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Death Threats Sent to Labour’s Rebecca Massey because of vile accusations by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

According to the CAA, anyone who opposes Zionism and supports the Palestinians is anti-Semitic

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s scurrilous post that has led to death threats against Becky 

This scumbag is the person behind much of the CAA output – let him know how u feel

Apparently it is anti-Semitic to say what Ehud Olmert, Israel’s last Prime Minister said viz. Israel controls the US and British foreign policy

Hove’s far-right Progress MP Peter Kyle – his career is what these allegations are really about

2 weeks ago
Becky Matthews, an activist in Brighton and Hove Momentum, an anti-Zionist and supporter
of the Palestinians as well as being a long-standing anti-racist campaigner,
was elected by 3 votes as Chair of the Hove Central and Brunswick and Adelaide
ward.  This is the ward of Hove’s
Progress MP Peter Kyle.  Panic set in
amongst his supporters.

On Friday the right-wing Zionist charity, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism printed a scurrilous article on their web site, Just another day for racist Labour as antisemitic tweets of Party’s Chair in Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide revealed.  The basis of this allegation of anti-Semitism were two tweets. 

The CAA insist that the Israel lobby is a ‘misnomer’ – ‘she means a ‘Jewish lobby’ in other words Israel/Zionist=Jew.  Strangely the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee describes itself as America’s bipartisan pro-Israel lobby’ – strange that!!

Cllr. Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn – her only talent is a willingness to stab fellow Labour members in the back
Fascist Fitch – Cllr Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn’s housemate

One was a well
researched article by Asa Winstanley on the Electronic Intifada web site How Israel lobby
manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis
As the title says, it shows how the
allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party after Jeremy Corbyn was
elected Leader were manufactured by the Zionist lobby and its allies, including
as we now know from the Al Jazeera programmes, The Lobby, the Israeli
Embassy.  The article shows for example how
early allegations against Vicky Kirby, who had allegedly tweeted about Jews having
‘big noses’ were entirely false.  She was
in fact tweeting the script from a satirical play, Infidels,
which was written by a Jewish playwright, David Badiel.  Guido Fawkes, the Tory blogger, had
photoshopped her tweets and this was picked up by the mainstream media and
other assorted liars.
Greg Hadfield, himself suspended on bogus charges, announces Becky’s triumph which sent the libellers and defamers wild with fear
The other
heinous offence of Becky was to tweet a comment to an article Corbyn’s Victory
Could Make Israel a Partisan Issue in British Politics
in Israel’s Ha’aretz
by Anshel Pfeffer, of September 12th 2015, was ‘an interesting insight into how Israel has Tory and Labour parties
under control’
.  This isn’t a
conclusion I would draw from reading the article which was more of a potted
history of how Labour and the Tory party, up to the expected victory of Corbyn in
the Labour leadership elections had been pro-Israel/Zionist.  Nonetheless it was a valid interpretation to
make.  There is nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic
about either of her tweets.
Caplin was busy tweeting his normal racist rubbish
War criminal and Junior Defence Minister at the time of Iraq War – Ivor Caplin
Israeli politicians
themselves and their well-funded lobbies like AIPAC claim that they can control
American foreign policy.  Israeli Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert made exactly this claim when he said that he had forced
Condoleeza Rice, the Secretary of State, to abstain in a UN vote.  Olmert
Says He Made Rice Change Vote
made a very good attempt to exert control of US foreign policy last year when
he flew to the US to address Congress as to why it shouldn’t endorse Obama’s
Iran agreement. 
unpopular in Brighton & Hove – Crask is always willing to accuse others of his own sins
I consider Becky
Matthews a good and close friend.  I have
stood with her on anti-fascist and anti-racist demonstrations, I can  honestly say she hasn’t got a racist bone in
her body.  Her detractors are people who
wouldn’t be seen dead on a refugee demonstration or in opposition to the
English Defence League.  It is those who
make vile accusations of racism against sincere anti-racists who should hang
their heads in shame.  First and foremost
the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which was formed at the height of Israel’s
murderous war on Gaza when over 500 Palestinian children were murdered by Israel’s
intense bombardment of the defenceless Palestinian population in the summer of
2014.  It has unbelievably been
registered as a charity.  It is a Zionist
political propaganda group, consisting of 3 people, who put out a volley of
abuse against mainly labour and left-wing supporters of the Palestinians
alleging anti-Semitism.  There is nothing
charitable about it and it offers no public benefit, which is the test of a
There is no
doubt that the digging up of an 18 month old tweet served one purpose and one
purpose alone.  It was to shore up the
increasingly shaky position of Labour’s far-right Hove MP Peter Kyle.  A man who supported the bombing of Syria, who
supported Blair’s war in Iraq and who opposed Caroline Lucas’s Reinstatement of
the NHS Bill last year because he is in favour of the involvement of the
private sector in the NHS.  I can
remember, when hearing about his victory in Hove in 2015 over the Tory
candidate by 700 votes remarking that the most right-wing candidate had won!
Apparently it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to accuse Chuku Umunna of  conflating Zionism and being Jewish!  the absurd Alice in the Wonderland position of the CAA – anything we disagree with is anti-Semitic
Suffice to say
his supporters have been tweeting and retweeting the CAA’s libellous accusations.  Why? 
Because the AGM of the newly established Hove Labour Party was due to be
held tomorrow.  Kyle feared that his
supporters would lose control over Hove Labour Party and that the continuation
of his career as a Labour/Tory MP might be in jeopardy.
Cllr. Cattell  known for being a few sandwiches short of a picnic
Cllr. Julie Cattell combines a viperous tongue and stupidity in equal measure
Amongst the
retweeters were former junior Defence Secretary at the time of the Iraq War and
war criminal Ivor Caplin @ivorcaplin (reputedly an ex-partner of
Kyle) and Progress Councillors Julie Cattell @cooljool80 and Caroline ‘Poison’
Penn @thepennydrops and @CllrCaroline.  Poison Penn despite her opposition to anti-Semitism
allowed BNP supporter Fascist Fitch to use her address for Labour Party registration
purposes.   See Revealed:
The anti-Corbyn “moderate” in Brighton and Hove who stands accused of the
hate-crime against Seema Chandwani
Another of the
mockers and defamers was Edward Crask @edwardcrask, who stood for Treasurer of
Brighton District Labour Party last July and lost only to have the election result
annulled.  Never a popular figure he
stood as delegate to Hove General Committee coming 31st in the
elections for 30 places!  Nonetheless the
Zionist Jewish Labour Movement found him a place. 
Ralli Hall objects to ‘anti-Semitic’ supporters of the Palestinians but has no problems with advocates of rape
The Hove AGM was
cancelled because the Jewish communal centre, Ralli
, where the meeting was supposed to take place, unilaterally terminated
the booking.  This is the same Ralli Hall
which staged a meeting 18 months ago featuring Professor Mordechai Kedar of Israel’s
religious University Bar Ilan.  Kedar is
a retired colonel in the Israeli army.  See
Zionist Federation and Sussex Friends of Israel Invite an Advocate of Rape to
The CAA particularly didn’t like Becky’s defence of Ken Livingstone
is famous for his advocacy of rape against Palestinian women as a weapon of
war.  Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper in
an article Israeli
Professor’s ‘Rape as Terror Deterrent’
Statement Draws Ire
quoted him as saying that:  ‘‘The only thing that deters a suicide bomber
is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister
will be raped’.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign picketed the meeting.  Many Jewish venues, including schools and
synagogues, such as Finchley, cancelled their meetings when Kedar’s comments
became known.  Even the Board of Deputies
of British Jews dissociated themselves from Kedar but not Ralli Hall, which was
quite happy for the rally to go ahead.  Their
cancellation of the Hove AGM smacks of utter hypocrisy and Labour should never
use this venue again.
As a consequence of the activities of Kyle’s
supporters, Becky Matthews has received death threats and has referred these to
the Police, as well as making a complaint to the Charity Commission about the
scurrilous article on the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism website.

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