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It’s time
for Jennie Formby to find Witchfinder General Sam Matthews a real job 


In the light of further information I have since received I cannot continue to support Alan’s campaign although I do not accept the description of him as a holocaust denier

I learnt yesterday that Alan Bull
has been suspended by Sam Matthews, Blairite detreitus left after the departure of
McNicol, Oldknow, Stolliday and co.  Alan
has been blocked from standing for Labour in the forthcoming local elections in Peterborough because
of the malicious allegations of two  far-Right Labour councillors, Richard Ferris
& Matthew Mahabadi..

The Real Target is Corbyn

What makes the allegations particularly
heinous are the wholly malicious manner in which they have been made, including
the photoshopping of social media posts in order to make out that Alan is a
holocaust denier.  He has been subject to vicious and vitriolic abuse from the trolls of Labour Against AntiSemitism @LabourAgainstAS, most of whom aren’t even in the Labour Party.

Alan Bull has been under
investigation by the Labour party since July  2017  as a result of these complaints, which involve doctored facebook posts being sent to Labour’s Eastern region.  Mr Bull was asked a number of questions about these posts
and he responded in full in November 2017.
Sam Matthews standard letter of suspension
 Since then Alan has not been
given any information about the progress of the investigation. Many people have
written supporting letters in his defence. At the local Labour Campaign Forum
meeting in November, although these doctored posts were circulated, Alan’s
candidature was nonetheless ratified and
was selected as candidate for Stanground South.
Having failed to derail his nomination through Labour’s democratic procedures the Right have instead used the tried and trusted methods of McCarthyism – false and wounding allegations.
Cllr. Richard Ferris – the race hate baiter
Cllr. Mahabadi – Ferris’s partner in crime
A complaint was made  to the Eastern Region in November 2017 about the fact
that these doctored posts, which were subject to investigation, had apparently
been leaked to the press by Labour members. No action was taken against those
who were responsible.
Cllr. Richard Ferris’s malicious and baiting tweets – for which he should be suspended

Ferris’s vicious racist tweets
An article about Mr
Bull was published in the Peterborough Telegraph in February 2018. The two
councillors who made the malicious allegations, Richard Ferris and Matthew
Mahabadi, not happy with the investigation, took it upon themselves to launch a
smear campaign against Alan. They have continually fed the press with leaked
It isn’t anti-semitism that Ferris is opposed to but the Palestinians
Ferris and Mahabadi arrived at a
full council meeting on 7th March in Peterborough wearing red T shirts with the
slogan “Labour against anti Semitism
at the moment when Alan Bull arrived as a guest to the meeting. They have now
launched a twitter page called “ Labour
councillors against anti-Semitism”
which is almost entirely devoted
to defaming Alan and where doctored Facebook posts have been posted naming him
publicly as an anti-Semite and a bigot.
This behaviour is not only
grossly detrimental to the party but also detrimental to Mr Bulls’s
chances of winning the seat for Labour. Mr Ferris, as can be seen in one of the
screen shots, when Mr Bull advertised a canvassing session commented “We don’t canvass for deluded bigots, ta very
Another key target is Chris Williamson MP – one of the PLP’s most committed socialists
As a member of Alan’s CLP
behaviour by two councillors from our own party is totally unacceptable 
and should be dealt with as a matter of urgency. We have elections in 7 weeks’
time,  and Mr Bull like many others is working hard for his campaign, and is
being hounded and smeared in this disgraceful way. They are bringing the party
into disrepute as well as making slanderous and libellous comments about a
fellow member and candidate… I sincerely hope that these individuals will be
disciplined as a matter of urgency before they cause any more damage.’
The next meeting of the Disputes
Committee is in 4 weeks time. It is clear that this sudden decision is intended
to prevent a socialist candidate standing for election.  Even if as we expect Alan is cleared of any
wrongdoing then the suspension will have served its purpose.  These most recent public smears and false
allegations made against Alan by these two far right Labour councillors will
have served their purpose and Sam Matthews is a willing partner to this
The background to this story in
Alan Bull’s own words is this:
In June 2015
I had 5000 Facebook friends, many of whom enjoyed discussing a wide range of
controversial subjects that didn’t appear in the mainstream media. My habit
then, as now is as follows – friends send me posts they think are of interest. I
repost mostly without comment to discover what other friends have to say about
the article/MEM. When a friend comments, I cut and paste this-complete with
their name, and paste above the article before reposting. This stimulates more
comments and we all get a better understanding of the subject as a result. The
most controversial article I posted privately to friends only, 2 years ago, was
a documentary, with the controversial title, “Red cross confirm holocaust is a hoax”. The more accurate and
considerably less shocking sub heading of this title was excluded by the
screenshotter for maximum impact. As were ALL
of the 46 comments, including a short exchange I had with a Jewish friend who
commented, “Can I ask the intent of this
article, are you denying the holocaust”?
To which I replied, “Not at all, just posting for discussion and
debate, as usual, best wishes, Alan”.
These comments were seen by at least
two independent witnesses before the post disappeared from my inbox, two days
laterI was ratified last November.
These comments
were removed, to create the impression that I, in some way agreed with the
article in an attempt to misrepresent my intention and have me suspended from
the party. 
Other articles claiming I was anti-Semitic included supporting a petition to
reinstate Ken Livingstone and another article which was actually written by one
of my Jewish friends!
I have one
chance to have this appalling  decision overturned, and prevent the local
party appointing their own candidate to replace me. But I need your URGENT
to write urgently to your CLP secretary TODAY! To express your opposition to me
being suspended, and your insistence that the individuals responsible for making
this internal matter public are sanctioned. 
Also to bombard Jenny Formby @Jenieunite
The LAAS trolls instruct Matthews to suspend Alan Bull
Euan Phillips, Chair of Tonbridge CLP and Emma Picken of Lewisham West are the main trolls involved in LAAS
LAAS has ‘serious concerns’ that Jennie Formby won’t continue the witchhunt – lets hope so
The real target of LAAS is Corbyn himself – the Palestine Live FB group is an excuse – and it in fact contains virtually no antisemitic material anyway
Alan Bull’s offence is not having ever said he is a holocaust denier but
that he distributed a Holocaust denial article for discussion.  Since when are topics such as Holocaust
denial ‘forbidden’ by the ‘Labour anti-Semitism’ thought police?  These people have one goal only.  To smear anyone like Alan who is a Palestine
solidarity supporter, if necessary by doctoring screen prints.  Their purpose is to deflect attention from
things like Israel’s deportation of 40,000 Black African refugees or the
comments this week by Israel’s Chief Rabbi that Black people are monkeys.  Their outrage over racism is entirely
It’s in Israel that you get the real White Supremacist racism and bigotry – Ferris, Matthews and Mahabdi’s purpose is to distract from the real racism
Alan’s case
Alan was asked,
during the course of his investigation, a series of questions about the posts,
mainly – whether he thinks that “some
people might find them offensive and/or anti-semitic”
His answers are
below.  Questions asked of him are in
      I don’t doubt that
you are able to appreciate that in a broad party like Labour anything is
likely to cause offence to others who chose to take a different view.
    Personally I find it
offensive that doctored Facebook posts with my name on them were handed out to
everyone at a recent LCF meeting by the regional colleague who introduced the
material with statements like, “this is
definitely anti-semitic
”, before any serious analysis of the evidence had
taken place.
    I am a lifelong anti-racist
and opposes all forms of racism, including anti-semitism, and I draw a
sharp distinction between anti-semitism and anti-zionism, the latter
which as an internationalist I support.
    I am concerned that the
party appears to have started this investigation without identifying any
objective anti-semitic content.
    Baroness Chakrabarti in her Report of June 2016 wrote, regarding the Party’s complaints procedure that:“It is also important that the procedures
explain that those in respect of whom allegations have been made are clearly
informed of the allegation(s) made against them, their factual basis and the
identity of the complainant
”. This has not happened.
    I am entitled to see the
exact allegations that have been made, the name of his accuser, when and in
what context they were made.
    The articles were not posted
with intent to offend anybody. Rather they were reposted to friends, (not
the public), to encourage discussion and debate as I have done with many other
posts on a wide range of subjects.
    Articles were reposted
inspired by the idea of Machloket (Torah Debate), and in the same
spirit. Because I post articles does not mean I agree with them.
    I am now aware that I should
restrict posting on FB to party political matters only – something I have become
aware of since becoming actively involved in the Labour party. I am sorry for
any offence that may have unintentionally been caused.
    I am also aware that my Facebook account
has been hacked so that posts intended for friends only have been seen by the
public and this has been done with deliberate intent to find materials with
which to discredit my  membership.
   The same intent was apparent when the
doctored facebook posts were leaked to the local press after the LCF meeting on
9th November from inside the Labour party which would not only
discredit me but also the Labour party itself.
Other Points to support Alan’s case
– Do you think these posts are offensive to some people or could be seen as
Shami Chakrabarti’s point was that “even offensive language on its own is
only antisemitic if it is coupled with antisemitic intent “.
     The sharing of posts in itself
does not show an anti-Semitic intent. It may be upsetting or offensive to some,
in varying degrees. It is possible to disagree with the content of these posts.  Posting something by itself cannot be an
action deserving sanction.
     In any event the people who
hacked into his account were clearly looking for something to be offended by.
can be in control of the offence that others take. The party asked him to
speculate on the inner feelings of others and he was in no position to comment
on that. In any event, giving offence is the essence of free speech.  If no one was offended then all speech would
be anodyne.  Offence itself is not and
should not be a disciplinary offence.
 A Recent email from Alex Hall . secretary of LCF, 1st
December gave information about the use of social media as a Labour Member and
Tom Watson’s code of conduct”. This
information had not been sent to members at any point  – and now this information was being
distributed to candidates.  How can a
member be held responsible under these rules if they have not been given them?
 There must be no more Labour Party kangaroo
courts. The Labour Party should adopt Trade Union best practice on discipline
of members. Natural justice: not procedural unfairness based on prejudice.
Moshé Machover must be the last to suffer this injustice. (recently  summarily expelled and then re-instated)
“The  issue of weaponisation and false and
malicious accusations of anti-Semitism which are hurled at those who dare to
speak against the Zionist project of colonisation and its Israeli settler colonial
state needs to be addressed and this vicious weapon thrown on the scrap-heap”
as happened in the case of Moshe Machover 
December 2017
1.      At the LCF meeting of 9th
November 2017
2.      Procedural
rules appear to have been broken as the screenshot facebook posts from Alan
were taken out of context, doctored and then presented to attendees as evidence” before any investigation had
taken place or defence given.
Teddy Ryan, the Labour Party Regional Representative, produced confidential
papers relating to Alan Bull that he had photocopied which he handed round the
meeting. These were supposed to assist the delegates with their decision on
ratification of Mr Bull as candidate for Stanground South.
Teddy Ryan, also made
several judgements on what he saw in front of him as “evidence of anti-Semitism”, even though the investigation in the case
had not been concluded.  Some of the
evidence presented to members of the LCF included “doctored” facebook posts
which were intended to be prejudicial.
5.      It
should not be necessary to point out that opposition to the Zionism or the Israeli government has no relation whatsoever to anti-Semitism, just as opposition to the
British government has no relation to anti-British sentiment. Clearly Ryan believes anti-Semitism and
anti-Zionism are one and the same.
6.      Under
the new rules for investigations, accusations against a member must be assessed
by the investigating officer before it is progressed or used in any way. That
assessment and initial investigation had not taken place? It was therefore entirely
inappropriate for the accusations of anti-semitism to have been spread around
in the manner that it was during the meeting by the Labour Party Regional
Officer Teddy Ryan.
7.      The subjective issue of evidence “bringing the labour party into disrepute” should be balanced
against the very strong likelihood that a fellow member of the Labour Party actively 
trawled the Alan Bull’s Facebook to find posts which would discredit him as a
candidate. This action, and the fact that the posts were presented in a distorted
and manipulated manner, could equally be seen as bringing the party into
disrepute.  Nothing in the behaviour of Alan
Bull, a hard working activist, has been brought into question before this time.
8.    The
above allegations are particularly disturbing since the Labour Party in
Peterborough is on the verge of making a major breakthrough in Council
elections and it would appear that one or more people are seeking to prevent

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