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The Fascists’ Idea of a ‘Family Day Out’

No doubt lynching is also part of a ‘family day out’ for March for England.  These were the people that our ‘diversity’ Police were protecting when they spent £1 protecting 50 boneheads
The poster says it all

March for England allegedly began as a ‘family fun day’ out.  Today it was quite clear that it has become nothing more than an English Defence League group.  Not a woman or child went anywhere near the overweight thugs, racists, drunks and fascists who participated in celebrating St. George’s Day, who was Greek not British anyway!

The real face of Brighton

As can be seen from the photographs, the fascist idea of a day-out at the seaside differs markedly from anyone else.

Another example of all the fund of a ‘family day out’ for the EDL

The day itself began with a victory.  The Police wouldn’t countenance a march through Brighton from the railway station after last year’s debacle in which they got less than half way before being diverted down side streets.  Fascists are no longer able to march at whim through town and had to be content with shouting at the piers.

without the heavy protection of the Police, the EDL would have been lynched

Anti-fascists also have lessons to learn in terms of combating roving bands of fascists looking for the vulnerable to beat up.

fascists set off on their mobile kettle.  No-one could hear or see them
(apart from the seagulls who used them as a convenient toilet)

But what amazed me, on the seafront, where I confined myself to taking pictures because I am convalescing, was how every single comment from ordinary passers-by was hostile to the fascists, such as one elderly women remarking to her friend that you can’t blame a whole people (Muslims) for the actions of one individual.  The EDL are a dying force and I counted between 50 and 60 on the march at the maximum.  For this Sussex Police, who are always complaining of lack of resources, spent close to £1 million to impose a march that no one wants on the town.

A new tactic – the Police are now physically sealing off roads using metal plate.  This was done right up to West Street and must have cost a fortune.  It seems that the Police will spare no effort to protect the fascists

Credit is due in particular to the anarchists who played a major part in the counter-organisation whilst realising that not everyone is able or willing to engage in physical confrontation.  The idea of big, fluorescent posters proclaiming things like ‘Racism not wanted here’ worked wonderfully.

EDL attack a lone anti-fascist.  We trust that now the Police have clear evidence they will be making arrests and prosecuting!

As it is the EDL held a short march between the piers inside what was effect a mobile police kettle.  As people shouted at them, ‘no one can hear you anyway’ and that was true.  All you could see is them gesticulating.  It is alleged that a bottle was thrown at them.  This blog, of course, doesn’t condone wanton violence but I’m glad to report that the bottle is making a full recovery though the skull it hit is beyond repair.

Instead of bringing contingents down from Surrey, the Met, City of London Police, Hampshire and no doubt elsewhere, the Police should tell the EDL if they want to mach then that’s fine, but don’t expect us to protect you.  But then, at the end of the day, the fascists’ message is one that large numbers of Police share.

To those who say we should ignore them, that is always the best way to help fascism grow.  19 people were arrested, we don’t know how many will be charged and if they are all anti-fascists but it is essential that people ensure that the cost of any fines is carried by the movement and not individuals.

The Argus estimated there were over 1,000 counter-demonstrators compared to 150 fascists.  My estimate, including EDL not on the march, is 70 fascists maximum and between one and a half and two thousand anti-fascists, many of whom were locals who joined on the spot.

Surprise, surprise.  The Zionists who make such as fuss about ‘anti-Semitism’ every Saturday outside  Sodastream were nowhere to be seen!  Fighting fascism isn’t part of opposing anti-Semitism.

It’s easy to be brave behind a police kettle

Tony Greenstein


two police spies


the fat one has difficulty with his camera

On the left and right are 2 suspected EDL supporters
These three characters were part of a roaming band of EDL supporters

a moronic EDL member pleads with the police to be let through to join his mates (in vain)

Another EDLer
The EDL march gets underway late as usual
a few photos of the master race
the one on the right shows his fear of what would happen if the Police weren’t there.  Not the traditional role of fascism.
Spot a Nazi 1
spot a nazi 2
One of the saner members of the EDL – raging at being caged in
A sea of police and anti-fascists.  The EDL aren’t even visible
You do sometimes wonder whether the fascists really do conform to their own racial theories – with fascist numbskulls at the bottom of the ladder
The other side of the new street metal sealers
Celebrating in the way they know best – behind the appropriately named  ‘bar rogue’!


The real face of Brighton as an estimated 1,500 pack the Old Steine
The reaction of ordinary townsmen and women to the fascist filth
Local Green MP Carolyn Lucas shows her support for the anti-fascists.  Tory Mike Weatherly, personally responsible for the freezing to death of 2 homeless persons who were threatened with arrest if they broke in to a building to sleep, had nothing to say about the EDL and merely congratulated the Police

looking worried, as well they might

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