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Late last month Marc Wadsworth, the long-time Black
anti-racist activist was expelled for having criticised Ruth Smeeth, the
right-wing Labour MP at the Chakrabarti press conference.  Despite not
even knowing that she was Jewish, Marc was held to have engaged in one of these
‘anti-semitic Tropes’.  Having mentioned some who was Jewish in the same
breath as a media this immediately became an anti-Jewish media conspiracy
Marc entering Labour’s Kangaroo Court
 The Jewish comedian and stand-up artist and
author Alexei Sayle will
be introducing Marc at the meeting which is jointly hosted by Grassroots Black
Left, Labour Against the Witchhunt and Jewish Voice for Labour.  It is the
start of a national tour.

 Marc, whose anti-racist activism goes back decades,
was a fighter against the National Front, the BNP and assorted fascists. 
His accusers from the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel have
never fought anti-Semitism or fascism.  Their only interest is in
defending the Apartheid State of Israel.
 Come along and give your support to Marc, next
Tuesday May 15th.

The Crucifixion of Marc Wadsworth Nailed bythe Lies of Ruth Smeeth – Black anti-racism activist is on Trial for Antiracism

Ruth Smeeth – according to Wikileaks a Protected US Asset

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