too.   From the look of him we would advise he should get out more.We would point out to him as Chairman of a Conservative Association in Walthamstow  with his free market principles  he is now more of a burden on the State than any  single mother or anyone on Benefits.

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