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Please Support CAA Libel Fund Appeal – Let’s Stop this Fake Zionist Charity’s Vicious Attacks on Palestine activists

We’ve now raised over 20% let’s make it 100%
and comrades,
Ten months ago I submitted a
complaint to the Charity Commission against the fake Zionist ‘charity’, the far-Right Campaign
Against Anti-Semitism.  Formed at the
height of Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, the CAA sees its
mission to attack the supporters of Palestine and anti-Zionists as ‘anti-Semitic’.
Just over a year ago, the CAA even filed a complaint against Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism!  This far-Right ‘charity’ defames any and every opponent of Zionism. 
When Sir Gerald Kaufman, a Jewish MP died, they described him as having ‘left a rotting stain on our institutions.’ because he spoke out against Israel’s mass murder in Gaza.

 The Charity Commission has done nothing because it’s
chaired by William Shawcross, an Islamaphobe and former board member
of the Anglo-Israel Association and Henry Jackson Society.  See

The CAA is at the forefront of a
new Zionist activism which resulted in an attempt by a group of Zionist fascists
to stop the Balfour Day demonstration of Palestine Solidarity Campaign in
London.  The CAA applauded their actions.
I have decided to
bring a libel action against the CAA for its description of me as a ‘notorious anti-Semite’ but to do that I
need to raise at least £25,000.
I am pleased to announced that we have now
raised over 20% of the total.  This means
that I am able to instruct a barrister to draw up papers to file at the High
Court before the February 25th deadline.  However this is only the first step. 

I am not suing the CAA on behalf of myself but on behalf of all those who have suffered from its libellous attacks.
It’s not just my fight but yours too.
I am ready to face the prospect of being made
bankrupt but I am also asking that you to make a sacrifice and donate as much as you can to the crowdfunding
Please also share on social media.
Thank you
Tony Greenstein

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