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 How Cruella Braverman, Britain’s Racist Home Secretary, Summoned the Far Right to London, to Counter the Palestinian March

Million Person Palestinian March

Life is full of ironies for our ham-fisted, serially obnoxious, racist Home Secretary, Cruella Braverman. Earlier in the week she and the Idiot-in-Chief Sunak, sought to have the million strong Palestinian march cancelled in order to protect the Remembrance Day Commemoration.

Since the Palestinian demonstration took place an hour after the Remembrance Day service and well away from it this was always a dishonest attempt to have a demonstration that they don’t like cancelled.

Aerial Footage

In the weeks before the march Braverman had attacked previous demonstrations as ‘hate mobs’ and ‘anti-Semitic’. Braverman combines Zionism, racism and anti-Semitism in about equal  measure. And she uses Jews a political football and pawns for her racist politics.

Braverman is a bigot for all seasons. In September she told the American Enterprise Institute that persecution for being gay or discrimination as a woman shouldn’t be grounds for claiming asylum. These are the Zionists’ friends.

Channel Four Report on Cruella Summoning the Far Right to London

Braverman has described refugees arriving in Britain as an ‘invasion’, accused people crossing the Channel of having values at odds with the UK and “heightened levels of criminality”, for which there is no evidence whatsoever, as well as saying that grooming gang members were predominantly British-Pakistani men who “hold cultural values totally at odds with British values” when the Home Office’s own statistics contradict this.

Because the Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Mark Rowley refused, for once, to adhere to her instructions, Braverman bitterly complained in The Times that the Police were discriminating against her fascist friends on the far-Right in favour of Palestinians! Something that didn’t go down too well even with fellow Tory MPs.

Clare Daly MEP on Israel’s Genocidal Attack on Gaza

Since Braverman didn’t bother submitting the article for  No. 10 approval loud are the calls for her to be sacked and Sunak is rumoured to be thinking of sacking the bigot in the next reshuffle despite sharing most of her racist views.

Despite opposing the Palestinian marches because they are ‘anti-Semitic’ Braverman has no difficulty using the term ‘cultural Marxism’  which involves a  conspiracy theory whereby the Marxist adherents of the mainly Jewish Frankfurt School conspired to undermine Western civilisation from within by taking over the commanding heights of culture and politics.

Andrei Brevik, who massacred over 70 young members of the Norwegian social democrats, cited Cultural Marxism in the manifesto he released. None of this has prevented Cruella using them despite its clear and obvious role in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, not least with the Nazis who forced members of the Frankfurt school to leave Germany.

BBC Gaza Diaries

Once again we see how anti-Semitism and Zionism go hand in hand. None of this, incidentally, prevented the Community Security Trust, a project of Mossad, Israel’s MI6, inviting her to their annual dinner.

There were lots of trade union banners but very few from Unite owing to its racist General Secretary Sharon Graham refusing to do anything as Gaza burns

The march against genocide in Gaza was perhaps the largest march I have ever attended. Certainly it rivals the April 2003 march against the forthcoming Iraq War. It was certainly the biggest ever march on Palestine that we have seen in Britain and possibly anywhere.

Channel Four Report on Cruella Summoning the Far Right to London

Contrary to the lying suggestions of Sunak that the Palestinian demonstrators were ‘singing antisemitic chants and brandishing pro-Hamas signs and clothing’ the march was concerned with genocide in Gaza, which Sunak has given his approval to. ‘Palestine Will Be Free From the River to the Sea’ is of course not in the least anti-Semitic but envisages a free Palestine rather than the present Israeli police state for Palestinians.

It is true that a ‘Jewish’ racial state and freedom for Palestinians is incompatible which is why Zionism and a ‘Jewish’ state, just like Apartheid in South Africa and the Nazi state before it, must go. However a secular democratic state in Israel/Palestine is not anti-Semitic but simply a genocide prevention measure.

As people can see from the aerial footage of the march the Police estimates of 300,000 demonstrators are wildly low. My own estimate is that it was at least a million. I know the train from Brighton, one of a number, was packed full with Palestine demonstrators.

Although genocide doesn’t disturb the robotic leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, Sunak or Biden, most ordinary decent people take exception to seeing hospitals bombed, patients killed, babies on incubators murdered and a civilian population deprived of fuel, water and food.  It says something about our leaders that war crimes committed in the name of Zionism simply get them to repeat like a stuck tape-recorder the allegation of anti-Semitism.

The suggestion that it is anti-Semitic to oppose genocide in Gaza is itself anti-Semitic. It assumes that all Jewish people are blood thirsty savages. Of course our war criminal leaders, regardless of religion, have no principled objection to killing people in the global South. After all that’s where the biggest profits are to be made.

What was encouraging was how young the demonstration was and also how many White people took part, exploding the myth that this is only of concern to Muslims. Keir Starmer may though have done permanent damage to Labour’s vote amongst Black and Muslim people by his racist politics and support for genocide.

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