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Chakrabarti will be a rubber stamp for the Zionist Labour Movement & Progress

Shami Chakrabarti – no radical – Chair of Liberty which like its predecessor the NCCL was a breeding ground for New Labour types like Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman
I will make a prediction.  The Chakrbarti Inquiry has been fixed and it will deliver what the Zionists want.  Those with long memories will remember the Hutton Report, which Blair convened after Dr David Kelly had killed himself.  Kelly had been Andrew Gilligan of BBC Radio 4’s informant.  Gilligan had broadcast that the intelligence for the war had been ‘sexed up’.  Campbell was furious and at the Hutton Report, which was a model of openness, with thousands of documents going on line, there was an atmosphere of tolerance.  

But Hutton was a reactionary Unionist judge.  Blair had chosen well and Hutton’s report was a savage indictment of the BBC.  He found that Gilligan’s allegations against the government were ‘unfounded’.  It led to the resignation of the BBC Chairman Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke, its Director General.  In many ways the BBC never recovered.  It became more and more reactionary after this.  Its coverage of Palestine was, to this very day, biased towards Zionism and Israel.  The Blair government’s full frontal attack on the BBC has led it to becoming the timid creature it is today. 

Chakrabarti is no radical.  She has already made her position clear – she
opposes BDS and the Boycott of a State where Arabs are lynched and mobs go around
chanting ‘death to the Arabs’ whilst a fascist, Avigdor Liebermann, who openly
calls for the mass murder of Israeli Arabs and Palestinian prisoners, is
appointed to be Defence Minister.  

Israel is a state whose government includes a ‘Justice’ Minister who calls for genocide and
which is based on the permanent subjection of an at best tolerated Arab
minority.  It is a state where Judaisation, i.e. ensuring that all areas of the country are dominated by Jews, is official policy.  Shami Chakrabarti no doubt supported sanctions against Apartheid South Africa, but because Apartheid Israel is a ‘Jewish’ state it is allowed to get away, literally, with murder.  Shakrbarti is a liberal member of the establishment but she is a member of the establishment and she will fall into line.
Professor David Feldman of the Pears Institute – a signatory to the non-Zionist Independent Jewish Voices – has come under attack from the Jewish Chronicle – will he wilt under the pressure?
My submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry is based on the assumption that the Inquiry is going to be heavily biased towards the
Zionists.  Baroness Janet Royall became the third member of the
Panel.  Unlike  Chakrabarti and Professor Feldman, she has not been
attacked by the Zionists.  Royalls investigation’ into alleged anti-Semitism
at Oxford University Labour Club could have been written by the Jewish Labour
Movement and indeed probably was.  

In what was an astounding remark in
her post on the Jewish Labour Movement site, Royall stated that 

‘I know that you will share my
disappointment and frustration that the main headline coming out of my inquiry
is that there is no institutional Antisemitism in Oxford University Labour Club.’ 

Most of us would be delighted that no
institutional anti-Semitism (whatever that is) had been found, but being a Zionist
Royall found it disappointing and she knew that the JLM would find it even more
The Zionist Baroness Royal – supporter of Labour Friends of Israel and a believer in the idea that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are identical
In my submission I have heavily criticised
Royall for her support for Labour Friends of Israel.  If she had any
integrity she would resign.  She went on an LFI sponsored trip to Israel in
2007 and, like the 3 wise monkeys, she neither heard, saw or said
anything.  The fact that there was a military
dictatorship in the West Bank didn’t once cross her ladyship’s fragrant mind.  Her decision to recommend that the British
wing of the Israeli Labour Party, the JLM, be responsible for anti-racist
training takes satire to a wholly new level.  It would be like suggesting
that Tony Blair should be the next Chairperson of the Stop the War Coalition!
The Baroness is disappointed that she could not find institutional anti-Semitism at Oxford – she throws her hands up in horror at Jewish students being ridiculed 4 saying ‘as a Jew’ – perhaps she should read David Aaronovitch’s recent article in the Jewish Chronicle Have I Got Jews 4 You which begins my online world was
invaded by the Asajews’
I have no doubt at all that the Chakrabarti
Inquiry will go along with much of what the Zionists want, which is in effect a
declaration that opposition to Israel as a Jewish state is de facto anti-Semitic and further that the Labour Party is engulfed in a wave of anti-Semitism.
The fact that most members of the Labour
Party know there is no anti-Semitism in the Party and further they know that
these allegations are wholly contrived will be irrelevant.  However it is important that those making
submissions to Chakrabarti, under the illusion that it is an impartial
committee, are disillusioned.  Only the Zionists
have representation on this committee.
My submission is here

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