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Green Politics and Utopian Capitalism – International Solidarity is the First Casualty

Poster portraying Netanyahu as a child murderer

To those who believe that you can judge Britain’s Green Party by what its
conference passes when it has no power, the example of Germany’s Greens is a
powerful example.

Beck and some dimwit
Volker-Beck, a Die Grunen MP who
is described as the head of the German-Israel Parliamentary Group, attacked the
Merkel administration because it would not define BDS as automatically anti-Semitic. 
The Bourgeois Beck
The cerebrally challenged Volker has determined that BDS is anti-Semitic because
it ‘aims essentially against Jewish Israelis’. 
In fact it is aimed ‘essentially’ at the Israeli economy, cultural,
academic and similar institutions.  The
fact that those affected are primarily Israeli Jews is as relevant as the fact
that BDS against Apartheid South Africa mainly affected White people – it wasn’t
therefore anti-White.  Or in a case
nearer home the Jewish anti-Nazi  Boycott
of the 1930’s affected mainly Germans, including bigots like Beck, but it wasn’t
directed at them because they were German.
Merkel and Netanyahu
In a smaller way it is akin to when  Brighton PSC proposed, via an expelled Green Councillor Ben Duncan, a motion calling for Brighton to twin with a Palestinian city.  The Green Administration in Brighton was hostile and they hid behind a ruling from the Chief Executive that it should not be discussed.
Tony Greenstein

Germany says BDS is not anti-Semitic+

German lawmaker outraged: ‘BDS aims essentially against
Jewish Israelis and is therefore anti-Semitic’
Germany has rejected a definition of anti-Semitism that
labels the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) as anti-Semitic,
the Jerusalem Post reported Monday.

Responding to a legislative questionnaire released Thursday by leading Green
Party MP Volker Beck, the Merkel administration wrote that “there does not
exist a general academic definition”
of anti-Semitism.

Beck, who heads the German- Israel parliamentary group in the Bundestag,
sharply criticized the Merkel administration: “Here the federal government has
cowered,” he said. “There is no doubt of the anti-Semitic motivation within the
spectrum of the BDS campaign. BDS aims essentially against Jewish Israelis and
is therefore anti-Semitic. Whoever aggressively boycotts Israeli goods and
people, should also be viewed as anti-Semitic by the federal government.”

The German government said it defined anti-Semitism, as “political, social,
racist and religious” hostility toward Jews.

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