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Momentum’s Dictator No Shame?

What you may ask is the world coming to?  

There was a time when the genteel and bourgeois classes
used to frighten the children telling them that if they didn’t go to sleep they
would fetch Jon Lansman to have a quiet word with them.  
Nowadays the property developer from Momentum
seems to be the toast of all the best St James Gentleman’s Clubs.  From the Garrick to the Reform Club, Jon Lansman has been seen as all that is standing between revolution and our way of life.
Wes Streeting the ‘Labour’ MP who leapt to Lansman’s defence
If yesterday it was Progress’s allegedly Labour MP Wes Streeting who leapt
to Lansman’s defence when Labour Against the Witchhunt criticised him, today it is Guido Fawkes, the
Tory blogger himself.  
What next?  The Queen will be  making Sir Jon Lansman the Knight of someone’s

Someone remind me what those 5 questions of Tony Benn were 
Tony Benn would be horrified if he knew what had happened to his protege
“What power have you got?”

“Where did you get it from?”
“In whose interests do you use it?”
“To whom are you accountable?”
“How do we get rid of you?”

The last one is particularly important as Momentum’s Constitution seems designed to perpetuate Lanman’s reign until he dies or becomes senile.

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