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Labour Party General Secretary ‘regrets’ leak of information to
Ian McNicol – lying to protect serial leakers in the Compliance Unit
Well Iain McNicol responded to my email. 
I had written making the point that I had not yet had sight of the
reasons for my suspension from the Party whereas the Daily Telegraph had been
informed.  McNicol responded ‘entirely
refuting’ that the leak was from the Compliance Unit.  Since it could hardly come from me, it begs
the question where it did come from.  MI5
is about the only other candidate unless there has been a burglary at Labour
Party headquarters.
Iain McNicol – General Secretary of Labour Party and from GMB union – not Ed Miliband’s first choice for post

 I have written back to McNicol asking who the hell could leak this
information bar the complainants themselves, though the story in the Te legraph
suggests that they also knew details of what it calls my previous
application.  In fact I applied to become
a registered supporter not a member.  If
it was the complainant that should throw doubt about their motives for making
the complaint in the first place.

John Stolliday – former Head of Media Monitoring now in charge of Witch-hunting Department – on Permanent Leave and in a job with no benefit to the Labour Party
It is therefore a deliberate lie and of course McNicol is hardly going to
investigate his own lies.
The fact remains that the Zionist lobby in and outside the Labour Party
has targeted a Jewish anti-Zionist with strong anti-fascist credentials for
having the temerity to criticise the racist Israeli state and its actions.
It is however gratifying that yesterday, after less than 2 days notice,
some 52 Jewish members of the Labour Party put their names to a letter to the
National Executive opposing my suspension.
Anyone who is Jewish and a member of the Labour Party is encouraged to
add their names either via Jews 4 Jeremy or at my own email at [email protected]
Tony Greenstein
Dear Mr McNicol,
Despite writing twice to the Compliance or is it
Constitutional Unit, as Mr Stolliday titled it, noone responded to my
correspondence.  The first email was sent c/o a Ms Sophie Goodyear, who
didn’t have the courtesy to even acknowledge my correspondence still less to
inform me of Mr Stolliday’s absence or who was deputising for him.
In any event Mr Stolliday bears the
responsibility for the department of which he is the head, a department which
has a culture of leaking.  I will ask you once again.  Are you going
to investigate how and why the details about why I was suspended were leaked to
the Daily Telegraph, a paper which is almost an appendage of the Tory
party?  If not why not?
If the Compliance
Unit did not leak the details of the allegations against me then how did they
get into the public domain?  The Telegraph explicitly stated that:

compiled by Labour’s compliance unit when Mr Greenstein attempted to join the
party last summer, seen by The Telegraph,…’

 If it wasn’t leaked by the Compliance Unit,
unlikely in view of the above, then it could only have been leaked by the
Complainants, in which case their motives for making the complaint should
immediately be suspect and itself negate continuing with their complaint.
I am therefore faced
with the situation whereby information has been handed over to The Telegraph
concerning my suspension yet I have not been given any information other than
via the Tory press.   I will therefore ask you now to instruct the
Compliance Unit to send me the full dossier of allegations and complaints which
have been made against me.
You say that you regret that information was
leaked to the media but I see no signs that you are prepared to do anything
about it.  If you are unwilling to take action regarding the leak of 
information and are also not prepared to ensure that I am given full
information regarding the complaints made against me then, as General Secretary
of the Labour Party, you are also complicit in what has happened.
Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein
Dear Mr Greenstein
I am aware of your suspension and that Harry Gregson, as the
investigating officer, has written to you to about the matter.
I am disappointed that you have taken the opportunity to make an
unwarranted attack on a hardworking and diligent member of the Compliance Unit.
John Stolliday has been out of the country on leave since 21st
March, and no doubt he will respond to your outstanding correspondence upon his
Like you I regret that information was given to the media. However, I
entirely refute the allegation that the Compliance Unit leaked any details of
your suspension to the Daily Telegraph or to anyone else.
The investigation will proceed as set out and you will, no doubt, make
your points clearly to Mr Gregson.
Yours sincerely
Iain McNicol
General Secretary
The Labour Party
Southside, 105
Victoria Street
From: Tony Greenstein <[email protected]>
Sent: 04 April 2016 16:57
To: Iain McNicol
Cc: annblack; Jim Kennedy; Gordon Pattison; christineshawcroft; Mike
Subject: My suspension and articles in Saturday’s Times and Telegraph
Dear Mr McNicol,
I enclose a letter to
Jeremy Corbyn regarding my suspension on March 18th.
I was given no reason for
my suspension other than it was for comments I was alleged to have made. 
Despite refusing to let me know what the comments were they were leaked to last
Saturday’s Daily Telegraph.
I have previously written,
twice, without a response to John Stolliday asking for details of the
same.  He did not deign to reply.  Instead he or someone in his
department decided to leak that information to the Daily Telegraph of all
The allegations appear to
be regarding anti-Semitism.  Since I have been an anti-fascist activist
most of my life and I have even written the only book on the fight against
fascism in Brighton and on the South Coast this is pernicious 
nonsense.   I oppose Zionism, I don’t support anti-Semitism. 
Unsurprisingly since I am Jewish.
See the Review in the local
Brighton Argus
In view of the deliberate
leaking of details of my suspension to the Tory press, I am asking that
Stolliday be immediately suspended and an investigation begun into who leaked

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