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Taliban bomb in Pakistan – ‘sowing the seed and
reaping the whirlwind’
is no justification, political or religious, for the terrible bombing in
Pakistan which has claimed over 70 lives, including 29 children.  But the crocodile tears shed by western
leaders should be seen for exactly that. 
Deadly bomb in Lahore targets Christians

the death of 29 children are terrible, which they are, then the death of over
500 Palestinian children at the hands of the terrorist State of Israel are
equally terrible, yet when it comes to Israel’s attack on the poverty stricken
people of Gaza western leaders invoke ‘Israel’s right to self-defence’.

A girl who was injured in a suicide bomb blast is rushed
Girl injured in today’s bomb attack by Taliban
all the 70 or so Israelis killed in Operation Mass Murder (Protective Edge)
were soldiers, contrast that with 2,200 Palestinian civilians.  The hypocrisy of the West and its support for
‘Israel’s right to exist’ as a murderous and terrorist entity is unabated.
only have to recall the chant of the mobs in Israeli streets at the time of
Operation Mass Murder ‘Marching Israelis In Tel Aviv Chant ‘There’s No School In Gaza, There Are No More Kids Left’ Huffington Post 29.7.14.  
Timothy Dalton as James Bond in Living Daylights – when the Mujahadeen were our noble friends
it says in the King James bible, Hoseah 8:7 ‘For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind’ so
it is with the murderous attack by the Pakistani Taliban on the Christian community
of Lahore.
Pakistan Taliban – created by the ISI
we were to allocate responsibility there would be a number of actors.  ‘Born again’ President George W Bush, who
waged war on Afghanistan.  Presidents Carter
and Reagan who were happy to sponsor the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, supply them
with stinger anti-aircraft missiles and other weaponry and of course the
Pakistani military.
Zia ul Haq was put in power in Pakistan in 1978 by the military and the United
States, overthrowing the government of Zulfikar Bhutto and the Pakistani
Peoples Party.   He promptly introduced what he termed ‘sharia
law’ hanging and torturing thousands. 
The previous civilian President, Bhutto was hanged in 1979 on a trumped
up murder charge.

Taliban – armed by the West
was fitting when Zia ul Haq, who had lived by the sword died by the sword.  He was mysteriously killed by a bomb in his
plane.  It was equally fitting that his
supporters, represented by the American Ambassador to Pakistan, Arnold Lewis Raphel. as well as various
military criminals were also killed in the same plane.
was the beginning of the introduction of Islamicisation in Pakistan.  It coincided with the war in Afghanistan and
Zia ul-Haq was instrumental in supporting and arming the Afghan Mujahadeen who
later morphed into the Taliban.
powerful Pakistan intelligence agency the ISI (Inter Service Intelligence
agency) was the conduit that funnelled millions of dollars and arms and equipment
to the Taliban, the Mujahadeen and what later became Al Qaeda.  The ISI has never stopped supporting the
Taliban in Afghanistan, as Wikileaks demonstrated. [see Wikileaks: Pakistan accused of helping Taliban in Afghanistan attacks – Pakistan has armed, trainedand coordinated Taliban and al-Qaeda attacks in Afghanistan, according to the military reports. Daily Telegraph 26.7.10.  
1980’s was a time when the Mujahadeen were talked of as ‘freedom fighters’ in
the West.  I can remember when I wrote an
article for the Student Union newspaper at Brighton Polytechnic, where I was
Vice-President.  I attacked the
backwards  Mujahadeen and the then
popular campaign (popular in the bourgeois press) against what was a liberal
Afghanistan government by the barbarian savages that the West considered ‘freedom
fighters’.  I received a lot of criticism
for an article which was indeed prescient.
of you won’t remember a James Bond film, ‘Living Daylights’.  Bond films are really a cultural reflection
of the latest fashion in cold war and imperialist politics.  James Bond is there to sort out all sorts of
terrorists and threats to the West.  In
Living Daylights he was the Lawrence of Arabia figure, helping the noble
savages of the Mujahadeen in their mission to reclaim Afghanistan from the
terrible Soviets.   The Taliban were the heroes.
course the policy of sponsoring Islamist groups is now in tatters as the USA
and the West suffered blowback.  The
facts are hardly in dispute.  Even Hilary
Clinton, that most despicable of Democrat candidates, admits that the US were responsible
for creating Al Qaeda. [see Hamid Gul’s Pakistan legacy: Taliban blowback].  Gen. Ehsan-ul-Haq, another retired ISI chief,
said publicly in late 2013 that instead of Pakistan enjoying strategic depth in
Afghanistan, it was the Taliban who enjoyed strategic depth in Pakistan.  

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