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Despite the headlines – Anti-Semitism in Britain is DECLINING not increasing

A decline in anti-Semitism doesn’t serve Zionist interests

A very useful comment by Alan Maddison below.  The salient points are:
  1. Anti-Semitism represents around 1.5% of reported Hate Crimes in the UK.
  2. Evidence of the inflated and tendetious nature of the CST report is that only 8% of claimed incidents are violent compared to the normal ratio for hate crimes of one-third.
  3. One in four hate crime assaults lead to injury compared to none, either this year or last year, in the CST reports.  It clearly suggests that what is counted as an assault is trivial.
This suggests that in comparison with other hate crime incidents, the actual level of incidents in the CST Report are about one-quarter of those claimed.  To include social media posts is absurd, as the CST itself recognises when it counts as a single incident multiple broadcasts by the same outlet.  Social media attacks if actually counted would simply swamp any meaningful statistics given the level of racist tweets and FB comments and posts.  They are on a completely different level from actual verbal abuse or assault.
Anti-semitism is a marginal prejudice compared to racism against Muslims and Roma in most countries
More fake news from Stephen Pollard’s Jewish Chronicle

Pollard replies to Jonathan Freedland defending Michal Kaminski
The Community Security Trust, an overtly
organisation, that works closely with Mossad, Israel’s MI6, compiles
annual and 6 monthly reports of the incidence of anti-Semitism.  Its figures often differ widely from those of
the Police and are subjective.  They are based
to a large extent on self-reporting, social media posts and an ingrained
Zionist political assumptions that opposition to Israel is inherently
The Zionist Communist Security Trust’s latest bogus offerings – complete with two helpfully placed display boards
Their latest Report  ANTISEMITIC
INCIDENTS – January–June 2017
, comes with a photo in some junkyard in
Suffolk with a Star of David and the word ‘Die’ underneath side by side with a
swastika.  Presumably the purpose behind
this photo is to persuade us that this is a common phenomenon in most junkyards
and industrial wasteyards in Britain!
We are breathlessly told that the
number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain from January to June 2016 compared
to the previous period has leapt from 589 to 767.  Anti-Semitism, like all forms of racism,
should be condemned.  But the deliberate
inflating of anti-Semitism, the political use of false accusations of
anti-Semitism in order to deflect criticism of Israel, are equally
appalling.  Zionism redefines anti-Zionism
as anti-Semitism at the same time as ignoring genuine anti-Semitism.
A government poster in Hungary attacking George Soros – graffiti says ‘stinking Jew’
We are told in the 2017 report
that CST recorded 425
antisemitic incidents in Greater London, a rise of 10 per cent from the 387 incidents
recorded in Greater London during the same period in 2016.  There are no comparisons with Police
statistics but given the wide disparity between recorded crime incidents and
the CST figures in previous years we should take the CST statistics with a
hefty pinch of salt. 
An example of Zionist anti-Semitism directed at anti-Zionist Jews – CST won’t record any such incidents
In the Independent of 29.12.15. we learn that Anti-Semitic
attacks in London soar by 60 per cent in 2015
.  ‘Between November 2014 and November
2015, a total of 483 such crimes were committed, up from 299 during the same
period in the previous year.’  Although they
say crimes were committed we are not told what the number of convictions are.
Compare this to the 2014
CST Incident Report
the CST recorded 583
antisemitic incidents in Greater London in 2014.  Compare this to the Police figures of 299,
almost double.
The Independent goes from bad to worse as it accepts the CST Report uncritically
to the 2015 CST Incidents Report there were 472 incidents compared to 483
police recorded crimes so it would appear that the 2015 figures bore some
relationship to the facts.  (in the 2016
CST Incidents Report
the figure jumps from 472 to 494).
2016 the CST record the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Greater London as
813, a significant increase but how reliable are they?  The comparable Police figures are not
available but I suggest that they are a mixed bag consisting of some
anti-Semitic incidents coupled with a lot of padding to make the figures look
good (in Zionist parlance an increase in anti-Semitism is always good because
it demonstrates that the only place Jews aren’t under attack is Israel). 
The true face of  Zionist anti-Semitism
let us pretend that the CST figures are true. 
Then the question is how many of the incidents arise from the actions of
Israel?  After all Zionist and Jewish
organisations in Britain go out of their way to say that British Jews support the
actions of Israel against the Palestinians. 
They spend their time defending the indefensible in the name of British
Jews.  Is it any wonder that some people
take them at their word? 
is ironic that the main cause of what is termed anti-Semitism in Britain today
is the so-called Jewish state.  This is
not anti-Semitism, it consists is mainly of stupid reactions to the claims of Zionist
organisations that British Jews fully supports Israel’s criminal  actions. 
Since the CST fully supports the idea that British Jews are fully behind
Israel’s crimes what they are effectively measuring is the efficacy of their
and their fellow Zionists actions.  Israel
claims it represents all Jews, not just its own Jewish citizens but all Jews worldwide.  Netanyahu describes himself as the Prime
Minister of all Jews.  Why shouldn’t some
people take what the Zionists say to be true? 
Israel is, after all a Jewish State.
the Zionists, the CST including, anything to do with support of the Palestinians
or opposition to Zionism is automatically ‘anti-Semitic’.  The attacks on Palestine Expo 2017 this month
described it as a ‘Jewish hate fest’ – a massive gathering of some 17,000
people that included numerous Jewish speakers as well as people like John
The Community Security Organisation, which changed its name to the CST, also sees as one of its tasks the removal of anti-Zionist Jews from communal functions – in this case they went to far removing members of Mapam, the fake Zionist leftists
Rich, the CST’s Deputy Director of Communications, brought out a book last year
entitled ‘The Left’s Jewish Problem’.  As
describes it
‘Rich traces the origin of contemporary left-wing
anti-Semitic anti-Israel rhetoric to the early 1970s, when Peter Hain
and Louis Eakes of the Young Liberals wing of the British Liberal Party reconceptualized the
national liberation movement of the Jewish people as an imperialist project imposing
on an indigenous people.
fact that a senior officer of the CST can seriously describe a settler colonial
movement (which is how historically Zionism described itself) as a ‘national
liberation movement of the Jewish people’ (when did change of description
occur) is illustrative of the CST’s political problems.  Historically anti-fascist and socialists Jews
always rejected the Zionist alliance with British imperialism.
the Zionists anything smacking of the term Palestine is automatically
anti-Semitic.  The fact is that most ‘anti-Semitism’
in Britain is a reaction to solidarity with the victims of Zionist settler
colonialism and that is the main purpose of these fake news figures.
Those who cry ‘anti-Semitism’ at
the drop of a hat are not only legitimising genuine anti-Semitism (because
people find it difficult to distinguish between genuine anti-Semitism and the
false Zionist variety) but they display their contempt for Jews who were the
real victims of anti-Semitism. 
If you want to know what
anti-Semitism really was like you could do worse than read ‘The
Crime and the Silence’
by Anna Bikont. 
This was a book about what happened in the town of Jedwabne on July 10
1941 in a town made up of 40% Jews.  Some
of their Polish neighbours herded up to 1600 Jews into a barn which was then
set ablaze.  It wasn’t even done at the
instigation of the Nazis but by their own neighbours and activists in the Polish
Nationalist Party (Endeks).
The Polish anti-Semite Michal Kaminski speaking at Israel’s security conference in Herzliya
Nor was this the only such crime
of this nature.  In nearby Radzilow,
three days before Jedwabne, the whole population was rounded up and
burned.  In 2001, a book by Jan Tomasz Gross,
Neighbours, revealed what had happened in Jedwabne.  The Polish government under President Aleksander
Kwasniewski reacted by apologising and under much criticism held a memorial
meeting in Jedwabne and erected a monument to those murdered on the 60th
anniversary of the massacre. 
At the same time, in Jedwabne
itself, led by its Catholic priest Father Orlowski and Bishop Stefanek, there
was formed a Committee to Defend the Good Name of Jedwabne.  Its purpose being to defend those who took
part in the murder of its Jews.  They pretended
that it was the Nazis who carried out the massacre and also claimed that in any
event the Jews had brought it on themselves by collaborating with the Russian
troops when they invaded Western Poland and Jedwabne between 1939 and 1941.
To cite on typical incident from
the book:
‘In August 1937, 65 violent anti-Jewish incidents were
noted in the Bialystock region…. on August 19 during a market in the hamlet
of Sniadowo a crowd shouting ‘Jews to Palestine’ and ‘There’s no room for you
in Poland’ drove away tradesmen.  The
fleeing Jews were thrashed with whips and one of them was hit on the head with
a post.’ (p.44) 
Marek Edelman ‘the last living leader off the Warsaw Ghetto
and a leader of the socialist 
and anti-Zionist Bund described how ‘Jedwabne
was not the first case nor was it an isolated one.  In Poland at that time the mood was ripe for
killing Jews.’
(p.9)   It wasn’t all
Poles by any means, even in the Endek dominated
Jedwabne.  Many Poles were horrified by
what happened.  Edelman describes how in
Warsaw maybe 100,000 Poles were involved in hiding and protecting the Jews, but
nonetheless there was real murderous anti-Semitism even before the Nazi
invasion, driven by the anti-communism of the Nationalist Right.
Polish anti-Semite Michal Kaminski having a friendly chat with Israel’s Ambassador to the UK Ron Prossor
In 2001 the far-Right Law and
Justice Party, a racist and often anti-Semitic party, which is now in
government in Poland opposed a national apology for Jedwabne.  Dr Rafal Pankowski, a member of the Never
Again Association and author of The Populist Radical Right in Poland
described the role played by Law and Justice Party MP for  the area of Jedwabne, Michal Kaminski
“As a
local MP, Kaminski played a key role in the campaign questioning the Polish
responsibility for the Jedwabne massacre. The campaign had strongly antisemitic
In an interview with the nationalist Nasza Polska
newspaper in March 2001 Kaminski argued that, ‘while the massacre could not be
defended, Poles should not apologise for what they did until Jews apologised to
them for their actions which had included “murdering Poles”.’  Is
Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Tories in Europe?
 Can you imagine?  Kaminski said that those Polish Jews, the
perhaps 5% out of 3.3 million who survived the Holocaust should apologise to
those who had acted as their executioners?
only did Kaminski chair the European Conservative Reform group in the European
parliament, which the Tories had just joined, he was defended by people such as
the current Chair of Conservative Friends of Israel, Eric Pickles.  He was also defended by leading Zionists in
the Jewish Leadership Council and not least by Stephen Pollard, the racist who
editor of the Jewish Chronicle.  Pollard
is another who is very hot on ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party.
penned an article for the Guardian (9.10.09.) titled ‘Poland’s
Kaminski is not an anti-Semite – he’s a friend to Jews
.’  Even Pollard had to admit that Kaminski as a
15 year old joined The National Rebirth of Poland which was ‘virulently anti-Semitic and neofascist’.  Nonetheless Kaminski was a ‘friend to the
Jews’.  why?  Because he was a supporter of Israel in Brussels where ‘visceral loathing of Israel are rife.’  In other words his support of Israel and
Zionism excused his virulent anti-Semitism. 
In the same article Pollard defended the Latvian MEP Robert Zile who every
goesMarch on a march with the veterans of the Latvian Waffen SS.
None of this should be of any surprise. 
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has just returned from a visit to
Hungary to greet his friend Viktor Orban, who when not demonising Muslim
immigrants is busy rehabilitating the pro-Nazi leader of war-time Hungary who
presided over the deportation of 437,000 Jews to Auschwitz.  See Israel’s
love-in with Hungary’s anti-Semites exposes the ugly core of Zionism
.  Indeed Netanyahu and the Zionists joined in
with Orban’s anti-Semitic attacks on George Soros, who is held by the fascist
and racist Right to be the archetypal figure of the International Jewish

Even some liberal Zionists began to find out with
the ascent to power of Donald Trump and his chief aide, Steve Bannon, ex-CEO of
Breitbart News, that being an anti-Semite and a Zionist are quite compatible.  Naomi Zeveloff in Forward
15.11.16 How
Steve Bannon and Breitbart News Can Be Pro-Israel — and Anti-Semitic at the
Same Time
how ‘Breitbart News, ‘is widely known as a platform for white nationalism and
anti-Semitism. It is also brazenly Zionist…’

This is the context in which the CST’s Report on
Anti-Semitism should be treated.  23% of
the anti-Semitic incidents were held to be politically motivated of which 49,
some 28% were ‘anti-Zionist’.  This in itself is proof of where the CST is
coming from.  Anti-Zionism is a form of
anti-racism.  It opposes the Jewish
Supremacist State of Israel.  If someone
is anti-Semitic then they are not anti-Zionist.   It is Zionism which is happy to work with
and co-exist with anti-Semitism. 

I get from time to time virulent anti-Semitic tweets
from Zionists, like ‘shame your family
survived world can do without cunts line (sic!) you.’
  It is a common insult to use the Nazi term of
self hater’ against Jews with a
conscience.  It is also logical.  Zionism holds that the only way to avoid
anti-Semitism is to go to Israel.  Those
Jews who don’t do this and even worse oppose Israel and Zionism deserve
everything they get.  So anti-Zionist
Jews are often told that it was a pity that Hitler didn’t get them.  Far from having a section for anti-Zionism if
the CST were honest they would have a section reserved for Zionist
anti-Semitism.  But here is the
catch.  According to the spokesman for
the CST Mark Gardener ‘CST does not classify clashes between Jews as antisemitic incidents.’  Zionist attacks on Jews,
even if they are virulently anti-Semitic, don’t count as anti-Semitism! 

In a message sent to my blog, a
Zionist posted ‘Greenstein, you
traitorous bastard, you leftist liberal Jew.’ 
(in Israel these days there is no greater insult than being a ‘leftist’)
went on to explain how ‘It’s a shame that either Hitler or the Angel of Death,
missed your family’s house. Or Neturei Karta’s.
’  finishing up with ‘Don’t even call yourself a Jew,traitor.’  According to the CST this is a ‘conflict’ between Jews rather than Zionist

It would be easy to
take apart CST’s 2017 Report on Anti-Semitism. 
19% of it consists of social media posts, which may be anti-Semitic but
hardly constitute a threat to someone’s life and limb. They document 80
physical attacks but we have no way of knowing what these consist of. What we
do know is that none of them were what they describe as ‘Extreme Violence’ i.e. GBH.  Of
course any attack should be taken seriously, but when Muslims have to put up
with arson attacks on Mosques and at Finsbury Park Mosque a racist driving a
van onto the pavement killing one worshipper and injuring several others, we
can put this into context. The attacks on Muslims are much more serious, much
of the CST’s incidents consist of twitter posts and anti-Israel chants.  Yet the government has spent millions of pounds
defending Jewish institutions from a non-existent threat but has done nothing
similar to protect mosques and Muslim institutions.  Why? 
Because the Government’s anti-terrorist strategy Prevent is based on a
racist perception of Muslims as a problem. 
Defending Jewish property is a way of defending support for Israel and Zionism
– an essential requirement of British foreign policy.

We are told that
there were 51 incidents of
Damage & Desecration of Jewish property’

but we are not told exactly what these consist of.  Almost certainly they are trivial and minor
instances of criminal damage, if that. 
Indeed the CST doesn’t bother to outline what ‘Jewish property’ consists
of.  There is no means of independently
verifying the CST’s incidents except to say that there is a marked disparity,
as I’ve noted before, between their reports and those of the Police.  For example how many of the assaults resulted
in Police prosecutions?  What was the
context?  At the Ecostream demonstrations
in British four years ago I defended myself against an extremely racist Israeli
AShaike Rozanski who attacked me. Yet I was the one who was charged with assault.  But perhaps this was too was recorded as an
anti-Semitic incident?  Who knows except
that the Police dropped charges.  Indeed
there were a whole number of wholly bogus allegations made at the
demonstrations against Palestine supporters, all of which led to acquittals in
the courts.  Were they anti-Semitic incidents?
there is proper verification and independent oversight of how the CST works and
records incidents everything they say and report should be treated sceptically.
course there are anti-Semitic attacks, in particular on ultra-orthodox Jews in
Stamford Hill who are easily recognised as Jews by their garb.  Such attacks were completely ignored by the
Home Affairs Select Committee Report
on Anti-Semitism
of October 2016 which recommended adoption of the bogus
IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.
Like South Africa’s Apartheid Prime Minister John Vorster before him, Kaminski is happy to pay homage to Zionism at the Yad Vashem propaganda museum
we are seeing with the CST Report on Anti-Semitism, which has been taken up
avidly by a press determined to defend and support the Israeli state, is the
political weaponisation of anti-Semitism. 
For the Zionists the encouragement of the belief that the British Jewish
community is facing a tsunami of anti-Semitism is useful, not least in order to
encourage the emigration of British Jews to Israel.

the Pew Research Centre’s Global Attitudes Survey 2016 just 7% of British
people are shown as having unfavourable attitudes to Jews compared to 45% for
Roma and 28% for Muslims.  In other words
racism against Muslims is measured as 4 times higher than anti-Semitism and
anti-Roma hatred is over 6 times worse in Britain.  In Hungary which Netanyahu praises so highly
a third of respondents (32%) harbour anti-Jewish feelings, again less than the
72% hostility to Muslims.  In other
words, despite the best efforts of Zionism to create fake news about
anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews in most countries, especially in Western Europe
is all but non-existent.   To even
attempt to compare it with the Nazi era, as the misnamed Campaign Against
Anti-Semitism does, is to belittle and diminish the very real anti-Semitism
that Jews in the 1930s experienced.

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