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Enjoy it while you can!!
The old London Evening News
Earlier this week when I tried to log into
my facebook account I found it had been suspended.  Why? 
Don’t ask me.  A list of reasons
were given as to why it might have been suspended but there was nothing
definitive.  One of the reasons was that
I might be impersonating myself!  So I
had to send off a scan of my passport.
I hope the Israeli state wasn’t behind this
as FB’s Mark Zuckenberg is apparently a Zionist.  And Israel loves to steal passports and
details therein in order to make false passports in order to then carry out
assassination operations.
Some people might recall the day of 19th
January 2010 when Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh  was assassinated in Dubai by Israeli agents.
Well my Facebook account is back but no
doubt will still be susceptible to a false or malicious complaint from Zionists/fascists
or other malconents!
Enjoy while you can!!

Tony Greenstein 

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