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Why It is Unacceptable to Appear on a
Platform with White Supremacists and anti-Semites
Alison Weir
On May 5th 2015 Jewish Voices
for Peace wrote a letter to Alison Weir, of the organisation If Americans Knew,  informing her that JVP would not work with her on account of the fact that
she has repeatedly appeared on the radio show of a white supremacist and anti-Semite,
Clay Douglas.
Gilad Atzmon – supports Weir with a letter echoing a famous anti-Semitic forgery
JVP wrote that ‘Your troubling associations
and choices further include giving interviews to a range of far-right outlets
including The American Free Press, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has
identified as a hate group, and the anti-gay, anti-Jewish pastor Mark
Dankof.  One of your articles appeared in an anthology that was promoted
by the infamous Holocaust-denial organization, the Institute for Historical
Review. We see no evidence that you have disavowed any of these outlets or
Paul Eisen of Deir Yassin Remembered – an open holocaust denier and supporter of Ernst Zundel
At Jewish Voice for Peace, we are
particularly sensitive to the long history of anti-Jewish oppression as well as
the ways that Palestinian liberation work is frequently tarred with false
charges of anti-Semitism.
Because of the publicity this letter
garnered, JVP issued, on 15th June, an explanation entitled Jewish Voice for Peace Statement on Our Relationship with Alison Weir.   JVP explain that ‘Weir has made clear in her response to our letter that she
will proudly continue her practice of pursuing airtime on white supremacist
radio shows and other such outlets without refuting, debating, or otherwise
decrying their racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic beliefs.’ 
In what is really a rerun of our own
conflict with Gilad Atzmon in Britain, JVP explain that ‘We know full well that
the Israel lobby uses false and misleading accusations of anti-Semitism to
silence critics of Israeli policies. We have called out that tactic time and
time again and stood in defense of those who have been wrongly maligned with
this accusation. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all accusations of
anti-Semitism are unfair.’ 
Alison Weir’s defence is basically that she will speak on any platform, including that of white
supremacists.  It is suggested that it is
McCarthyist ‘guilt by association’ to tar her with the same brush.  However if you lie down with a dog you will
end up with fleas as the old saying goes. 
To associate with those who believe in white supremacy and anti-Semitism
in the name of fighting Zionist racism makes no sense and can only be
counter-productive.  Alison Weir may
indeed be dedicated to Palestinian rights (unlike Gilad Atzmon), she may even
be sincere, but as long as she associates with virulent racists she is damaging
the cause of Palestine.
An Open Letter  in support of Alison Weir has also made an appearance.  Included on it are some of the same
signatures that signed a similar letter from Atzmon and Mary Rizzo attacking me
some years ago.  These
include:  Richard Falk, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Samir
Abed-Rabbo, James Petras, David Rovics, Geoff Blankfort and Paul Eisen of Deir Yassin Remembered, whose Holocaust Wars  was an open defence of the neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel, who was imprisoned in Germany
for holocaust denial.
Jewish Voices for Peace is a very valuable
organisation.  It has opened up a chink
in the hegemonic support of the American Jewish community for Zionism and Israel.  It has over 40 chapters and has mustered over
100,000 signatures for a petition.  It
has steadily moved to an anti-Zionist position and it endorses BDS.  If JVP feels the need to dissociate itself
from Alison Weir, no sincere supporter of Palestine   solidarity should have second thoughts about
supporting them.
If anyone needed any convincing, then the
article by Gilad Atzmon in support of Alison Weir ‘The Protocols Of The Elders Of ‘Anti’ Zion: JVP vs. Alison Weir’  should convince them.
Tony Greenstein 

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